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A Refresher on Persuasion

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1 A Refresher on Persuasion
Match-Pace-Lead A Refresher on Persuasion

2 How do we turn a chance encounter into a turning point… … a turning point into a tipping point for a social movement

3 How do we persuade people who hold beliefs
How do we persuade people who hold beliefs that do not serve them economically?


5 Factors Influencing Persuasion
Reciprocation Consistency Social Proof (“Me Too”) Liking Authority Scarcity We are primed to respond in a particular way to social triggers, based on six principles: reciprocation (we feel indebted to those who give us something); consistency (once a decision is made, we strive to be consistent with it); social proof (we are more likely to deem a certain behavior correct if others behave in that way); liking (we are persuaded by those people who like us and are most like us); authority (we are trained from birth to be obethent); and scarcity (the things we can't have appear the most attractive). Woodward, David. "The Art of Persuasion." Director 2010: 57. ABI/INFORM Complete. Web. 29 Mar < ?accountid=12598>.

6 Approaches Neurolinguistic programming Rapport building
Persuasion techniques Mirroring Physically (gestures, rate of movement) Cognitively (rate of speech) Emotionally (speech volume, affect, mood) Sensing (type of information processing they do) Storytelling

7 That’s Great, But What About a Rubric for the Rest of Us?

8 Match-Pace-Lead Match Them Set the Pace Lead to Action

9 Shared Value Link to Greater Good Match Their View Pace Your View Lead
Others’ Views Shared Value Link to Greater Good

10 How is Michael Using Match-Pace-Lead?

11 Match Pace Lead Objective Understand world view
Introduce alternative view Mobilize by linking to others Introduces into Conversation Nothing! Shared value Alternative view Others Greater good Keys to Success Listen more than talk Show you respect and understand their view Shift their perspective and mobilize Turning Point Mechanisms Seek to understand (not be understood) Shared values Linking to greater good Phrases Tell me about … Why is that? Help me understand…. Hhhmm… That’s interesting, another way to see it….. I used to see it that way…. …. “because” What can we do to help people see… I wonder… How do we get the word out Let’s…

12 Using your cards, where is Michael going right (wrong) with Match-Pace-Lead?

13 Your Turn

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