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The Revelation to John Overview. The Revelation to John: Part I: Revelation 1-11.

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1 The Revelation to John Overview

2 The Revelation to John: Part I: Revelation 1-11

3 Revelation 1: John on Patmos Revelation 1.9 “I John, your brother, who share with you in Jesus the persecution and the kingdom and the patient endurance was on the island called Patmos because of the word of God and the testiomony of Jesus”

4 Patmos: Revelation 1

5 John’s Vision of Christ Revelation 1.12-20 John Sees the Son of Man 7 Golden Lampstands White hair; golden sash Bronze feet [Compare Dan 7.13; Dan 10.5-9; Rev 19.11-16]

6 Structure of the Revelation to John Rev 1: Introduction: John’s Vision Rev 2-3: 7 Letters to 7 Churches Rev 4-5: The Kingdom of God in Heaven Rev 6-9: 7 Seals: 7 Plagues 7 Trumpets: 7 Plagues Rev 10-14: Interlude: Christians in the Present Rev 15-16: 7 Bowls: 7 Plagues Rev 17-19.10: Lady Babylon Rev 19.11-20.5: The Parousia; the Millennium; Final Defeat of Satan Rev 21-22.5: Lady Jerusalem Rev 22.6-21: Conclusion

7 Cycles of SevenOther Material 1.1-20: Introduction; Prophetic Call 2.1-3.22 7 Letters 4.1-5.14: God on his Heavenly Throne; The Lamb 6.1-8.5b 7 Seals(7.1-17: the Present Situation: 8.5-9.21 7 TrumpetsSealing of 144,000) (11.15-19)10.1-15.4: the Present Situation Satan on Earth 15.5-16.21: 7 Bowls 17.1-19.10: Lady Babylon 19.11-20.5: the Parousia; Millennium; Defeat of Satan 21.1-22.5: Lady Jerusalem: the Kingdom of God 22.6-21: Conclusion

8 The Central Vision: Revelation 4-5 John sees God the Father on his Heavenly Throne Note: Worship of God by --4 Living Creatures --24 Elders

9 Revelation: the Lamb Presented to the Heavenly Court Revelation 5: A Key to the Action of the Book The Lion who is also a Lamb Appears before God and Receives Worship Is Worthy to Open the Scroll= the Eschatological Plan of God *The Two Advents of Christ: Rev 5 Relates to Rev 19.11-16: the Second Coming

10 Worship of the Lamb: Revelation 5

11 The Book with 7 Seals Book: symbolizes the plan of God for Judgment and Salvation of the World Seals: indicate secrecy Only the lamb is worthy to open the Seals Why?

12 Results of the Death of Christ =Beginning of the Eschatological Events Battle between Good and Evil begins in Earnest: Christ and Satan; Cross as Preliminary Victory Drawing up the Battle Lines: Some Marked for Christ and some for Satan (the Beast) Eschatological Woes: Plagues and Suffering on Earth Judgment of All People Rewards and Punishment: The New Jerusalem; the Lake of Fire

13 The Eschatological Woes Portrayed 3 Times: in Cycles of 7 Plagues 7 Seals (Rev 6) 7 Trumpets (Rev 8- 9) 7 Bowls (Rev 15- 16)

14 Revelation 10-11 Interlude: The Situation of Christians on Earth Rev 10: John is given the Little Scroll to Eat Rev. 11: The Two Witnesses

15 Revelation: Part II Revelation 12-22

16 The Cosmic Battle Saint Michael Battles Against Satan Revelation 12 Michael= the Chief of the 7 Archangels according to Jewish Tradition He Throws Satan=the Dragon out of Heaven

17 Satan Attacks the Woman Revelation 12.13-17 Excluded from Heaven Satan Works Mischief on Earth Attacking the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Child with a Flood of Water

18 Revelation 13 The Beast from the Sea And the Beast from the Earth

19 The Beast from the Sea= the Earthly Incarnation of Satan Rev 13.1: “And the dragon gave his power to the beast” **Compare the Four Beasts in Daniel 7

20 Revelation 14-16 Repetitions Rev 14 cf. Rev 7: Marking out of the Elect Rev 15-16: cf. Rev 6-9: The 7 Plagues: (This Time with Allusions to the Plagues of the Exodus)

21 The 2 Ladies Lady Babylon: 17.1-19.10: Rome the Evil City –The Parousia of Christ: 19.11-20.17 As Heavenly Warrior and Judge (Son of Man) –Finishes what was begun in the Cross (Rev 5) Millennial Kingdom: Final Battle Against Satan Resurrection; Judgment Lady Jerusalem 21.1-22:5: the Kingdom of God

22 Revelation 20 1. The Milennium: Satan is Bound for 1000 Years= Reward of the Righteous, who Reign with Christ for 1000 Years =the First Resurrection 2. Then Satan is Let Out and Defeated for the Last Time ( Didn’t this Already Happen? Reprise of the Battle) 3. Satan and the Beast are thrown into the Lake of Fire: Eternal Torment

23 Final Defeat of Satan

24 Revelation 20: Satan and the Beast are Thrown Into the Lake of Fire

25 Revelation 20.11-15 The Last Judgment “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened…And the dead were judged according to their works, as recorded in the books. And the sea gave up the dead that were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and all were judged.” [Compare Daniel 7: Judgment of the Ancient of Days]

26 Revelation 21-22: The New Jerusalem “And I Saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem coming down From Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Rev 4 cf. Rev 21-22 “Thy Kingdom Come, on earth (Rev 21-22) as it is in Heaven (Rev 4-5).”

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