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Server 2003 Challenge What end of support means Start planning your migration and transforming your datacenter todayDiscontinued support for.

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6 Server 2003 Challenge

7 What end of support means Start planning your migration and transforming your datacenter todayDiscontinued support for many applications Now is the time to act Increased operations costs Impact on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Impact on both physical and virtualized servers No safe haven Windows 2003/R2 servers will not pass a compliance audit No compliance 37 critical updates released in 2013 for Windows Server 2003/R2 No updates

8 Migration process… 4321 System Integrators DIY Tools MCS Premier Support Microsoft Server Roles Microsoft Applications Custom Applications Third Party Applications Microsoft Azure Windows Server 2012 R2 Cloud OS Network Office 365 System Integrators DIY Tools MCS Premier Support

9 Migration Decision Tree Online Tool… Online Customer Ready Tool Custom Output Report Organized Approach Incentives and Offers

10 System integrators/Consultant JumpStart for Windows Server 2003 (MCS) Microsoft Premier Support Microsoft partners

11 Inventories applications and app components across multiple machines Generates output in open CSV and XML formats Integrates with other discovery tools like TADDM, ADDM and SI and enterprise- specific migration management portals

12 Application Discovery and Assessment with AppZero PACE Demo

13 Microsoft server roles By type By criticality Microsoft applications Third-party applicationsCustom applications Can be retiredMarginalImportantMission critical By complexity and risk (RAG) LowMediumHigh

14 Build a single version of the truth Pool application inventory data Agree on Enterprise App Catalog Rationalize Focus on future state Which apps will be carried forward 3 rd party tools can accurately predict effort Normalize Real work happens here Applying fixes to ensure compatibility Offshore packaging can reduce costs Remediate

15 Upgrade path possible Software upgrades approved and funded Infrastructure modernized Supported Remediation Possible Environment packaging possible Software upgrades not available or lack the business case Code Change Hard coded elements Recompile required Highest risk, but likely not the most effort due to small numbers in this category

16 Windows Server 2012 R2 Microsoft Azure Cloud OS Network SharePoint & Exchange

17 IDApplicationOwner Server role Microsoft app Third-party app Custom app Retire Marginal Important Critical Complexity (1 – 3) Risk (1 – 3) Windows Server 2012 Microsoft Azure Microsoft Office 365 Cloud OS Network 00001Exchange Denise Smith XX11X 00002Web ServerQiong WuXX22X 00003Shipping ServicesNaoki SatoXX21X 00004Quick Quarter CloseDaniel RothXX22X 00005 Lucerne Publishing Document Converter Andrea Dunker XX32X 00006Trey Research Lookup ToolEric GruberXX23X 00007A. Datum IndexOliver KielXX33 00008Inventory Key Robin Counts XX22X DiscoverAssessTarget (destination and journey)

18 AppZero does for apps what VMs do for machines VAA AppZero extracts existing enterprise applications and packages them into VAAs that can be provisioned and run natively on any OS, machine or cloud, fast. (including managed clouds) Source Machine Destination Machine Extract Copy & Run Dissolve & install Discover Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2012 or Azure

19 Windows 2003 Application Migration with AppZero Demo


21 Application Migration Agentless Licensed per server Supports migration of a wide variety of applications, including: Databases Application Platforms Web-based Applications Multi-tier Applications AppZero migration works without agents, application installers or the developers who wrote them

22 Application Migration Databases Product Oracle Database 10g Oracle Database 11g Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP4 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 IBM DB2 Enterprise Server 9.0 IBM DB2 Express-C 9.7 MySQL Community Server 5.1 MySQL Community Server 5.2 PostgreSQL 8.3 PostgreSQL 8.4 PostgreSQL 9.0 Apache TomCat Derby 10.5 (JAZZ) Migration of many of the most common enterprise database platforms is supported

23 Application Migration Application Platforms Product Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5) IBM WebSphere Application Server V8 Apache HTTP Server 2.2 Apache Tomcat Server 5.5 Apache Tomcat Server 6.0 Java Platform, Standard Edition 1.5 Java Platform, Standard Edition 1.6 Java Platform, Standard Edition 1.7 Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Umbraco (CMS SQLServer/IIS) Migration between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS architectures is supported

24 Application Migration Application Platforms (cont.) Product Laserfiche: CMS (SQLServer) Alfresco (Document Management) CACI Officebase (Unidata dB/Redback) Drupal 6 MediaWiki WordPress AppZero not application virtualization, so the application being migrated must function on the target OS

25 Application Migration Desktop Applications Product MS Office 2003 MS Office 2007 MS Office 2010 OpenOffice Browsers (Opera/Firefox) Adobe Reader AppZero enables migration in tough situations where reinstallation may not be possible

26 Application Migration Good Candidates The good are apps that we have tested or customers/partners have tested. Some scripting might be required: Custom and proprietary apps 3rd party packaged applications JEE, Java middleware, JSE app Open source: PHP, Python, WAMP DB Server: Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase Desktop apps IIS,.NET,.ASP

27 Windows 2003 Application Migration to Microsoft Azure Demo



30 Come Visit Us in the Microsoft Solutions Experience! Look for Datacenter and Infrastructure Management TechExpo Level 1 Hall CD For More Information Windows Server 2012 R2 Microsoft Azure System Center 2012 R2 Azure Pack cloud/products/windows-azure-pack





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