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Who Is My Counselor? Mrs. Stout Mu- R Mrs. NGUYEN A - C Mr. ESCOBAR D - H Mrs. PAUL I - MO Mrs. BERRY S - Z.

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3 Who Is My Counselor? Mrs. Stout Mu- R Mrs. NGUYEN A - C Mr. ESCOBAR D - H Mrs. PAUL I - MO Mrs. BERRY S - Z

4 What do school counselors do?  Academics Link Crew Orientation Academic Success Lesson (PACE and grad requirements) Freshman Focus (Support for freshmen with D’s or F’s)  Career / Future Planning College Expo Course Selection Lesson (self-evaluation of progress towards PACE) Individual Course Selection Meeting  Personal / Social Support Student support groups Crisis intervention Provide school and community resources

5 San Marcos High School Graduation Requirements  English40 credits  Math20 credits  Social Studies40 credits  Science (Life & Physical)20 credits  PE20 credits  Foreign Lang./Fine Art10 credits  Electives80 credits Total Credits230 credits 10 credits = 1 year

6 University Requirements “A-G” (a) History 2 years -World History -American History / U.S. Government (b) English 4 years college prep (c) Mathematics 3 years required -Minimum: Algebra 2 (d) Science 2 years with lab ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics) (e) Foreign Language 2 years same language (f) Visual / Performing Arts 1 year (g) Elective 1 year

7 Requirements:  Attend a high school in San Marcos for 4 years  Complete the “Are you on PACE?” requirements University minimum requirements also known as “a-g”  C or better in every class (at least a 2.0)- meet the eligibility index Grades COUNT!  Take additional CAASPP (state testing) Questions junior year PACE Scholarship ($1,000/year for four years) High scores in Math and English= PACE Scholarship ($1,000/year for four years) and you can test out of remedial Math and English college courses PACE Promise

8 AVID Advancement Via Individual Determination  Support with college application, financial aid, and scholarships  Goal setting, organization and study skills  Tutoring  College Field Trips  Community Service Application required- see Counseling Office if interested

9 *School policy does not allow teacher requests or changes

10 How to Read Your Transcript Grade Point Average *reminder SMUSD does not rank*

11 Course Selection Schedule Part 1: Presentation from counselors (course selection sheets, transcripts) Part 2: Counselors meet one-on-one with each student **CLASSESWILL NOT BE PUT IN THE COMPUTER WITHOUT PARENT SIGNATURE** (change in policy) Current 11 th grade: Part 1- February 17 th Part 2- week of February 23 rd Current 10 th grade: Part 1- February 20 th Part 2- week of March 2 nd Current 9 th grade: Part 1- March 9 th Part 2- week of March 19 th Choose Carrrr-fully…

12 CHOOSE CAREFULLY!!  Students are given ample time to look through the Online Course Catalog and ask questions of parents, teachers, and counselors before making course decisions.  Allocation decisions for the following year are based upon student requests.  Please understand that students will not be able to make changes to schedules (this includes electives) once this school year ends, unless it is a level change within the drop timeframe or summer school attendance.  All courses are year-long  Course catalogue is online under Counseling tab

13 NEW HONORS/AP DROP POLICY  Starting in fall of 2015, students will have the first 3 weeks of first semester in order to drop from honors or AP into college prep.  Students have the first 2 weeks of second semester to drop from honors or AP into college prep.  Please see page 10 of the course catalog online for the detailed policy on adds/drops.

14 Spring Test Dates (2015) SAT Registration Deadline  March 14February 13  May 2April 6  June 6May 8  ACTRegistration Deadline  April 18March 13  June 13May 8  Students are responsible for sending official scores from the testing agency to the university.

15 SAT vs. ACT  7 times per yr.  ¼ pt. penalty for wrong answers  200 – 800  2-12 on essay  Score choice  Aptitude – good test taking  10 sections  *REDESIGNED SAT beginning March 2016 (check out for more details)  6 times per yr.  No penalty for wrong answers  1 – 36  2-12 on essay  Score choice  Curricular based, engaged classroom learner  5 sections

16 Summer School  At SMHS  Limited number of courses offered  Registration day 8:30 am on Friday, June 19 at SMHS First come, first served with priority to current juniors  Session1: June 29- July 17  Session 2: July 20- Aug 6  Online (Plato) program for English and History courses. INFORMATION AND FORMS AVAILABLE SOON (on SMHS website)

17 NCAA  If you are hoping to compete in a sport in college  Inform your counselor, your coach and the athletic director, Coach Meyer  Visit  You must register with NCAA in 11 th grade

18 Parent & Student Stress  “It’s hard for kids to get into colleges because they only want to get into colleges that are hard to get into.” Bill Mayher, Author: The College Admissions Mystique  “Research demonstrates the ultimate success in life will be determined by your child and not by the institution from which he or she receives a diploma” (  Academics are the most reported stressors in teens lives; teens feel a lot of pressure to do more  Learning to lead a balanced life = doing what is meaningful, not doing it all

19 There is no magic formula to College Admissions  Aim for a high GPA but don’t go for the “easy A”  Choose most rigorous course of study without overwhelming the student.  Encourage balance  Stress the importance of grades and extra-curricular activities but let them still enjoy being a kid  Value vs. Volume  Admissions officers are more impressed by the quality of a student's participation in extracurricular activities--leadership positions held, honors won, programs started--than by the quantity of activities

20 What’s your LID Factor? Concept courtesy of UCLA admissions

21 CA Public & Private Colleges  Community Colleges – 112 campuses  California State University – 23 campuses  University of California – 9 campuses  Private Universities in CA – 75+  Out of State Private and Public Universities – 3000+  Vocational, Trade and Art Schools WWW.CALIFORNIACOLLEGES.EDU Nationwide University Search and College Planning Resources

22 Western Undergraduate Exchange  Our students like colleges in neighboring states and those colleges like our students  Program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education  Students in western states may apply to enroll in participating out of state 2 and 4 year colleges at reduced tuition – 150% of resident tuition  College and major participation varies, check website for specifics

23 Hidden Gems  University of Iowa – Top in Writing – 80%  Guilford College -N. Carolina–Award winning newspaper-68%  St Mary’s of California – Nursing – 69%  Western Washington University – pre professional programs, lots of environmental majors –84%  Clark University – Colleges That Change Lives – 78%  Ithaca – Performing arts, Radio, TV – 67%  Univ. of Northern Colorado-outdoor pursuits, free bikes – 70%  George Mason – diverse, outside of D.C. – 62%  Landmark College - 2 year, ADHD, ASD – 86%  Pace University–NYC–77%/Suffolk–Boston–83%/USF 61%  Quinnipac College-New Eng., high tech.–Video gaming-67%  Western Oregon University – D2 Football - 88%  University of Idaho – College of Art and Architecture – 66%

24 It’s all about the fit…’ bout the fit!  Do I want to commute or live on campus?  What kind of weather do I prefer?  Does fraternity or sorority life interest me?  Do I want to attend college in a city or in a small college town?  In what area of the country would I like to attend college?  What size college appeals to me?  Small: up to 5,000 students  Medium: 5,000-10,000 students  Large: over 10,000 students  Do I want an extensive athletics program?  Do I want a strong creative arts program?

25 What Can I Do Now?  Visiting campuses over the summer (student led tours)  UCSD = Large UC  SDSU = CSU  USD = Private  Summer Programs  Volunteer/Job Shadow/Internship/Work  Do online research using GPA, SAT/ACT scores and major.  

26 Counseling Help Senior Year  Academic Success Lesson (self-review of transcript and A-G in English classes)  CSU, UC, USC, Common Application Workshops  FAFSA Pin Workshop  Parent College Seminars  Palomar EAP (placement testing)  College Expo *Please check Counseling website and remember to read our monthly newsletter  Sign up for REMIND 101 to receive Periodic updates from the counseling office ENTER THIS NUMBER (760) 621-5502 WITH THIS MESSAGE @35ed77

27 College & Career Center Room 158 (in the Student Union)  $$$ Scholarship information  FAFSA  Computer Lab  Jobs (work permits)  Military  Vocational Opportunities 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM every school day. Visit at least once a week!

28 SMHS GEAR UP ROOM 301 Programs and Services  In class/lunch/ and after school tutoring  Mentoring  Educational Workshop activities  Parent student engagement  College Visits *REPRESENTING Class of 2017 and Class of 2018

29 KNIGHT ZONE  Jovana Arellano x 2268  Room 305  FREE tutoring everyday 3-6PM (schedule posted online)  Academic Enrichment, Dance, Game Development, Woodturning, Jewelry Club, Karaoke, Drivers Ed, Poetry, and much more!

30 Career Center COFFEE TALKS  Wednesday, February 18 th  8:30-9:30 AM  Career Center- Room 158  Topics to discuss: - Meeting our NEW Guidance Tech! - California Colleges Website - Resources at your fingertips - NEW Instagram account - Events to come


32 College Conversations Grade-level parent meetings with former Senior Director of Admissions at USC and the Director of College Counseling at The Buckley School, ANN RIKE Ann will share suggestions for college planning based on your child’s grade in school and recommend action steps for you and your future college student. 8:30-9:30am Career Center 9th grade Tuesday, May 5th 10th grade Tuesday, April 21st 11th grade Tuesday, April 14th The SMHS Counseling Office Presents…

33 Selective College Admissions Seminar ALL 11 TH GRADERS ARE INVITED! TUESDAY, JUNE 2 ND 8:00 – 8:45 am Career Center

34 Counselor Contact  A-C… Lori Nguyen x2219  D-H… Ruben Escobar x2252  I-Mo… Janet Paul x2220  Mu-R... Lisa Stout x2259  S-Z... Lisa Berry x2227

35 The End…

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