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Integrated Approach to offer SDI’s and Geoportals through Cloud Computing by Kailash Agarwal Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific (GIS Business) NIIT.

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1 Integrated Approach to offer SDI’s and Geoportals through Cloud Computing by Kailash Agarwal Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific (GIS Business) NIIT Technologies Pte. Ltd. Singapore

2 Agenda  Benefits of SDI’s in e-Gov framework  Typical SDI based Applications  SDI Based apps for Business & Private Sector  Technology trends & Cloud Computing  Cloud Platforms & Providers worldwide  Cloud Computing Vs. Onsite Infrastructure  Recommendations / Summary

3 Bring in effective ways of Information and Resource Management Lead to transformation in - The way government works Reach out to grass-roots through innovative citizen services Save expenditures on capital, operational and resource management aspects Supports in spatial and temporal analysis of environment, demographics and developmental aspects Benefits of SDI’s in E-Gov Framework

4 Foundation of Governance

5 Geoportals (State/Federal) City GIS Portals Location based Complaint Reporting Portals Other Geo-Mashup Applications Typical SDI Based Applications

6 Integrated Incident Reporting Portal Typical areas of citizen services and incident reporting aspects

7 Proximity Analysis & Location Analytics Analyse locations, competition, supply and demand Market Planning & Campaigns Territory Design for Sales/Distribution Channels Demographic analysis & Customer Segmentation Tracking & Tracing of mobile resources / assets SDI Apps for Business & Private Sector

8 Self-Sufficiency on SDI Investments SDI Investments & Maintainance Costs Comprehensively Exploit Spatial Data (Subscription models)

9 Geospatial Systems and Applications evolved over the years from Mainframes to workstations, desktop computers, Web and now mobile devices. Application hosting landscape evolved from desktop, intranet, Internet and now cloud Technology trends &Cloud Computing

10 Trends - Changing Landscape of GIS Product + Solution Based GIS Coming Towards Front-end Governance, Private & Public Feature Rich Products Web based solution is the norm Service Oriented Architecture Device independent Then Now Product Based GIS Remained in the Backend Largely used by Scientists Limited Features Limited web capabilities Function based Device dependent User Friendly Low User Friendliness Web Based Desktop Based

11 Cloud Computing Environment

12 The focus of government agencies should not be distracted from their core function – GOVERNANCE Let the Cloud Providers as specialist of IT Systems manage IT Infrastructure Scale up applications on-demand Save expenditure on maintaining dedicated IT Resources for each government agency Why Cloud computing for SDI/e-Gov ?

13 Driving forces for Cloud

14 SDI solution hosted on Cloud ‘ GIS-as-a-Service (GaaS)

15 Typical Cloud Environments from Google & Amazon

16 leading the pace are Amazon and Microsoft Other players such as IBM, Citrix, Verizon, Google, Yahoo, VMware and many others also come up with cloud offerings Esri provides ready-to-use ArcGIS Server AMIs Esri offers a professional services package called ArcGIS for Amazon EC2 Jumpstart Microsoft offers Windows Azure covering both Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services. SQL Azure is a Software-as-a- Service to offer database instances to the cloud users Cloud & Technology Providers

17 Esri offers ArcGIS Online - a truly flexible web-centric architecture, that supports other capabilities to work both in private clouds and public clouds Ready to use Software-as-a-service Mashup and control your own data sets Leverage intuitive tools to create and publish maps and apps on demand Collaborate within groups – invite others to work together on apps and add content Publish tiled map services on Esri’s secured cloud, despite maintain all ownership and rights of your data. Cloud Offerings from Esri

18 Typical Apps on Cloud - OneMap OneMap from Singapore Land Authority – hosted partly on- premises private cloud and Public Cloud (AWS) has been leveraged to scale up computing power

19 Singapore Government offers OneMap API’s from Private cloud and also hosted map tiles on Public Cloud (Amazon) to leverage additional computing power OneMap offers API’s to build Geo-Mashup applications by other government, private and student community Mashup Own data sets and build rich map based applications for web and mobile platforms API’s comprise of data, GIS tools and map services to develop Geo-Mashup Apps with minimal efforts and resources Mobile API’s offered for iOS and Android Platforms to develop custom applications for Mobile and tablet devices Enable Mashup Apps from Cloud

20 Typical Geo-Mashup Apps MCYS: Geo-Mash up application Social Service Planning & Mapping System for Singapore Government Developed using OneMap API Locate social service centers in Singapore to plan different activities Assign Centers to staff for carrying out activities

21 Typical Geo-Mashup Apps URA: Geo-Mash up application for Property Prices Developed using OneMap API Query Property prices in a given area / location Query Properties available within given price range Generate monthly transaction reports for price comparison

22 Typical Geo-Mashup Apps PUB: Geo-Mash up application for Flood Water Level Info Developed using OneMap API Find out flood water levels at different locations

23 Typical Geo-Mashup Apps PUB: Geo-Mash up application for Weather Report Developed using OneMap API Find out weather information w.r.t. area

24 4 th Generation Application for Land Asset Management (4gLAMS) for Singapore Govt. Geo-Mashup Apps using Cloud API’s Developed using OneMap API Allows users to manage Land Assets Report incidents directly from the site location Address Search Find route between two places Able to communicate with Peers and Administrator

25 Mobile Apps using Cloud API’s Capture/Select a photo Problem description User details Click to submit the feedback Incident Reporting app for mobile users using OneMap API’s

26 Mobile & Tablet Apps using OneMap API’s Geo-Mashup Apps using Cloud API’s Address Search Find Driving Directions Query Public Transportation options available Find out least cost travel between two given locations

27 Geo-Mashup using Cloud API’s Step by Step directions Displayed Route Windows Mobile application using OneMap API’s

28 Cloud Computing Vs. Onsite Infrastructure Key characteristicsOn-Premise / On-Site hostingCloud Hosting Capital ExpenditureHigh Costs – barrier for entryMinimal Costs – ease of entry Operational Expenditure Medium Costs – dedicated resources/vendors required to manage Minimal Costs – Resources can own multiple installations Multi-tenancy Restricted for private use by the agency or shared with limited number of user base Enables sharing of resources and costs among large pool of users Reliability Very high cost of redundancy to create multiple sites for each agency Cab be enhanced by way of multiple redundant sites – cost can be distributed Scalability Consumes time and high cost for upgrades Massive scalability and On-demand provision SecurityPrivate and classified data is secured at on-premise loss of control over certain sensitive data

29 Geospatial Community is evolving and exploring GIS/SDI applications to host on Cloud, and it will be widely acceptable solution for many other agencies in near future. Esri ArcGIS Online provides Software-as-a-service and secure cloud services to publish custom built applications Similarly Singapore Government hosted their OneMap on combination of Private and Public cloud; offers API’s to develop Geo-Mashup Apps. Cloud hosting helps government agencies minimize their capital and operational expenditure, moreover their focus will remain Responsible Governance rather managing IT resources. Private agencies and student community will be able leverage the cloud services at marginal costs, and can develop Geo- Mashup applications with minimal efforts Summary & Recommendations

30 Any Questions, please…?

31 Thank You Kailash Agarwal Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific GIS Business ID: +65 6848 8311 | Cell: +65 9118 7370 NIIT Technologies Pte. Ltd. 31, Kaki Bukit Road 3 Techlink # 05-13, Singapore – 417 818

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