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Plantagenets I Kaarin Kaisa Kristen Liisa Albert.

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1 Plantagenets I Kaarin Kaisa Kristen Liisa Albert

2 Family tree

3 Henry II Henry II (1133-1189) First Plantagenet king His coronation ended the civil war

4 Reign Reforms in law system Military system Had more lands in Europe than the King of France

5 Thomas à Beckett Tense relations with the Church led to the murder of Thomas Beckett "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?"

6 Last years In order to protect his throne, Henry II had many wars both with his sons and the king of France. Died in 1189 on the 6th of July.

7 John I John I (1166 - 1216) Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine Had two nicknames: “Lackland“ and “Soft-sword"

8 Claiming the Throne Usurped the throne while Richard was in Third Crusade Had to fight his nephew Arthur for the lands in France

9 Magna Carta Had a quarrel with Pope Innocent III The barons forced him to sign the Great Charter

10 Henry III Henry III (1207 – 1272) was the son of John I Lackland tried to regain French possessions married with Eleanor de Provence was influenced by the Pope replaced English officers with French nobility


12 The Second Barons’ War Barons vs. the King Simon de Montfort The Battle of Lewes The Battle of Evensham Dictum of Kenilworth

13 The First Parliament The Provisions of Oxford The summoning of the Parliament in 1264 Right to vote Arrangement

14 Edward I Son of Henry III Conquered Wales, failed to defeat Scotland Strenghtened the Crown and the Parliament “The English Justinian”

15 Edward II Also called Edward of Caernarvon Highly unsuccessful king Put down a rebellion Was forced to abdicate

16 Edward III Also known as Edward of Windsor Focused on military issues in Scotland and in France Started the Hundred Years´ War Founded the Order of the Garter

17 The Order of the Garter Was begun in or around 1348 by Edward III First, and the most prestigious, British order of chivalry Patron saint was St. George St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle Membership in the Order today fills its role as a mark of royal favour

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