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Bayeux Tapestry.

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1 Bayeux Tapestry

2 Shows in a continuous, frieze-like narrative the Norman invasion of England.
Unusual content –a historical narrative created shortly after the war occurred. Figure Funeral procession to Westminster Abbey (below) and Battle of Hastings (next slide), details of the Bayeux Tapestry, from Bayeux Cathedral, Bayeux, France, ca Embroidered wool on linen, 1’ 8” high (entire length of fabric 229’ 8”). 2

3 An embroidery not a true tapestry because it is sewn with a needle not woven with a loom.

4 Frieze is 20 inches high and 230 feet long

5 Narrative depicts the Battle of Hastings and events leading up to this important historical conflict.

6 The main characters

7 King Edward the Confessor- Ruling English King who died and left his vacant throne to his brother- in-law Harold.

8 Westminster Abbey

9 Harold-his sister was married to Edward
Harold-his sister was married to Edward. Harold had no hereditary claim to the throne but became king after Edward’s death. Harold is befriended by William of Normandy but later they become enemies.

10 William of Normandy- Norman (Viking ) ruler of Normandy ( Northern France) who believed he was the rightful heir to Edward’s throne. Later he invades England and kills Harold to take over the throne. Credited for unifying England.

11 Bishop Odo- Step Brother to William of Normandy
Bishop Odo- Step Brother to William of Normandy. Went with William to the Battle of Hastings. Odo is also credited with commissioning the Tapestry. Odo is shown here waving a club because he was not allowed to carry a sword.

12 Battle Abbey in Hastings put to pay for the sins committed during the slaughter of all the Saxons by William. Altar built on the spot where Harold was killed.

13 Close up details of the tapestry.






19 Scenes in correct sequence

20 Harold sails for Normandy.

21 Count Guy’s soldiers capture Harold.

22 Harold is taken to talk with Duke William of Normandy.

23 Harold goes with William to fight Duke Conan of Brittany
Harold goes with William to fight Duke Conan of Brittany. (quicksand to the right)

24 William honors Harold.

25 Harold swears a solemn oath on relics.

26 Jan King Edward dies.

27 Jan. 6 1066, Harold is crowned King of England
Jan , Harold is crowned King of England. (Halley’s comet, ghostly ships)

28 William decides to attack England. He believes Harold has betrayed him.

29 William arrives in England, builds a bailey (castle) and attacks surrounding villages.

30 Oct. 14 1066, the Battle of Hastings begins.

31 The Normans kill Harold.

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