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Evidence-Based Teaching Robert E. Slavin March 22 nd 2013.

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1 Evidence-Based Teaching Robert E. Slavin March 22 nd 2013

2 QAIT: A Model of Evidence-Based Teaching Quality of Teaching Lessons Texts, Video Appropriateness Individualisation Grouping Learning Gain = Q x A x I x T Incentive Intrinsic Motivation Extrinsic Motivation Time Allocated Engaged

3 Quality of Teaching Clarity Mark linkages, structure Rapid pace Variety Humour Video, embedded media

4 Appropriateness Classroom practices Grouping Individualisation Tutoring Pair learning

5 Incentive Intrinsic interest Praise Self-regulation Recognition Rewards

6 Time Allocated time Engaged time Classroom management

7 Cooperative Learning Mixed-ability teams Group goals Individual accountability Random reporter

8 Pace and Variety of Teaching Rapid pace Multiple teaching modes Frequent feedback Many ways to succeed Effective classroom management

9 Classroom Management Prevention Principle of least intervention Home-based reinforcement Group contingencies

10 Effective Use of Technology Computer-assisted instruction Computer-assisted tutoring Embedded multimedia Self-paced learning devices Flipped/blended classroom

11 Professional Development for Teachers Focus on involvement Workshops and coaching Feedback to participants Ongoing self-study

12 Conclusion Serious classroom improvement requires much CPD, coaching Elements can be built by schools, but to obtain maximum impact, adopt proven interventions

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