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Marie Murphy Exercise & Nutrition Specialist Former Irish Olympian (Marathon) © Murphy Marathon Programme.

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1 Marie Murphy Exercise & Nutrition Specialist Former Irish Olympian (Marathon) © Murphy Marathon Programme

2 Overview  Training Programme (Phases/Workouts)  Fitness Testing (2.4km/1.5 miles)  Understanding metabolic equivalents (METs)  Training Schedule (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)  Key Workouts  Marathon Predictions  Nutrition Guidelines  Up-coming Seminars © Murphy Marathon Programme

3 TrainingProgramme Training Programme  6 months (24 weeks)  6 Phases: Conditioning, Strength, Endurance, Tapering, Recovery and Transition.  Key workouts: Long run (10miles – 20miles) Pace run (3miles – 7miles) Intervals/track (400m – 1600m)  Fitness levels (Beg., Int., Adv.)  Fitness Testing (1.5miles)  Re-testing (7miles, 17miles) © Murphy Marathon Programme

4 FitnessTesting Fitness Testing  Run 1.5 miles on a flat surface and record how long it takes you to cover the distance. example 10:45 (minutes/seconds)  Run at your best effort; measuring your bodies capacity to utilize oxygen  From the chart below you can see which level your time falls into. (example 10:45 you will be in the intermediate group) Level1.5 miles F.T. Training Pace METs/hr Marathon Beginner11:15 - 12:3010:00 - 11:15 9 - 10 4:20 - 5:00 Intermediate9:45 - 11:008:30 - 9:45 10 - 12 3:40 - 4:15 Advanced8:15 - 9:307:00 - 8:15 12 - 14 3:00 - 3:36  Initial Predictions for Marathon will be based on each athletes fitness test/METs.  Final predictions and marathon pace given after the athlete completes the Endurance Phase of their training programme (17-20miles) © Murphy Marathon Programme

5 WhatareMETS What are METS  Metabolic Equivalents (METS)  METS are a measurement of the body’s capacity to utilize oxygen for a given work load.  3.5 ml/kg/min = 1 MET  Heat produced while running is directly proportional to the rate of energy expanded.  Fitness level: direct impact on how many METs you expand per minute.  Marathon racing 60-80% VO2/METs  Understanding your METs will help you train smarter. © Murphy Marathon Programme

6 TrainingSchedule Training Schedule StrengthPhaseWeek 9 DateMay 15thMay 16thMay 17thMay 18thMay 19thMay 20thMay 21st DaySunMonTuesWedThursFriSatWeek Pace Workout/Level Pace runRun Intervals RunLong runTotal TimeMiles 10:00/11:15Beginnerrest3 milesrest0:303x1200mrest7-9mi3:0016-18miles 8:30/9:45Intermediate0:304 milesrest0:505x1000mrest8-10mi4:0025-28miles 7:00/8:15Advancedrest4 miles00:301:009x600m0:3010-12mi4:3033-38miles (hr:min)My Workoutsrest0:300:45rest1:0000:3001:154:0028 miles 23 weeks schedule: Conditioning, Strength, Endurance, Taper & Recovery Phases 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Key workouts: Long run, Pace run, Intervals/Track Volume changes every 3 weeks Hours & miles per week © Murphy Marathon Programme

7 KeyWorkouts Key Workouts  Long Run: Builds endurance, increases the capacity of the muscles to store more glycogen, increases the size and number of mitochondria cells. 10-20 miles / 01:30-03:00 / 60-80% VO2  Pace Run: Training your body to maintain a steady state VO2. 3-5 miles / 0:30-0:40 / >80% VO2 3miles Beg. 26:45/30:00, Int. 23:00/26:30, Adv.19:30/22:45 4miles Int. 31:00/35:15, Adv. 26:00/30:30, 5miles Adv.32:30/38:00  Intervals/Track: Greatest potential to improve your body’s ability to efficiently use oxygen and increase your VO2 max. 400m-1600m /90sec-10mins/>85% VO2 © Murphy Marathon Programme

8 Marathon Prediction Key  Fitness Test 2.4km/1.5 miles  10k or 7 miles  10 miles or ½ marathon  15 miles or 17 miles © Murphy Marathon Programme

9 SportsNutrition Sports Nutrition “Nutrition significantly influences athletic performance. An adequate diet, in terms of quality and quantity, before, during and after training and competition will maximize performance.” Lausanne Consensus Conference, 1991 © Murphy Marathon Programme

10 All athletes should  Meet the energy demands of training and competition while maintaining body mass and body composition at a level optimal for health and performance.  Achieve macronutrients intakes that will optimize preparation for, and recovery from, training and competition. Specifically to ensure appropriate intakes of carbohydrate, protein, and fat at the right times.  Consume a variety of foods to help ensure an adequate intake of micronutrients.  Optimize hydration status.  Use dietary supplements with caution, but take advantage of those that offer health and performance benefits without the risk of adverse outcomes © Murphy Marathon Programme

11 Training Programmes Recommended  Less then 80-90 min 5-7 g/kg/BM  Greater than 90-120 min7-10 g/kg/BM  Extreme 6-8 hrs/day 10-12 g/kg/BM Carbohydrate is a critical fuel source for the muscle and central nervous system CarbohydrateIntakes Carbohydrate Intakes © Murphy Marathon Programme

12  Protein needs are increased by heavy training. Athletes should consume slightly more protein than sedentary individuals. intake (g/kg/d) Protein intake (g/kg/d) Sedentary Individual 0.8-1.2 g/kg//d Endurance athletes 1.2-1.4 g/kg/d Strength athletes 1.2-1.7 g/kg/d © Murphy Marathon Programme

13  A large number of studies using different exercise models and in different environmental conditions have shown that exercise performance is improved by fluid ingestion.  Ingestion of carbohydrate also improves performance.  Carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks seem to be best: the effects of water and carbohydrate are independent and additive. © Murphy Marathon Programme

14  Athletes should train smarter rather than just training harder.  Combinations of protein and carbohydrate ingested before, during or after exercise should stimulate insulin secretion, increase the available amino acid pool and promote protein synthesis as well as promoting glycogen resynthesis. © Murphy Marathon Programme

15 Up-ComingSeminars Up-Coming Seminars  Sports Nutrition  Optimizing Performance  Marathon Preparation  Last 7 days  Race day © Murphy Marathon Programme

16 ThankYou Thank You Murphy Marathon Training Programme murphyprogramme@gmail.comQuestions? © Murphy Marathon Programme

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