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Agenda 1)Windows Microsoft 2)DeGroote Impact- 5 Days for the Homeless 3)DeGroote Accounting Association 4)DeGroote Marketing Association 5)DeGroote Finance.

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2 Agenda 1)Windows Microsoft 2)DeGroote Impact- 5 Days for the Homeless 3)DeGroote Accounting Association 4)DeGroote Marketing Association 5)DeGroote Finance Association 6)DeGroote Commerce Society 7)Greensuits 8)Report feedback and Top 5 Announced

3 Windows Microsoft

4 DeGroote Impact- 5 Days for the Homeless

5 DeGroote Accounting Association

6 Degroote Accounting Association (DAA) Please Welcome Your Speakers from the DAA: Stuart H Matson, VP of Administration Geoff Blasutti, Fast Pace to the Case (FPC) Co-Chair @DAA_ Accounting Degroote Accounting Association

7 So what functional area of business are you interested in? Marketing Human Resources Information Systems Finance Accounting How many of you will be attending McMaster University in the Commerce program in the fall of 2012?

8 What is the Degroote Accounting Association and what do we do? The DeGroote Accounting Association (DAA) is a student run organization within the DeGroote School of Business whose main focus is to promote and generate awareness of the accounting profession to the McMaster community. We represent those students who are interested in pursuing an accounting designation, whether it be CA, CMA, CGA or CPA. In addition to creating awareness on campus, we facilitate student transitions into the professional accounting world. Presently the DAA has: -Over 380 student members -Next years executive team will consist of 17 executives (Ex. President, VP of Admin, FPC Co-Chair, Supporting Roles and Year Representatives) -We are proudly supported by many organizations that are interested in building awareness of their organization on Mac’s Campus and recruiting the best and brightest McMaster Students

9 Our Main Events Fast Pace to the Case CA Night CMA Etiquette Dinner Alumni Night CMA Roundtable CGA Speed Networking

10 How to get involved? Apply for the executive team Attend our events Get your participating member certificate

11 We proudly thank our generous sponsors for their various contributions to the DAA Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: Other Sponsors:

12 Any Questions? or Google: Degroote Accounting Association Stuart H Matson Vice-President of Administration Geoffrey Blasutti Fast Pace to the Case, Co-Chair @DAA_Accounting Degroote Accounting Association

13 DeGroote Marketing Association

14 DeGroote Finance Association

15 HSBH PRESENTATION APRIL 2, 2012 Presented by Liam Whelan

16 Agenda  DeGroote Finance Association  Mission  Partners  Events  Finance at DeGroote  Canadian Financial Services Industry  Careers in Finance  Capital Markets Sales and Trading Investment Banking Equities Research  Investment Management Advisory and Planning Portfolio Management  Private Equity

17 DFA – Our Mission  Mission  The DeGroote Finance Association (DFA) creates a bridge between students and the finance industry by providing opportunities for learning and interaction through various events held throughout the year.  Motto  “Connecting the Leaders of Today to the Leaders of Tomorrow”  Operations  The association operates under the DeGroote Commerce Society and is lead by a team of undergraduate business students. The DFA plans and executes events from September through April every year focused on providing learning and networking opportunities with financial institutions for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of finance.

18 DFA – Our Partners  Membership  2010/2011 – 100 Members  2011/2012 – 200 Members  Sponsorship  Strategic Partnerships

19 DFA – Our Events  DFA 15 th Annual Wine and Cheese  Networking event for 90 students and 30 industry delegates  Designations in Finance  CFA, CBV, CA, CMA, CFP  Stock Market Challenge  $100,000 portfolio simulation  McMaster Capital Markets Conference  Keynote speakers, young professionals panel, networking mixer  Faculty & Elective Night  Financial Modelling Courses  Boston Pizza Social  Edward Jones Investments Social

20 Finance at DeGroote  Over 25 electives – more than any business school in Canada!

21 Canadian Financial Services Industry  Banks, trusts, credit unions, insurance brokers, securities dealers, mutual funds, financial advisors, & pension funds.  Banks have $1 trillion in assets  500,000 employed; 50% Toronto  New York, Chicago, Toronto  RBC, TD, Scotia, BMO, CIBC  Manulife, Sun Life  RBC AM, IGM, CI Funds, TD AM  Toronto: 7,500 CFAs

22 Careers – Capital Markets  Investment Banking  Facilitating transactions associated with marketable securities; this includes raising capital, underwriting, or mergers and acquisitions;  Analysts and associates will work 70 – 120 hours per week.  Sales and Trading  Buying and selling stocks and bonds to earn money on each transaction;  Work on the trading floor and broker trades between institutions.  Equities Research  Research and report on securities in the market giving buy or sell rating;  Supports investment bankers and traders with their market knowledge.

23 Careers – Investment Management  Wealth/Asset Management  Investment advisory, financial planning, and portfolio management;  Clients include high net-worth individuals, small businesses, families;  Investment advisors and financial planners will oversee a client’s assets (cash, property) and invest/protect it strategically to grow its value;  Portfolio managers at investment funds build diversified portfolios for investment advisors to offer clients; Sales vs. Analysis.  Designations – Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Analyst.

24 Careers – Private Equity  Private Equity  Equity investments in companies not publically traded on an exchange;  Private equity firm, venture capital firm or an angel investor.  Case Study:  PE Fund borrows $9mn from bank -> additional $2mn from partners (fund managers) and limited partners (pensions, rich investors).  Buys $11mn equity stake (100%) of underperforming company after due diligence (checking the books).  Replaces senior management, reduces workforce, sells some assets -> stockmarket is bullish over the two years of management (comparables valuation has increased);  They sell in buy-out for $15mn yielding income of $4mn -> loan with interest of $0.5mn then paid down, leaving $3.5mn (75% ROI) to be shared among the partners.

25 Thank You!  Any Questions?

26 DeGroote Commerce Society

27 Greensuits

28 Report Feedback

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