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The English Renaissance

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1 The English Renaissance 1485 - 1625
“Celebrating Humanity” Pgs

2 Tell the story of The Renaissance
Gianco, Perin, Matthews, Bennett 1492- Columbus lands in Western Hemisphere. (world) 1521- Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther. (Italy) 1534- Church of England established. (Britain) 1563- More than 20,000 Londoners die from plague. (Britain) Million Indians die of Typhoid. ( South America) 1582- Pope Gregory XIII introduces new calendar. ( Italy) 1588- English navy defeats Spanish Armada. (Britain) 1594- Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet. (Britain) 1599- Globe theater opens. (Britain) 1607- Jamestown established. (North America) 1611- King James Bible published. (Britain) 1620- Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock.

3 Tell the story of the Protestant Reformation
Henry’s Son became King Edward VI He changed Anglican prayer book to Common Book of Prayer By 1533 England was on its way to becoming a Protestant nation Mary I executed 300 Protestants Elizabeth I followed Mary I, re-established protestant rule Imprisoned her distant cousin, Mary (not Mary I), Executed her, and punished Catholics Elizabeth instituted a policy of religious compromise for Moderate Catholics and Protestants

4 Tell the story of the Henry’s
Ketzlach, Potucek, Messinger, Orihuela Tudor Dynasty started in 1485 England was depleted and exhausted from years of civil war King Henry VII rebuilt the nation’s treasury and established law and order Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII Wrote a book against Martin Luther and was awarded “defender of faith” by the Pope Left Catholic church when the pope would not allow him to divorce his wife Married six times and had one son

5 The Queens (Bloody,Liz,Scots)
Amato, Lisky, Reed, Cianci Queen Mary I “Bloody” Mary -England was becoming a Protestant nation when she received the throne. -Was Catholic and restored the Catholic practices to the Church of England. -Restored the Pope’s power over the church. -Ordered the execution of 300 Protestants, this strengthened anti-Catholics. Elizabeth I -Received the throne after her half sister Mary I died. -Was strong and clever and was probably England’s ablest monarch since William the Conqueror. -Received a Renaissance education and read in Greek and Latin classics and was a great patron of the arts. -Put an end to the religious turmoil during Mary I’s reign. -Reestablished the monarchs supremacy over the church and restored the Book of Common Prayer. -Instituted a policy of religious compromise. Mary Stewart of Scotland -Catholic’s didn’t recognize the marriage of Henry 8th and Elizabeth’s mother. -She is Queen Elizabeth’s Catholic cousin. -Queen Elizabeth imprisoned Mary for 18 years and Mary instigated laws against her. -Elizabeth made harsh punishments against Catholics, but let Mary live. -Mary was beheaded in 1587, a Catholic matyr

6 The Jacobean Era Murphy, Shaw, Pierson, Lupsa
Years of James I’s reign describes as Jacobean era Jocabus means “James” in Latin Era put an emphasis on support of the arts England became world power during this era Jamestown, Virginia was established as first successful American colony Tension occurred between James I and Parliament (War) Puritans persecuted by James I because of their representation in the House of Commons James I held religious intolerance toward Puritan views During this period Puritans established Plymouth Colony in 1602

7 Renaissance Lit. (3 types)
Phil L., Campos, Burleigh, Chamberlain Elizabeth Poetry Favored lyric poetry rather than narrative poems. The Sonnet: became one of the most popular literary forms during the age was the sonnet cycle, which is sonnets loosely fit to form a story. (14-line poem iambic pentameter and the rhyming scheme varies) Elizabethan Drama Tragedies and Dramas reintroduced Christopher Marlove- “Tradegical History of Doctor Faustus” Shakespeare- “Romeo and Juliet” Elizabethan and Jacobean Prose - A type of style including long words and ornate sentences

8 Changing English Language (232)
Ryan D., C. Brennan, Samuel, P. Brennan Shakespeare’s plays dealt with universal truths: tragedy, comedy, and history Created 1700 words (8.5% of his written vocabulary) Some examples of words he created: Generous, bedroom, amazement, assassination, majestic, and useless

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