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Hephaestus God Of Fire Forge

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1 Hephaestus God Of Fire Forge
By: Erik Gans

2 Hephaestus was the god of forge and fire
He was lame or crippled and the only physical god He was crippled because his mother through him off Mt.Olympus He was the only child of Zeus and Hear Husband of Aphrodite

3 He was raised for 9 years by two Nereids
The Nereids hid him In a cave away from his mother Thetis and Eurynome are the names of the Nereids He fell on Lemnos which is where he built his palace under a volcano

4 Fire,black smiths hammer and pincer,the axe
Those who followed Hephaestus were blacksmiths,craftsmen, artisans,and sculptures

5 Revenge Find out what his mother did to him at birth Hephaestus devised a plan to get revenge on her for casting him from Mt.Olympus

6 The Golden Throne To get revenge on Hera, Hephaestus forged a golden throne to be presented to her The Hera looked upon chair and found it to be splendid Upon sitting on the throne she was tied up by invisible chains

7 Hera chained up in the throne cried out for help
Upon hearing her cry for help all the Olympian gods ran to help Though they all tried none could relieve her of her golden prison Seeing none could release her but Hephaestus The gods sent Dionysus,god of wine to intoxicate Hephaestus

8 Hephaestus drunk was taken to Mt.Olympus on the back of donkey
Dionysus managed to get him to free her from her prison After freeing Hera from her burden of the chair the gods thanked him For freeing her the gods gave him Aphrodite as a wife and a palace for on Mt. Olympus

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