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1 Lecture 10 comments on comments on comments (In limbo) Luis San Andres Mast-Childs Tribology Professor Texas A&M University

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1 1 Lecture 10 comments on comments on comments (In limbo) Luis San Andres Mast-Childs Tribology Professor Texas A&M University February 22, 2011 ME 489 Practices of Modern Engineering

2 2 Lecture 10 Date: February 22, 2011 Today: … Comments on Comments Team last Pick presents: Assignments & reading: A3 – Due March 8 – Assess COE Strategic Plan Other: complete ONE MINUTE PAPER Driving-by Wire Team Gilligan’s Blade presents: Driverless Cars NO CLASS Thursday Feb 24, 2011

3 3 Assignment 3 A Plan for Transforming Engineering Education at TAMU TAMU College of Engineering – Strategic Plan (2011- 2015) Reflects on the global landscape and the pace of change in S&T and proposes a transformation in engineering education (content and delivery). You will assess the goal for UG education and write why is the transformation needed (now) and how well are you prepared to face the challenges of engineering in the global marketplace Due March 8 Be an active participant in your education!

4 4 Schedule group presentations Select ONE EW, listen and discuss as a group Group prepares presentation (15 slides max) for (max 15 min) +discussion in class Play EW and lead discussion in class Note: MUST reference all material copied from URLs, journals, textbooks, etc Group Name The Wrecking Crew A&M Team Classic Style The Better Team Team Alpha Last Pick Gilligan's Blade LeftOvers Feb 28 Tuesday PLEASE E-mail a pdf file of presentation for posting on class URL site Eng Works allows a reply. Why not uploading your presentation?

5 5 Comments on lecture 8 ( Ethics in the workplace ), group presentation & others

6 6 Ethics in the state of Texas Who is in charge? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 Professional Boards are in “charge” of professional conduct, ethics and grievances. For example State Bar of Texas (Law) Texas Board of Professional Engineers Other (health, medical, government)

7 7 Ethics Professional Engineers Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 One of the requisites to become a licensed engineer is to take & pass a Conducts and Ethics Examination Download information from Texas Board of Professional Engineers Exam questionnaire and Texas Practice Act and Rules Concerning the Practice of Engineering

8 8 Ethics in the workplace To what extent Ethics plays a role in ME work Professional integrity is an ethical asset. Moral integrity & honor are most treasured human values. You live to practice it (24 h & 7 day & 365 day)

9 9 Ethics in the workplace Is Ethics common sense? No. Common sense allows us to “sniff” a potential problem (break in rules) if we stop to think it. One makes mistakes – To Err is Human but Learn from mistakes

10 10 Ethics in the workplace What happens if a country that has different ethics codes does something considered unethical or illegal in the US? Countries DO NOT practice Ethics and Moral Codes. Individuals and organizations do. No matter where you are, the practices and ethics of your company (employer) prevail. Learn to conduct business in various parts of the world. See countries corruption perceptions index at

11 11 Ethics in the workplace Punishment for bribery in the US Loss of job. Social outcast. Civil prosecution (jail) Pay penalties

12 12 Ethics in the workplace How do we approach clients & market company? Build Trust (essential ingredient). Neither you nor client can assume or expect that the other has ulterior motives in conducting a business transaction.

13 13 Ethics in the workplace After a deal is struck, is it legal and appropriate to receive a gift of appreciation worth more than 50 dollars? Perhaps. Never accept a gift for work that you are supposed to do (it is part of your regular duties or job description)

14 14 About conflict of interest Since different cultures have different interpretations of an event and hence there is no universal definition of “ethical conduct,” what shall we do if there is a conflict of interest? e.g. refusing a gift from a Chinese is a very disrespectful act, as gifts from Chinese tend to be high in value. Conflict of interest presumes one exploits a professional or official capacity in some way to obtain (gain) personal or corporate benefit. Cultures do have different patterns of accepted behavior; still (definition) of conflict of interest holds.

15 15 Questions Are individuals allowed to paint large company logos on their personal belongings and represent their company on personal time? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 Yes, you may. Think also about T-shirts, pens, etc.

16 16 OTHER comments & questions Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011

17 17 The Gothard Tunnel How much support for a similar tunnel through the Rockies would there be in the US? What do they do with the excavated rock? Why are trains more common in Europe? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 Watch Discovery Channel – Extreme Engineering ve.html Until the mid 20 th century, railways in the US were the most advanced in the world. Development of the Interstate Highway System overtook railways for personal and (some) goods transportation in the late 1930s’. Europe (and Asia) continue investing in railways (and mass transportation) for cost efficiency, energy savings and personal preferences.

18 18 High speed trains in the US Any plans for HS railways? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 Since the early 1990s Texas has proposed/awarded franchises for a high speed corridor – the “Texas Triangle” connecting Dallas/Fort Worth -Huston-Austin/San Antonio with high speed railways. Private funding is a mandate

19 19 Lana Wilson recommends Watch a GREAT Movie: The Pirates of Silicone Valley The history of Steve Jobs & Steve Wasniak (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft). It shows how you really have to believe in and develop your ideas. It will pay off! Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 See also Based on Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer by P. Freiberger and M. Swaine

20 20 Questions Want to know more about SPORTS ENGINEERING? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 Visit ISEA (international Sports Engineering Association) at Univ. of Nevada (UNLV) offers a BS degree in Entertainment Engineering and Design Entertainment Eng. and Sports Eng. are fast growing branches of eng. Every sports item (balls, bats, shoes, skies, etc.) are designed & tested to satisfy specific needs for performance enhancement (long life, more or less friction, more or less traction, etc). TRIBOLOGY contributes greatly to the field of Sports Eng.

21 21 Questions Around this time of year, many students are looking for jobs or getting ready to accept job offers. What should you look for in a job offer? Can you negotiate certain things? What questions should one ask once receiving an offer? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 See resource (mailed) DECISION TIME! Salary evaluation Besides $$ and benefits, you have to be satisfied with the company's reputation, environment, and culture (growth potential too). Offer must detail the role you will play in the company. Get the intangibles in writing (further education, travel and time away from home, balancing work and personal life)

22 22 Question How do some upper level classes and technical electives lead to job opportunities & specialties? Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011 Taking electives and involvement in research projects gives you an edge (a step in the door) to many specialized jobs. Talk with faculty!

23 23 Comments on lecture 9 ( prepare yourself ), group presentation & others

24 24 Prepare yourself 1. Poor planning on one’s part does not constitute automatic emergency from others 2. Know corporate structure + follow chain of command 3. The inquisitive idiot: must ask, but think first 4. Own your project or assignment: anticipate needs 5. Less is more: work smarter, not harder 6. The enemy of good is perfect: learn when to stop 7. Keep a paper trail, write more and write well, It is not what you know, it is what you can prove 8. Leave work at work 9 Mistakes are inevitable: GIGO 10. Save money early, pace yourself The top 10

25 25 Prepare yourself Great presentation, but I am surprised Ash did say treat people the way you want to be treated… Best presentation I’ve heard while at TAMU. Ask presenter at the time. It is not impolite or disrespectful. Earning respect and treating others as one wants to be treated are tracts practiced daily (they could be lost in a second as well) In Ash’s case it is most important since he deals with clients and suppliers, and technical personnel with all levels of education and backgrounds.

26 26 Prepare yourselfPay for yourself? Employer invests in you to be productive. In short. Assume it costs your company (low estimate) $200 k/year to keep you employed [salary + benefits + administrative cost ]. You must generate business for at least $200k/year to break even, i.e. to justify your employment (pay for yourself). You will have rewards and recognition when making more (net profit) and bring more (for others).

27 27 Recommendations for organizing? Only one – start today! Perpetual procrastination is the worst enemy of organization. Practices of Modern Engineering – Spring 2011

28 28 Questions? Next lecture 02/28 – “Culture and organizations ” Power Distance Index, Individualism vs Collectivism

29 29 Practices of Modern Engineering © Luis San Andres Texas A&M University 2011

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