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ADVANCED ACADEMIC PROGRAMS : Connections for Student Success Lorton Station Spring 2014.

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1 ADVANCED ACADEMIC PROGRAMS : Connections for Student Success Lorton Station Spring 2014

2 What are advanced academic services? FCPS is committed to providing challenging learning experiences for all learners that build on individual strengths and optimize academic potential. In order to meet the needs and develop the potential of advanced learners, FCPS provides a continuum of advanced academic services.

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4 The Level IV program is designed to meet the needs of advanced learners with a strong emphasis on higher level thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making in the four core content areas. Students have ongoing opportunities for reflection and self- assessment that develop an understanding of the characteristics, demands, and responsibilities of advanced intellectual development. What are Level IV Services?

5 Services Options for Level IV Services during the 2014-2015 School Year Centers are located in 27 elementary and 12 middle schools 49 elementary schools will offer local level IV services Full Honors is an option for Level IV service at every middle school

6 A student receiving Advanced Academic services needs a learning environment that… ▫ Fosters continuous intellectual growth ▫ Stimulates the imagination ▫ Promotes inquiry ▫ Encourages risk-taking ▫ Nurtures their unique social- emotional needs

7 Overview of the Level IV Advanced Academic Program Challenge by providing different work at a different pace. Provide mastery, enrichment, and extension of core curriculum. Infuse learning at a pace, depth, and complexity appropriate for high-ability learners.

8 Level IV: Connecting it all Together Progress Report Connections Extensions of the POS Parent Resources Curriculum Framework for AAP

9 Extension of the Core Curriculum  For 3 rd - 6 th grades  Aligned with progress report standards  Connected to AAP curriculum resources  Located on the website:

10 Concept- Based Instruction “Big Ideas” e.g. change, systems, conflict Problem- Based Learning Real world Structured and controlled by teacher but student driven Students Working as Experts in the Field Evidence to support reasoning Research Scientific reasoni ng Problem Solving and Competitions Mathematics problem-solving competitions Science investigations How is the AAP Curriculum Different

11 Curriculum Frameworks

12 Language Arts- Essential Curriculum William and Mary Language Arts 3 rd : Journeys and Destinations 4 th: Literary Reflections or Patterns of Change 5 th : Autobiographies 6 th : Persuasion Michael Clay Thompson- Vocabulary and Grammar 3 rd : Building Language & Grammar Island 4 th : Caesar's English I & Grammar Town 5 th : Caesar's English II & Grammar Voyage 6 th : Word within a Word I & Magic Lens 1 Jacob’s Ladder Reading Above The Great Debate Socratic Seminar

13 Science- Essential Curriculum William and Mary Science 3 rd : Where’s the Beach? 4 th: Electricity City 5 th : Something Fishy 6 th : Nuclear Energy Friend or Foe Project Clarion- 3 rd Grade Dig It Invitation to Invent  What’s the Matter JASON Project 4 th - Monster Storms & Infinite Potential 5 th - Tectonic Fury 6 th - Monster Storms & Infinite Potential

14 Social Studies- Essential Curriculum William and Mary Social Studies Units 3 rd : Ancient Egypt; Ancient China 4 th: Building a New System: Colonial America 1607-1763; The World Turned Upside Down: The American Revolution 6 th : A House Divided? The Civil War: Its Causes and Effects; The Road to the White House: Electing the American President The Dig- A simulation of the Archeological Reconstruction of a Vanished Civilization (5 th Grade) Document Based Questions 3 rd & 5 th: Mini-Q in World History 1 4th & 6 th: Mini-Q in U.S. History 1

15 Mathematics- Essential Curriculum 3 rd Grade Moli Stone  Awesome Algebra  What’s the Me in Measurement All About?  Digging for Data 4 th Grade Linking Multiplication and Division Working with Variables Getting into Shapes Representing and Interpreting Data 5 th Grade Exploring Fractions Using Algebra to Analyze Change Funky Town- Proportional Reasoning and Similarity What are the Chances? 6 th Grade Human Endeavors

16 Parent Resources Advanced Academic Programs website: National Association for the Gifted Virginia Association for the Gifted Advanced Academic Level IV orientation booklet

17 Questions? Please contact Lorton Station’s Advanced Academic Resource Teacher, Patty Settel, with any questions. She can be reached at (571) 642-6000 or via email at

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