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TPHS Choices Night Welcome prospective TPHS science students.

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1 TPHS Choices Night Welcome prospective TPHS science students

2 What makes TPHS science great! A wide variety of courses with experience instructors (avg. experience level of science staff is more than a decade..) Supportive staff for extra help, science tutoring center, science related extra- curricular activities such as science fair, academic team, student science journals, science related clubs

3 Standards driven curriculum The curriculum is tied to the district and state standards. Students excel on California standards testing in science subject areas. The collaborative and collegial curriculum development means teachers work in conjunction to plan curriculum, create relevant assessments, plan hands on lab activities, and use formative assessments to guide instruction.

4 TPHS Science Student Preparation TPHS Students are well prepared for college level science, including work at CSU, UC, Ivy League, and private colleges. TPHS students participate in internships, scholarship programs, and science competitions (Intel, Siemens, etc.) TPHS students participate in realistic and relevant lab activities such as field work and service learning projects.

5 Course Offerings College Prep Courses Biology Chemistry Physics Also elective courses Marine Biology Earth & Space Science Research methods AP Level Courses AP Physics B AP Physics C AP Chemistry AP Biology AP Environmental Science

6 Need more information Talk with students about their TPHS experiences! Speak with teachers! Individual core content teachers would be happy to answer content and curriculum questions… TPHS science department webpage has links to course profiles, science pathways, and UC/CSU guidelines dex.htm dex.htm

7 SCIENCE PATHWAYS AT TORREY PINES: SUGGESTIONS FOR SUCCESS This chart is intended to be used as a guide to assist students with planning their academic future. These recommendations are based on CA state sequencing and staff expertise. The pathways chart represents suggested sequences to present opportunities for success for the student profiles listed. Other possibilities do exist. It is our goal to help students construct their knowledge sequentially at a course pace that is appropriate for the intended ability and skill level. Selecting courses that are appropriate for a student’s current ability and skills is a crucial step for student success. Please check the detailed course descriptions online at Note  AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college level courses designed for accelerated students to gain exposure to the rigor and pace of a collegiate science curriculum (i.e they are equivalent in workload, rigor, breadth, and pace of an equivalent 4 year university course). For success at the AP level in high school, students should have the required science skills, prior coursework, a history of academic success, and appropriate math skills for the course they are enrolling in.


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