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Section 5: Absolute monarchy in russia. Peter the Great.

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1 Section 5: Absolute monarchy in russia

2 Peter the Great

3 Early life -At age 10 came to the throne, but did not take control of government until 1689 -in 1697 he studied Western technology, and noted the customs and homes -He adopted Western ideas, technology, and culture or a policy of westernization.

4 Leadership -Most autocratic of Europe’s absolute monarchs -He wanted to do three things: *Strengthen the army *Expand Russian borders *Centralize royal power -One way to strengthen his power was to make landowning nobles or Boyar serve the state

5 expansion -search for warm-water port -Located along the Black Sea, a port that was free of ice all year -Peter the Great attempted to fight the Ottoman Empire and gain the warm-water port but was defeated

6 War with Sweden  Peter the Great first suffered defeats over the Baltic region.  In 1709, Peter defeated the Swedes and won land along the Baltic Sea.

7 Peter’s City  Peter built a magnificent new capital city called St. Petersburg.  The city was located on the swampy shores of the Neva River and was a “window on the west.”  Was a symbol of Peter’s desire to forge a modern Russia.

8 Toward the Pacific  Peter signed a treaty with Qing China to define their common border in the east.  Vitus Bering, a Danish explorer, explored an area known as the Bering Strait between Siberia and Alaska.

9 Russia After the Ruler  Further expanded Russian territory  Gained a warm-water port on the Baltic Sea  Created a mighty army  Ended Russia’s long period of isolationism.


11 Early Life  Was a German princess  At age 15, wed to the throne of Russia  Czar Peter III was murdered and Czarina Catherine the Great took the throne.

12 Leadership  An Efficient Ruler  She reorganized the provincial government.  She codified the laws.  She began education for girls and boys.  She embraced French/ Western ideas.

13 A Ruthless Absolute Monarch  She allowed boyars tax exemptions.  She allowed boyars to increase their powers over the peasants.  Conditions for peasants grew worse during Catherine’s reign.

14 Expansion  War with the Ottoman Empire resulted in Catherine the Great’s expanding her borders and gaining a warm-water port on the Black Sea.  Partition of Poland Three Monarchs: Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, and Emperor Joseph II agree to divide up Poland instead of fighting one another.

15 Russia After the Ruler: FINAL THOUGHTS  Absolute Monarchs ruled four out of five leading powers in Europe.  Radical change will shatter the French monarchy, upset the balance of power, and revolutionize European societies.

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