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Virtual Learning Labs Curriculum and Instruction.

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1 Virtual Learning Labs Curriculum and Instruction

2 Virtual Learning Labs New in 2011-2012 French 1, Spanish S (second semester), Journalism 1, Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications, Guitar 1, Sociology, AP Human Geography, Computer Programming 1, AP Art History FLVS is assigning students in Miami’s VLLs to a specific group of teachers who will only be teaching VLL students. – The VLL teachers will: Be assigned all the students from a school that are taking the course Be available at 7:20 AM Visit schools as possible Curriculum and Instruction

3 Virtual Learning Labs In order to make this work – School guidance counselors must select VLL when they are approving FLVS course requests (See Weekly Briefing #10249) Since, in most cases, we did not do this – FLVS will be moving students and teachers around over the next few weeks Curriculum and Instruction

4 Virtual Learning Labs Course Requests As of 8/30 – FLVS had received 15,000 course requests from Miami-Dade – There were approximately 7500 course requests as of 8/1 – As of 8/19 the number had increased to 10,000 FLVS hopes to have students placed and active in courses by Friday, September 16, 2011 Curriculum and Instruction

5 Virtual Learning Labs Scheduling of Students in ISIS ISIS information shows 5882 students assigned to 2338 FLVS courses – Course code must have the letters FV in 10 th and 11 th positions (See Weekly Briefing #9733 and #10249) Curriculum and Instruction

6 Virtual Learning Labs VLL Procedures were distributed on 8/11 with Weekly Briefing #10249 FLVS also created a procedures manual which they provided to facilitators that attended training before the opening of school Using the FV course code will trigger a report card comment indicating that the course is being taught by FLVS and that grades are not posted until semester end Curriculum and Instruction

7 Virtual Learning Labs FLVS has streamlined and color coded the weekly reports to make it easy to see which students are in trouble – These reports will be sent to whoever you designate (please contact Peter HoTung with the name and email address of your designees) FLVS is resuming their standard grace period policy – Students that don’t respond or keep pace will be dropped after 28 days FLVS wants to hear about problems – and they expect some problems with new courses, new teachers, etc. Curriculum and Instruction

8 Virtual Learning Labs Things to keep in mind Students must complete the full sequence of activities/assignments whether they start on August 22 or Sept 22 or Oct 22 or ? – FLVS teachers do not shorten courses or reduce the number of assignments for any reason Students who are absent or miss class for other reasons may have trouble keeping pace if they do not have computer access outside of the school day Curriculum and Instruction

9 Virtual Learning Labs Things to keep in mind FLVS only receives funding for successful completions – they want kids to be successful FLVS is providing a lot of support to Miami-Dade – Schools visits to help with registration Visits will resume the week of 9/26 – Automated transfer of grades – Weekly reports – More Curriculum and Instruction

10 Contact Information District Contact information Dr. Sylvia J. Diaz Administrative Director 305-995-7602 Mr. Peter HoTung District FLVS Liaison 305-995-2909 Florida Virtual School Contact Information Ms. Felicia Brunson, EdS District Relations Manager 954-668-3373 Curriculum and Instruction










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