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Review of Chapters 1-22 Review of Chapters 1-22. Outline Introduction – Chapters 1-3 The Things to Come, First Series of Visions: The Seals and Trumpets.

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1 Review of Chapters 1-22 Review of Chapters 1-22

2 Outline Introduction – Chapters 1-3 The Things to Come, First Series of Visions: The Seals and Trumpets – Chapters 4-11 The Second Series of Visions: The Woman and the Dragon; The Two Beasts; The Vials and the Last Plagues – Chapters 12-16 Expansion of the Last Judgments – Chapters 17-19 The Millennium, The New Heaven, The New Earth, The New Jerusalem – Chapters 20-22

3 Revelation 1 The resurrected Christ appears to the Apostle John and tells him to write down what he sees and to send it to the seven churches (1, 2). There is a blessing attached for the reader of this book (3). The theme of the message is Jesus Christ (5-8). We see an appearance and description of Christ (11-16). Christ reassures John of His resurrection and then explains the stars and the candlesticks to him (17-20).

4 Revelation 2 John writes to the first four churches: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira. In each message to each church there is a descriptive statement about Christ, a commendation, a correction, instruction, and a challenge for the church. Jesus holds the seven stars and walks among the candlesticks. Jesus is the First and the Last. Jesus holds a two-edged sword. Jesus' eyes are a blazing fire and His feet like polished brass.

5 Revelation 3 John writes to the last three churches: Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea. Jesus holds the seven spirits of God and the seven stars. Jesus holds the keys of David. Jesus is the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God's creation.

6 Revelation 4 John is caught up to Heaven (1). John sees someone seated on the throne (2, 3). John sees an emerald rainbow about the throne (3). John sees many creatures surrounding the throne: 24 elders, seven spirits of God, beasts. John sees a storm developing (5). John sees a crystal sea (6). John sees all the inhabitants of Heaven worship God (9-11).

7 Revelation 5 John continues his description of his heavenly vision. The seven sealed scroll...who is able to open? An unsuccessful search...John weeps...He is told there is someone qualified! (1-5). Jesus Christ steps forward, He is the Lion, He is the Lamb...The 24 elders worship Him (5-7). A song of praise for the wondrous works of God follows particularly the work of redemption (8). The singers: the angels, redeemed sinners, every creature in Heaven, earth and beneath! (9-11).

8 Revelation 6 John continues his description of the heavenly vision. The Lamb breaks the first six seals, sending God's judgment upon the Earth. The first seal - white horse - the conqueror (1, 2). The second seal - red horse - takes peace away (3, 4). The third seal - black horse - famine (5, 6). The fourth seal - pale horse - Death and Hell (7, 8). The fifth seal - the souls under the altar (9-11). The sixth seal - sun, moon, stars, sky, every mountain effected (12-14). The place, people and prayer...hid themselves...hide us...the great day of his wrath is come (15-17).

9 Revelation 7 Revelation 7 is an interlude between the sixth (6:12-14) and seventh seals (8:1). John witnesses the sealing of 144,000 witnesses for God, and he hears the praise song of an innumerable multitude which has been saved during the Tribulation. The sealing of the 144,000 are 12,000 from each of the twelve Israelite tribes (1-8). Angels, elders and the beasts join the innumerable multitude in singing God's praise for His glory, wisdom and power (9-17).

10 Revelation 8 The seventh seal is opened and the seven trumpets prepare to sound (1, 2). Silence in Heaven for an half an hour (1). The prayers of the saints are followed by fire from a censer cast to the Earth (2-5). First trumpet: trees and grass are burned, hail and fire mixed with blood (6, 7). Second trumpet: a burning object falls into the water (8, 9). Third trumpet: fresh waters poisoned (10, 11). Fourth trumpet: sun, moon and stars darkened (12, 13).

11 Revelation 9 The fifth and sixth trumpets are sounded, bringing demonic invasions to Earth. The fifth trumpet: the bottomless pit (1, 2) the demonic invaders described (3-12) The sixth trumpet: a second invasion (13-21) the Euphrates River (13-15) their number and nature (16-19) the survivors' response (19-21)

12 Revelation 10 Chapters 10:1–11:13 constitute a parenthetical interlude between the sixth and seventh trumpets. A mighty angel appears with a “little book” in his hand. He cries out and John is told, “Seal up those things… write them not” (1-4). There shall be time no longer (6). John is told to take and eat the little book; it is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly (7-10). John is told “thou must prophesy again” (11).

13 Revelation 11 John sees two witnesses carrying out their 1260 day ministry before being murdered by the Antichrist. The seventh trumpet sounds. John is told to measure the Tribulation temple (1,2) The ministry of the two witnesses (3-6) The martyrdom of the two witnesses (7-10) The resurrection of the witnesses and the ensuing devastation (11-14) All heaven praises and worships God at the sounding of the seventh trumpet

14 Revelation 12 John sees the woman (Israel) and the dragon (Satan) We see Satan’s hatred for Israel (1-5) We see Satan’s persecution of the Son and/or the 144,000 (1-5) The woman is persecuted in the wilderness, yet future (6-18) and protected by God (6, 14, 16) The war in heaven between Satan and Michael the archangel (7-12) Seven personages: woman (1,2), dragon (3-5), man-child (5,6), Michael (7), first beast (1-10), second beast (11-14), image of the beast (14-18).

15 Revelation 13 John sees two beasts, one from the sea, the anti-christ, and one from the earth, the false prophet. We see the anti-christ: his appearance and authority (1,2) his death & healing (3) the worship directed to him (3b - 8) the war with the saints (7, 9, 10) We see the false prophet: mission (11, 12) miracles (13-15) mark (16-18)

16 Revelation 14 The 144,000 stand on Mount Sion before the throne of God (1-5) Three announcements: – the hour of judgment is come (6, 7) – Babylon is fallen (8) – If any man worships the beast, he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone (9-13) The harvest of the Earth is come (14-16) The harvest of the grapes is come (17-20)

17 Revelation 15 Another sign: seven angels with seven plagues (1) Those who have gained victory over the beast (2) They sing the song of Moses (3) “Who will not fear the Lord?” (4) The tabernacle of testimony opened in heaven (5) The seven angels come forth from the temple (6) Seven gold vials are given to the angels (7) The temple is filled with smoke and the glory of God (8)

18 Revelation 16 Seven vials (bowls) of judgment ordered to be poured out upon the Earth (1): – first vial – noisome and grievous sores (2) – second vial – sea become blood (3) – third vial – waters become blood (4-7) – fourth vial – scorch men with fire(8, 9) – fifth vial – darkness (10, 11) – sixth vial – Euphrates dried up (12) Demonic gathering of world armies, Armageddon (13-16) – seventh vial – a mighty earthquake (17, 18) The fall of Babylon (19) Destruction of islands, mountains, plagues of hail (20, 21)

19 Revelation 17 The judgment of the great whore (1, 2, 4) – her corruption: adultery, blasphemy & materialism – her compromise with the beasts (3) – her name: Mystery, Babylon the Great (5) – her drunkenness – the blood of the martyrs (6) The interpretation of the great whore (7-18) – The woman (Israel is riding the beast (the Antichrist) signifying their covenant (7) – What John is told: history and alignment of the Antichrist and the many kings that the Antichrist identifies with (8-18)

20 Revelation 18 “Babylon” the Great is fallen (1, 2) The city is destroyed for many reasons (2, 3, 5, 7, 13b, 23c, 24) God orders His people to leave (4) The city is destroyed by God Himself (6, 8, 10b, 17a, 19b) The reactions: great remorse (9, 10, 17-10) and great rejoicing (20) The city disappears from the face of the earth (21-23)

21 Revelation 19 Praise for the Lamb for His wrath on the great whore (1-5) Praise for the marriage of the Lamb and His wife (6-10) The Judgment Seat of Christ (II Corinthians 5:10; Romans 14:10) The Second Coming of Christ (11-21) - Heaven is opened (11) - The King is described (12, 13, 15, 16) - His armies accompany Him (14) - Jesus defeats the Antichrist and False Prophet (17-21)

22 Revelation 20 Satan is bound (1-3) The Millennial Reign of Christ (4-6) Satan is loosed and Final Conflict – Doom for the adversaries and Satan (7-10) The General Resurrection and Great White Throne Judgment (11-15) -The Great White Throne (11) - The Books and The Book (12) - Judgment and the Lake of Fire (13-15)

23 Revelation 21 John’s vision of the New Jerusalem (1-8) -What he sees (1, 2) -What he hears (3-8) John’s visit to the New Jerusalem (9-27) -John describes what he sees – the city, gates and walls, size, foundations, street and worship (9-18, 19-21, 26) -John describes what he does not see – no temple, no need of sun, no closed gates, no evil (22-25, 27)

24 Revelation 22 The Blessedness of Eternity for its citizens (1-7) -The river of life, tree of life, throne, light -We will see, serve, and reign with Jesus Epilogue (8-21) -What John says about himself (8, 9) -Don’t seal the writings (10) -Jesus is Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, first and last, root and offspring of David (13, 16)

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