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Topics we missed 7 – World History (1400-Present).

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1 Topics we missed 7 – World History (1400-Present)

2 Topics we missed Monday – Japan after World War 2 Wednesday – India – The good side of Imperialism – Bosnia – 1990s Genocide Thursday – Israel – How it was created Friday – Quiz on Japan, India, Bosnia, Israel, & The Reformation notes

3 7.H.2.3 - Explain how increased global interaction accelerates the pace of innovation in modern societies The industrialization of Japan during the post- World War II Era. The rebirth and development of this nation’s infrastructure, factory system and transportation system were made possible because of the interaction between the victorious United States and defeated Japan.

4 Nations can fight Nations can cooperate

5 Pearl HarborAtomic Bomb Enemies!


7 After World War II World War II – violent conflict – US: 400,000 killed – Japan: 2.5 million killed Japan invaded other Asian Nations and killed millions – After war – Friend or Foe? Friend, but why? WWI – Punishing Germany led to WWII 1945-52: Rebuild Japan – widespread military, political, economic, and social reforms. New Government New Free Market Economy Loans from US

8 Japanese Miracle of 1950 to 1960 – Japan = 2 nd most powerful economy in the world in less than a decade – Led by Edwards Deming (USA) He showed Japan US secrets: – The best ways to manufacture goods and run a business Japanese Companies: – Sony – Honda – Nintendo – Toyota – Nissan – Toshiba

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