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Catherine Katsikis LDCFL, Inc. Certified SBA (8a) 561-512-9956.

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1 Catherine Katsikis LDCFL, Inc. Certified SBA (8a) 561-512-9956

2 Introduction Automated Data Processing Tool (ADaPT) Statewide Implementation Challenges Implementation Successes Accomplishments Future Summary Overview

3 Everglades Restoration, FDEP programs. Paper Data Reporting and Inconsistent edds. Data Assessment/Comparability. Data Scrutiny/Level II Validation. Data Transfer. Data Storage. Time consuming. Why ADaPT? Introduction

4 Microsoft Access application for automated data review Commercial equivalent of USACE’s Automated Data Review (ADR) software ADaPT Automated Data Processing Tool

5 FL ADaPT is a computer application that processes Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) based on field elements defined by the Florida DEP Laboratory Data Deliverable, (LDD) –(includes Lab data with QC and Error check) Program specific - Laboratory Receipt Deliverable –(includes Lab Receipt and some Field information) Program specific - Field EDD (FDD) –(includes field methods and Error check) FL ADaPT

6 ADaPT performs an error check for correctness, and completeness of the edds. ADaPT includes a technical consistency utility that performs the following cross and reversal checks: nutrients, total vs. dissolved, charge balance calculation, major ions vs. conductivity, TDS vs. conductivity, and analyzed TDS vs. calculated TDS. FL ADaPT

7 ADaPT performs a data review on the Laboratory Data Deliverable (LDD) that measures the integrity of sample results against associated laboratory quality control, holding times, and method detection limits.

8 FL ADaPT ALLOWS FOR PROFESSIONAL JUDGEMENT The Automated Data Review evaluates the FL ADaPT LDD and applies Validator’s data review qualifiers to sample results based on laboratory quality control results reported in LDD and project specific data review criteria specified in a project library, (Electronic QAPP).

9 FL ADaPT FL ADaPT Compares results against regulatory limits and/or permit limits

10 FL ADaPT Process Field EDD Sample Collection Team ADaPT Lab EDD Final data repository LAB Results/QA/ Completeness check Sample Collection Data GenerationData SubmittalData Upload To Database Consultant, Regulated Entity, or Lab Field Data/ Completeness check Samples Field Data Regulated Entity or Consultant Completeness Checker ADaPT to FDEP Field EDD ADaPT Lab EDD FDEP or Del. Auth. ADaPT Completeness Checker Data Review WQ Limits Add WACS Field EDD Verify WACS facilityID and WACS test-site ID are values populated in “Test-site Inventory Table” Data Review WQ Limits Export to WACS Trial


12 ADaPT Valid Values Projects Analytical Methods Analytes Analysis Type Analyte Type Lab ID Lab Qualifiers Collection Agency Collection Method Matrix Preparation Type QC Type Libraries Location Code Program Type

13 ADaPT Valid Values Menu for Solid Waste Field EDD Storet Code –Client Analyte ID –Parameter Name –Units –Total or Dissolved –Field Measure –Matrix Field Parameter Qualifier Code Report Type Collection Method (Sample type code) Solid Waste Testsite Inventory –WACS Facility ID –WACS Facility Name –County Number –County Name –District –WACS Testsite ID –WACS Testsite Name –Status –Well Type –Water Classification –Latitude –Longitude

14 Lab EDD Error Report

15 Lab EDD Checks

16 Technical Consistency

17 QA/Validation Data Review

18 Compliance

19 Implementation Challenges Stakeholders buy-in –Regulators, Laboratories, Consultants. Laboratories –Most of the work, LIMS conformance/translations, learning curve, misconceptions, window looking into lab’s world. Consultants –Misconceptions, learning curve, eye opener. Regulators –We have always done this way, eye opener.

20 Implemented in stages, giving labs time to comply. Successful implementation helped labs optimize and correct procedures. Training and technical support offered to labs and Data Users. Consultants, regulators become familiar with method requirements, regulations. Consistent naming conventions. Consistent edd submittals. Validated (Level II) data in databases. Implementation Successes

21 FDEP Accomplishments



24 w/pages/ADaPT.htm Information

25 ADaPT-l - Listserv for ADaPT Software, Bureau of Labs, subscribe at:

26 Jupiter Environmental Laboratories Inc. Florida Testing Services LLC dba Xenco Laboratories - Miami EMSL Analytical Inc. - FL Kappa Laboratories Inc. II Palm Beach Environmental Laboratories Inc. TestAmerica - Savannah TestAmerica - Mobile Xenco Laboratories - Houston GEL Laboratories LLC TestAmerica - North Canton TestAmerica Laboratories Inc. Columbia Analytical Services Inc. - WA XENCO Laboratories - Atlanta Environmental Science Corporation - TN PACE Analytical Services Inc. - New Orleans Environmental Conservation Laboratories Inc. - Cary PACE Analytical Services Inc. - Huntersville TestAmerica Denver Summit Environmental Technologies Inc. Gulf Coast Analytical Laboratories Inc. Environmental Testing and Consulting Inc. Pace Analytical Services Inc - Green Bay #1 Bay County Laboratory Services Reedy Creek Improvement District Environmental Services Lake County Water Resource Management Laboratory Collier County Pollution Control and Prevention Department Laboratory Kennedy Space Center Environmental Microbiology Laboratory JEA Laboratory Services Orange County Utilities Central Laboratory Pinellas County Utilities Laboratory Manatee County Utility Department Central Laboratory Accutest Advanced Environmental Laboratories Inc. - Orlando TestAmerica Tallahassee TestAmerica Pensacola The Water Spigot Analytical Services Corporation Environmental Conservation Laboratories Inc. (ENCO) - Jacksonville Columbia Analytical Services Inc. - FL TestAmerica Orlando Flowers Chemical Laboratories Florida Radiochemistry Services Inc. Pace Analytical Services-Florida Environmental Conservation Laboratories Inc. (ENCO) - Orlando PC&B Environmental Laboratory Inc. Florida Analytical Inc. Southern Analytical Laboratories Inc. Benchmark EnviroAnalytical Inc. PEL a division of Spectrum Analytical featuring Hanibal Technology TestAmerica - Tampa Sanders Laboratories Inc. - Nokomis SunLabs Inc. - Central Laboratory Lakeland Laboratories L.L.C. Pace Analytical Services-Tampa Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. Florida-Spectrum Environmental Services Inc. Everglades Laboratories Inc. Florida Testing Services LLC dba Xenco Laboratories - Boca Raton Florida Testing Services LLC dba Xenco Laboratories - Miramar >1000 edds

27 South Florida Water Management District South West Florida Water Management District USACE Counties, Cities Other State Users

28 Other FDEP Programs under evaluation ADaPT. net Future

29 Present ADaPT Users Receiving the Data Validating the Data Delivering the Data Is it easier? YES!!!!!!! Most of the manual Level II Data Validation is done by ADaPT Naming Conventions, Methods, Units, Analytes, Project Requirements, Holding Times, Qualifiers, Method QC Requirements, MDLs/PQLs, Certified Lab ID, Dilutions, Sampling Dates, Lab Received Dates, Batch IDs, Consistency, Field methods, Comparison Reports, etc.

30 Summary The laboratory has met the requirements of the project. Level II QC is reported electronically with sample results. Awareness of QC requirements. Technical/balance review (Total vs. Dissolved, etc.) Evaluates sample results based on linked QC results reported in the EDD. Able to control naming conventions (analytes etc.) and keep consistent in data base. Able to check if all the methods and analytes were reported for the project. Applies validator’s qualifiers. Reduces data review costs. Able to pdf. or email ADaPT generated reports Regulatory Comparison reports. Transfers final reviewed data to database. Paperless.

31 Questions

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