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The (re-)introduction of the electric vehicle Gerry Van Aken.

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1 The (re-)introduction of the electric vehicle Gerry Van Aken

2 Page 2 Dummy Presentation Date: 09 May 2015 Page: 2 Content 1.Introduction 2.eV Developments 3.LeasePlan Position

3 Page 3 eVehicles already exist for over 100 years! – Why should we take it serious now? Henri Pieper's 1905 Parallel Hybrid Vehicle  Henri Pieper, a German-born inventor and gunmaker in Belgium, submitted his application on November 23, 1905—and was granted a US patent on March 2, 1909 Ferdinand Porsche’s 1898 basis for a Series Hybrid Vehicle  In 1898, the 23-year-old Ferdinand Porsche built his first car, the Lohner Electric Chaise—the world's first front- wheel-drive vehicle. Porsche's second car design was a series hybrid - like the Opel Ampera, due out in 2011

4 Page 4 LeasePlan sees full market alignment for eVehicles to succeed  Governments Governmental incentives are currently a must for eVs to succeed Many governments have already put eV incentive schemes in place  Car Manufacturers Electric is believed to be the most important alternative technology In 2011serious electric alternatives will be available in the market  Battery Manufacturers Most technical issues have been resolved Battery technology develops at a fast pace

5 Page 5 LeasePlan sees full market alignment for eVehicles to succeed – cont’d  Utility Providers Infrastructure and electricity companies recognise in eV a growth market Leading and new utility providers are very eager and invest substantially European standardisation agreement already signed  (Corporate) businesses and public sector Corporate responsibility becomes more and more important Client interest is increasing and some early pilots are already in place

6 Page 6 Dummy Presentation Date: 09 May 2015 Page: 6 Content 1.Introduction 2.eV Developments 3.LeasePlan Position

7 Page 7 eV Developments are focused around three areas e-Vehicles Batteries Infra- structure

8 Page 8 Competition between OEMs is expected to be high in the launching markets  OEMs are trying to differentiate themselves and are diversifying their eV product full electric; exchange possibilities for batteries; plug-in hybrid  Positive impact can be expected on availability of eVs, prices and infrastructure  Multi-brand choice could be offered to clients (as example see below snap shot) Peugeot iOn Renault ZE: Twizy Zoe Fluence Kangoo Nissan Leaf Opel Ampera

9 Page 9

10 Page 10 With the arrival of eVs also new brands have entered the playing field  Think  Think: expected to be focusing on certain markets: NO, DK, NL…  Bolloré  Bolloré: expected to remain a niche player in FR… Heuliez  …like Heuliez: 1.500 employees in FR  Build Your Dreams  Build Your Dreams (Chinese car manufacturer)  Better Place  Better Place (eV service provider)

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12 Page 12 eV Developments are focused around three areas e-Vehicles Batteries Infra- structure

13 Page 13 The technology for eV batteries is Li-ion but develops at a fast pace  Currently lithium-ion is the technology for the development of eVs batteries Ranges vary, but the average is 160 km (100 miles) for full electric vehicles  Lithium-ion is accepted as standard incl. in USA, Japan, Korea, China  Lithium-ion can be recycled to a high degree  Considering capacity, price and recycling, lithium-ion is the cheapest technology  New developments to be expected in 5 – 10 years time Batteries with electrodes of silicon-nano tubes > factor 6 - 8 Lithium metal gas batteries > factor 10 improvement Lithium fluid batteries > factor 11 improvement

14 Page 14 The average value of an eV battery is high and its lifetime shorter than the car  Average value of the battery is up to 25-30% to the total car value  Lifetime of a ‘car-useable’ battery is related to its usage Quick or normal charging Full eV or eV with a range extender  An eV battery has the potential for a second life e.g. can deliver the solution for the need for electricity storage from wind turbines  General conclusions Per eV lifetime at least three battery changes needed Per eV-RE (= eV Range Extender) at least two battery changes needed

15 Page 15 eV Developments are focused around three areas e-Vehicles Batteries Infra- structure

16 Page 16

17 Page 17 Standardisation of the infrastructure is already agreed upon  Common standards will generate cost benefits and create economies of scale for both electricity companies and the automobile industry  Consumers will be able to choose their electricity supplier, and even more importantly, will be able to charge their vehicle in charging stations across Europe  50 major players have signed a declaration on acceptance of pre-defined standards for the charging network, which eventually must lead to one charging infrastructure within Europe  The standards will cover Hardware (including connector and re-charging cables) Communication software Other issues (such as voltage and plugs) Source:

18 Page 18 Dummy Presentation Date: 09 May 2015 Page: 18 Content 1.Introduction 2.eV Developments 3.LeasePlan Position

19 Page 19 eV fits perfectly in our corporate responsibility  LeasePlan is committed to reducing CO 2 emissions  LeasePlan already introduced GreenPlan  LeasePlan is the first international fleet and vehicle management company certified by TÜV Rheinland for its sustainability initiative GreenPlan. GreenPlan was globally introduced in 2007 and supports LeasePlan’s clients to reduce CO 2 emissions from their car fleet "With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, company car drivers tend to change their behaviour in the way they select their car and in the way they drive. Electric vehicles fit perfectly within our overall strategy we embarked on with GreenPlan as part of our overall efforts in the field of corporate responsibility.“ Vahid Daemi, LeasePlan’s Chief Executive Officer

20 Page 20 Belgium company car taxation  The company car tax is based on CO 2 emissions  The deductibility of expenses linked to CO 2 emissions: 50% to 120% except for fuel: 75% and interests: 100%

21 Page 21 A positive context for electric Vehicles 95g 130g 152g161g185g CO 2 Emissions in Europe  CO 2 emission awareness  Oil prices increasing  Government support and subsidy (vehicle and infrastructures)  Development of new Urban mobility needs  Development of a charging infrastructure  New Battery technology

22 Page 22 eV potential customers Cost driven:  Commuters that drive less than 120 km per day  Companies which need eV for special purposes (materials handling in delimitated area like harbours)  Any professional usage (delivery, cleaning services, etc.) that has limited daily mileage and parked overnight in a confined parking space Image driven Public administration Fossil fuel The colors show the useful range / purpose BEV: Battery Electrical Vehicle (Nissan Leaf) E-REV: Extended Range Electrical Vehicle (Opel Ampera)

23 Page 23 eV in LP eV has a significant risk impact on our business model but offers many opportunities for our clients (sustainable business, image, long term expected lower TCO) and ourselves (strategic positioning, delivering our brand promise, Corporate Social Responsibility, new business opportunities) Business Model  Our current business model for ICE vehicles could quite similarly be applied for eVs with a few major differences High uncertainty regarding RV setting for eV and battery, to a lesser extent also for maintenance High uncertainty regarding the used eV market Replacement of fuel management by electricity management The opportunity/requirement for battery leasing eV potential  Western Europe will be one of the key markets for eVs and will be a fast growing market for the next 10 years  already eV interest from our existing as well as potential customers

24 Page 24 TCO comparison

25 Page 25 eV activities by LeasePlan  Corporation European Memorandum of Understanding with Nissan-Renault European Letter of Intent with Peugeot Non Disclosure Agreement with General Motors for the exchange of eV information  Belgium First charging pole in co-operation with The PluginCompany, Dec 2009 eV integrated in standard quoation procedure 2 Smarts Electric Drive in Dec 2010: Delhaize en LeasePlan poolcar Sponsor NMBS project “combi mobility electric vehicle – train”: kick off dec 2010  3 Smarts Electric Drive  3 Mitsubishi I-Miev 21 electric LeasePlan vehicles on the road, end 2010 5 Nissan Leaf Q2 2011

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