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Christina Pace She’s Come Undone Wally Lamb Simon and Schuster 1992.

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1 Christina Pace She’s Come Undone Wally Lamb Simon and Schuster 1992

2 INTRO Dolores Price starts as a regular little girl curious of the world. Her mother and father are very corrupt yet like any child Dolores does not understand. She lives in a house with both of her parents until her father has an affair and leaves the family. Being the only child, she struggles to make friends not including her best friend Jeannette,who because of her parents separation, has to leave behind. Dolores and her mother move in with her Grandma and her troubles begin.

3 PROTAGONIST Dolores Price is very curious of the world. She is pointed in so many directions as she tries to define her point in life. She juggles so much stress that her physical appearance changes from a young and precious girl to an unhealthy, carefree one.

4 Antagonist oObesity is the antagonist in the novel. Dolores becomes overweight as all her troubles are handed to her one by one. She tries to fight the obesity for it is a menace to her life. Though she continues to pursue it by eating, being lazy, and smoking

5 oEveryone in the novel is a conflict toward Dolores. But her main conflict is conflict with herself. She has no clue what to do with her life. Without the proper guidance she has to make decisions and the majority of them don’t turn out to be so wise. Dolores was bullied, raped, tricked, heartbroken, and abandoned, how could she have possibly figured out the cure to her troubles? INTERNAL CONFLICT

6 Roberta oRoberta was a person that Dolores confided in, as well as the disliked neighbor of Dolores’ Grandma. oShe owned her own tattoo parlor at her house. oDolores’ could go to her for anything; she was the first person Dolores told about the rape incident. oRoberta stuck by Dolores’ side even after the devastating deaths occurred.

7 Jack Speight oJack – typical neighbor; only male around the area; helped with any and all constructive work if needed oHosted his own radio talk show oWas married to a woman named Rita (she was expecting) oGot drunk and sexually assaulted Dolores

8 Thayer o Thayer-single father; meets Dolores during late college classes o He gets his son to rap to Dolores on how much he likes her o Dolores and Thayer fall in love and try to have a baby.

9 BOOK REVIEW “As you read she’s come undoneyour entire life will flash before your eyes….It’s a little bit like strolling down memory lane with Dick Clark on one arm, Jean-Paul Satre on the other. It’s scary, but Lord, it’s wonderful!” -Cathie Pelletier, author of A Marriage Made at Woodstuck Cathie Pelletier describes the book She’s Come Undone as something you would read that makes you stop and think back on your life. This book can relate to anyone in any way and it’s kind of crazy the resemblance. 2 nd page of the book She’s Come Undone By Wally Lamb

10 Book Review o“…a warm-blooded, enveloping tale of survival….Dolores has a killer mouth and the guts of a sea lion.” -Kirkus Reviews Kirkus Reviews notices how fascinating Dolores’s mouth flows. She is very outspoken and has a wild language. She uses her vocabulary as a feature of survival as she challenges the world. 3 rd page of the book She’s Come Undone By Wally Lamb

11 My take on this Book o The book was great! I really enjoyed the drama of Dolores’s life. At some points I did cry and other points I rooted for her bravery. I’d recommend this book to any high school girl.

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