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Optics Transforms Movements into Emotions

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1 Optics Transforms Movements into Emotions
Biometrics4U ELSYS Corp. presents VibraImage Optics Transforms Movements into Emotions

2 Psychophysiology of movements
Movement is fulfillment of what exists potentially. (Physics III, 335 BC) Aristotle Every reaction of brain activity could be characterized as muscular movement. (Reflexes of the brain, 1863) Ivan Sechenov Reflex movements associated with emotions. (The expression of the emotions in man and animals, 1872) Charles Darwin Amplitude and intensity of reflex movements characterized aggression. (On Aggression, 1966) Konrad Lorenz

3 Vestibular system

4 Head movements physiology

5 Vestibular reflexes and tests
Active head rotation testing Rotatory chair testing Vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) Vestibular tests

6 Vibration and vestibulo-emotional reflex
P(f) Head frequency distribution samples in different emotional state S (f) Spectrum of head frequency samples in different emotional state Head movements means vibration. Vibration characterized by parameters, as frequency and amplitude, processed from video signal. Vestibulo-emotional reflex (VER) shows the dependence on head vibration parameters from emotions.

7 Frame difference as movement amount measure
Frame sequence y T1 x y T2 x y Frame difference dependence from the movement amount x

8 VibraImage Amplitude vibraimage Frequency vibraimage Frequency scale
Vibraimage is emotions detection technology based on video image processing Amplitude vibraimage Frequency vibraimage Frequency scale

9 Facial vibraimage and EEG
Cross correlation signal links ANGER state VI correlates with EEG Normal state VI uncorrelated with EEG EEG and vibraimage signals synchronized record Facial vibraimage is general human psychophysiological characteristics like EEG, HR, MRI, GSR and blood pressure

10 Multiple vibraimage T= 10c T= 1c T= 0,1c
Vibraimages with different accumulation time

11 VibraImage – biometric behavior detection system
System capable of determining the basic emotional state of a person by the facial micromovements analysis Less than 10 seconds required to do a basic profiling of a person’s emotional state with a 90% accuracy Aggression, stress, tension, personal compatibility, suspicion levels are controlled Application in: Security, Medicine, eHealth, Neuroscience, Psychology, Sports, Fitness, Public relations, Politics, Life Science

12 VibraImage – Key Markets
Worldwide video surveillance market is growing at fast pace from $13,5 billion in 2005 to a forecasted $46 billion by 2013 (1) Lie detection market is around $4 billion (2) Medical depression diagnostic market is a multi- billion market as well, with at least $1,3 billion expenditures in equipment (1) Data by ABI Research, published by GlobalSources (2) Data by American Journal of Law and Medicine

13 Importance of public security systems today
Today, already most of the public environments are using surveillance technologies for security purposes. Security importance has been growing constantly over the past 20 years Hostile Intentions, Homeland Security project, USA We See You (WeCU), Israel

14 VibraImage Pulkovo airport, St.Petersburg, Russia
Testing mode from 2007, operating mode from December 2008

15 VibraImage Domodedovo airport, Moscow, Russia
Testing mode from 2007, operating mode from January 2009

16 Lie Detection and Interview
Law enforcement and police applications, lie detection Every graph reflects emotions and lie received from vibraimage parameters processing Employment agency, interview, profiling, psychological testing

17 Vibraimage challenges
Low noise digital cameras Stable and uniform illumination Low level external mechanical vibration of camera Law indetermination High sensitivity for external movement in frame

18 Vibraimage advantages
Contactless and remote emotion&lie detection Real time analysis and alarm signal Video recorded information analysis Standard video devices and computers requested Open or hidden object control Friendly technology for users

19 Emotions ID biometric market growing applications
VI application fields Emotions ID biometric market growing applications

20 Results Received investments more than $1.200.000
Testing research proved vibraimage systems success applications since 2002 year. International sales of Vibraimage systems. Products are operating in US, Canada, Germany, Spain, Israel, China, Japan, S. Korea, Australia and Russia. Positive references from Russian Police, Russian Science Academy, Aviation Security Airports. US and Russia patent protection for vibraimage method, device and system. Agreements with international dealer and distribution companies. Registered trade mark. High attendance company site

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