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Oxford University Cross Country Club Mission Status Michaelmas 2012.

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1 Oxford University Cross Country Club Mission Status Michaelmas 2012

2 Short term goals: Train effectively, Selections Races Medium term goals: Varsity Cross Country, Staying injury free Long term goals: BUCS 2013, Hyde Park Relays Teddy Hall Relays

3 1 Introduction Oxford University Cross Country Club (OUCCC) is one of the oldest cross country clubs in the world. Comprised of University students, OUCCC members and Alumni consistently compete in national and International level competition and we rank as one the top university clubs in the country. OUCCC is a fantastic way to meet people and enjoy sport. You will get to know your way around Oxford better than anyone else through our club runs, fully understand the importance of always finishing ahead of Cambridge and pick up some silverware enroute.

4 2 The Club Since then, the club has produced many fantastic athletes from Roger Bannister (first 4 minute mile in 1954), to more recent international successes: Mara Yamauchi (6 th in the marathon at the Beijing Olympics) or current student Michelle Sikes who represented the USA in the 5000m at the 2007 world championships. The Varsity Cross-Country Race against Cambridge is one of the oldest inter-club matches still in existence and has a rich history. Barring the war years, it has been held annually since 1880.

5 3 Typical Training Training during the term follows a pretty solid routine. Monday: 5:15 pm Steady run from the Rad Cam. Meeting at the Radcliffe Camera this is a roughly 45 minute run. Typically there will be 3 paced groups. Social runners, a fast group and a slightly slower group 5:30pm Circuits and hurdles drills. Half an hour of hurdles, before heading inside to join OUAC for an abs and then general ciruit. Tuesday: 1 pm Reps Hertford Exeter Playing Fields. Key session of the week, working on VO2 Max. Warm up with drills and strides, followed by short paced reps at 5km/3km pace. Typical session 3 x (3 minutes, 2 Minutes, 1 minute – with 60 seconds recovery in between) Wednesday: 1pm Steady run Rad Cam – same as Monday (no socials though) 5 pm Social Run from Rad Cam Thursday: 1 pm Tempo session, University Parks. Second Key session of the week. At 10km pace. Warm up with drills and strides, followed by longer paced reps. Typically 5x5 minutes off 60 seconds.

6 Friday: Rest day (women’s coffee and men’s pub lunch) Saturday: 10 am South Parks, Hills Session. Warm up and drills, followed typically by 15 minute tempo, 10x60 second sprints, 10 minute tempo Sunday: 10 am Long run, from Rad Cam. Typically 3 groups – 5 miles, 7 miles at steady pace and 8+ at faster pace. Then to brunch.

7 The first 3 races of term are there to break into the cross country season, set out your stall for Varsity selection and represent Oxford University, all building up to Varsity at the end of term against Cambridge. 20th October – Chiltern League This is the first of 3 selection races to run at Varsity and a chance to assert OUCCC on the local cross country scene. The Chiltern League is the local cross country league for the North and East Home Counties, with around 300 club athletes competing in the men’s and 120 in the women’s. This is a team competition, though we are running as guests, we should get a solid team performance out early doors. 4 Races

8 27 th October – Cuppers Cross Country Cuppers in a nutshell is the Oxford University Cross Country Championships. It’s your chance to make your presence felt on the university scene – whether as a light-hearted race to introduce yourself to competitive running, or to put yourself forward to represent OUCCC. Taking place in Port Meadow, this is a classic feature of Michaelmas term, and an opportunity to run for your college. 10th November – RAF Match The final selection race taking place at Shotover Country Park, this course redefines what is classed as hilly. Taking on the RAF and Oxford Brookes, this is the final chance for the team to get a run out before taking down the Tabs.

9 Varsity This is what Michaelmas is all about for OUCCC. Varsity Cross Country has been taking place since 1880 and is a historic event, with the likes of Chris Brasher, Roger Bannister and Hattie Dean (Archer) competing in the event in the past. OUCCC’s varsity teams are selected on the back of the previous 3 races of the term. Blues are the fastest 8 runners for the men and the 6 fastest for the women. They are backed up by the Seconds, Thirds and Fourths - 3 teams of 8 - for the men, and the Seconds and Thirds – 2 teams of 6 – for the women. Seconds to Fourths are competing in Cambridge on November 24 th, followed by the Blues Match at Wimbledon Common on 1 st December. Buzzing already!

10 We should be looking to medal in both the men’s and women’s races at BUCS and win both the relays. Lets start bringing the trophies home. Cross country does not end in December however. In February we have BUCS, the British Universities in Leeds on February 2 nd, and the Hyde Park and Teddy Hall Relays - February and 9 th March 6 th respectively.

11 5 The Next Stage Get down to training. OUCCC is about performing as a team, improving as athletes, and having fun – winning is fun. Please do not hesitate to call or email Henry Mitchell – Club Captain at, 07824815370

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