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2 ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION 2012/13 MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Delbert Lubeck President Connie Korpan Vice-President J. Dennis Fitzgerad Treasurer Henriette Romancewicz Secretary Bill Walker Director Scott Hagarty Director Margaret Hammon Director Dwight Logan Director Gail Haakstad Director Judith Hall Director 2012/13 PACE STAFF Jacquie Aitken-Kish Executive Director 1987 - Present Connie Miller Therapist, Assistant Director & Genesis Program Coordinator 1992 – Present Ali Al-Asadi Clinical Supervisor 1989 – Present 2

3 2012 VOLUNTEER INFORMATION VOLUNTEERS HOURS Board Members 10 92 Wilderness Adventure Rally 14 140 CISM 45 8880 Breakfast with the Boys 6 30 Bingos 96 480 TOTAL 171 9622 3

4 In 2012 Pace provided: therapy to 346 individuals, family support and youth work to 236 children and 179 parents, coordinated crisis intervention, critical response services and support services following traumatic events to 429 individuals, group support to 79 individuals, and training to 2916 students and community caregivers. Every year as I compile these numbers I am amazed at the number of people supported through our services. There is an apparent trend in the cases we see today. The cases we see today are more complex and involve more violence. It seems that highly sexualized behavior which would have been considered unusual 10 to 15 years ago is now common and needs to be cautiously and thoroughly assessed based on the child’s access to the internet and other age inappropriate material. While the internet is also an additional forum for offenders to access victims, the number of offenders known to the child through direct relationships is still much greater than that through the internet. We have accomplished many things in 2012 including accreditation. I need to thank all who participated in this process. Although the process added much stress, I believe it helped firm up the viability and the consistency of our services. The demand for our services continues to remain high as communities in our region respond to the prevalence of sexual abuse. Research is finally confirming our long time awareness that child sexual abuse and trauma needs to be addressed to prevent addiction, suicide, further violence in relationships, and emotional and physical health concerns. Trauma informed practice is the new term for the work we have understood and practiced for 30 years. Pace’s ability to provide this level of support and therapy is only possible because of fabulous volunteers and staff; community support and the support of funders; the years of experience of frontline staff; and our ability to invite bright new social workers and psychologists to practice with us. I thank everyone involved in our organization for your openness, commitment, and abilities. You have allowed us to grow and provide to our clients more and more services. Sincerely Jacquie Aitken Kish I would like to thank everyone involved in Pace in 2012. We had a good year thanks to the efforts of staff, volunteers and funders. While funding is always a concern in the not for profit sector, we are relatively stable and thus are able to focus on what we do best; helping people in our region. This past year Pace received an Inspiration Award from the Minister of Human Services. The award was for Leadership in Family Violence Prevention. This was indeed an honor and something for Pace to be proud of. Another highlight of the past year was the opening of the Caribou Center. This project was started earlier and after a lot of hard work by everyone involved it is now up and running and doing fabulous work. We received a letter from the mother of a client and she was wowed by the service her child received from the Caribou Center, so hats off to Jamie and everyone else involved in running the center. It is great to have a resource of this caliber in our region and it will help children for years to come. As we move forward, no matter what happens and no matter what challenges we face, we can be proud that we are making a difference in people’s lives in our community. As always, I am extremely proud as well to be associated with such a great organization and especially the people who make it that way. Let’s have a great 2013. Again, Thank You. Delbert Lubeck President’s Report Executive Director’s Report 4

5 Genesis/Community Program # OF CLIENTS # OF HRS COURT PREP # OF HRS COURT ACCOMP 2004213482 2005416292 2006436045 2007336073 20084119698 200950587208 201066726136 20119988572 20125991465 COURT PREP 2009 Participants 2009 # of Sessions 2010 Participants 2010 # of Sessions 2011 Participants 2011 # of Se ssions 2012 Participants 201 # of Sessions Female Survivors of Sexual Abuse 167 2123 170 2591 176 2285 155 1807 2385.75hrs 37 Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse 23 23 27 Spouse/ Family Member of Survivor 9 27 22 Crisis Interventions 30 45 32 32 166 166 57 57 74.25hrs TOTAL 229 2168 252 2623 391 2451 249 1864 2460hrs INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS: GROUPSPARTICIPANTS 2004311 2005525 200639 2007416 200816 200912 201013 201100 2012415 female 2 male INTAKE GROUPS EMPOWERMENT GROUP GRANDE PRAIRIE February 13, 2012 – April 16, 2012 5 Female Participants SELF ESTEEM GROUP PEACE RIVER Nov 29, 2011 – May 8, 2012 5 Female Participants Nov 20, 2012 – January 22, 2013 2 Female Participants GROUPSPARTICIPANTS 200415 60 200512 35 200617 68 20071517 male 37 female 54 20081032 male 21 female 53 20091022 male 29 female 51 20101312 male 24 female 36 2011912 male 14 female 26 2012 1114 male 14 female 28 AADAC GROUPS 5

6 CHILD ABUSE TREATMENT PROGRAM 2009 Male2009 Female 2010 Male2010 Female 2011 Male2011 Female 2012 Male2012 Female Intra-Familial Sexual Child & Adolescent Victims 1i223425522319 Non-Offending Parents 2i13150181804 Adult Sex Offender 3i10200000 Child and Adolescent Sex Offender 4i31413120 Non-Abused Siblings 5i15050101 Parents of Child & Adol. Offenders 6i00000101 Relative of an Abused Victim 7i10010000 Foster Parent of a Victim 8i04040400 Sub Total 21481054937525 Extra-Familial Sexual Child & Adolescent Victims 1x2931021206 Non-Offending Parents 2x06191601 Adult Sex Offender 3x30100000 Child and Adolescent Sex Offender 4x10313130 Non-Abused Siblings 5x00101000 Parents of Child & Adolescent Offend 6x00000000 Relative of an Abused Victim 7x11221221 Foster Parent of a Victim 8x00000000 Sub Total 716112282158 Physical Abuse Victims of Physical Abuse 1p55465979 Parents of Victims of Physical Abuse 2p04060302 Offenders of Physical Abuse 3p03101201 Child & adolescent Physical Offender 4p00001020 Non-Abused Siblings 5p00000307 Foster Parent of a Victim 8p111102 28 Sub Total 6136229271127 Other Children demonstrating symptoms of victimization with no sexual disclosure 9 11231333 Those not fitting above criteria 11 (Family violence)2447292428292438 Sub Total 2548312729322741 Total 59125581255511748101 Young Offender Center 289000000 Total 87134581255511748101 2012LOCATION12131415161718+ Jasper Ski/Snowboard Trip 1 113 Aboriginal – Peace River 11121 Paddle/Water Safety Training 22 11 Churchill River Canoe Trip 22 121 Kettle Valley Railway Cycle Trip1111111 Wilderness Wilderness Backpack Trip 12 211 Fall Follow Up Program1131111 TOTALS 38113987 PEACE COUNTRY WILDERNESS PROGRAM TOTAL PARTICIPANTS = 49 6

7 School PresentationsChildrenAdultsPresentations “Who Do You Tell?”™ K-6 1469119152 (2/class) “Who Do You Tell?” 7-9 4112117 (1/class) “WDYT?”™ Staff Information 0825 “WDYT?”™ Parent Information 0756 2012 TOTALS1880297180 2011 TOTALS2205267114 2010 TOTALS3203420186 2009 TOTALS3289469198 2008 TOTALS120044 Public Education Program Statistics: 2012 Community PresentationsParticipantsPresentations 2012 TOTALS33425 2011 TOTALS215 7 2010 TOTALS144 7 2009 TOTALS148 9 2008 TOTALS23913 PACE Professional Training SeriesParticipantsSessionsInstruction Hours Professional Boundaries1826 ASIST (Suicide Prevention)31342 Children and Trauma2939 Children who Witness Fam. Viol2939 Family Viol/Offender Issues18212 Crisis Intervention/Comm. Skills33327 Cross Cultural Awareness27319.5 Eating Disorders183 Grief and Loss1726 Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) 36342 First Responders to SA/SA31342 2012 TOTALS28730232.5 2011 TOTALS29125170 2010 TOTALS81656369 HRS 2009 TOTALS79153478.5 HRS 2008 TOTALS88075624 HRS 2012 2701 participants 223 presentations 7

8 P 2003*200420052006200720082009201020112012 # of Children246247224162118170125110154126 # of Parents1901611661351072161059312993 # of Families12314212195797180598366 # of Individuals436 408 390 297 225 386 230 203283 219 CUMULATIVE PROGRAM STATISTICS (Children and families may be served in more than one Program) *2003 amended to include High Level 2003*200420052006200720082009201020112012 # of Children 92998646314048615964 # of Parents 65706437313638455049 # of Families 42464226211925283130 FAMILY SUPPORT 2003*200420052006200720082009201020112012 # of Children 588745502751281913 # of Parents 38441337174316656 # of Families 41603629251925181512 YOUTH WORK 2003*200420052006200720082009201020112012 # of Children 122107112756381628010136 # of Parents 8682100626114263678039 # of Families 5559 42384840435624 SUPERVISED VISITS 2003*200420052006200720082009201020112012 # of Children 26173736251911686 # of Parents 1410352518 9476 # of Families 118211311127233 DROP INS Family Support Program 2012 8

9 20082009201020112012 Group Participants: 27 Group Participants: 15 Group Participants: 27 Group Participants: 48 Group Participants: 53 Groups Facilitated: 44 Groups Facilitated: 44 Groups Facilitated: 43 Groups F acilitated: 49 Groups Facilitated: 51 Average Participation: 3.45 Members Range 0 - 7 Average Participants: 1.3 members Range 0 – 6 Average Participants: 1 member Range 0 - 4 Average Participants: 5.33 member Range 0 - 12 Average Participants: 7.04 member Range 3 - 14 Topics: Self Esteem Parenting Battering Relationships Boundaries Mental Health Issues Anxiety/Depression Change Anger Management Topics: Self Esteem Parenting Loss Battering Relationships Anxiety/Depression Topics: Self Esteem Goal Setting Parenting Relationships Depression Topics: Abusive Relationships Parenting Stress Coping Skills Anxiety Forgiveness Self Care Boundaries Emotions Anger Identity Gratitude Belief Systems Changing Thoughts Hope Grief & Loss Self-Esteem Values Topics: Relationships Parenting Stress Coping Skills Forgiveness Self Care Boundaries Anger/Fear Change/Hope Self-Esteem Letting Go Goal Setting Triggers Expectations Judgment Safety Trauma Shame Regrets Domestic Violence Spirituality Women’s Support Group CRITICAL INCIDENT RESPONSE TEAM TEAM LEADER / PEER SUPPORT (*#) indicates PACE only responses 9 # of Responses# of Participants 19966183 199910463 2000342 2001975 2003(*7) 29(*241) 321 2004(*8) 11(*78) 82 2005(*10) 16(*35) 86 200623 353 200716162 200826173 200927150 2010424 201114652 201220429

10 SAFE VISITATION PROGRAM S THE SAFE VISITATION PROGRAM January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 The Safe Visitation Program continues to receive referrals from our community. The majority of our referrals have come from the Justice System (courts). The program scheduled 408 visits. Of these 408 visits the families cancelled a total of 115 visits. Most of the cancellations are noted as work related, and others were due to the children being ill. This year we accommodated 290 visits, some were an hour and a half in length and others were two hours in length. We also had a few that were court ordered to be three hours in length. The total client hours for these visits are 873 hours. MONITORED EXCHANGE PROGRAM The number of monitored exchanges this last year; have increased. We have had 10 families use this program; those families have 9 children between them. This last year from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 we have monitored 171 exchanges. CARING DADS During 2012 we ran our first Caring Dads group. This group is 17 weeks in length; we had 6 men complete the group. Between these fathers they have access to 17 children, from the ages of 15 months to 15 years of age. This fall we also had a new staff member join our Safe Visitation and Monitored Exchange program. Bernice Shadow, Bernice will be covering Friday evening for the monitored Exchange program and Saturday and Sunday in our Safe Visitation program. Regards, Marlene, Safe Visitation Coordinator 10

11 YEAR# OF DRIVES 1999830 20001,074 2001915 20021855 2003 1804 20041616 20052187 20061554 20071526 20081515 20091240 20101814 20112320 20122481 Crooked CreekMorgan’s Mountain Clairmont David Thompson Bible Camp ValleyviewSturgeon Lake DimsdaleHeart ValleyWanham ElmsworthHigh PrairieKadote Lake FairviewPeroriaKinuso Grande CacheRycroftBeaverlodge GoodfareWembleySpirit River Grande PrairieSexsmithPeace River HytheSlave LakeRidgevalley Dunvegan Prov. ParkSunset HouseTeepee Creek Edmonton DRIVE PROGRAM Drive Destinations 2012: 11


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