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Pacific Corridor Enterprise Council K. David Andersson President February 16, 2006 Presentation Vancouver Cross Border Regions Roundtable.

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1 Pacific Corridor Enterprise Council K. David Andersson President February 16, 2006 Presentation Vancouver Cross Border Regions Roundtable



4 British Columbia’s Provincial Intelligent Transportation System ( ITS) Vision and Strategic Plan completed in 2001 blueprint for the deployment of multi-modal, multi-jurisdictional ITS

5 PACE is a proud member participant in the International Mobility & Trade Corridor (IMTC) Project U.S. – Canada coalition of government and business entities that jointly identifies and promotes improvements to mobility and security for the four border crossings between Whatcom County, Washington State and the Lower Mainland of the Province of British Columbia. IMTC group is led by the Whatcom Council of Governments

6 Pacific Border Crossing - Commercial Vehicle Operations Weigh-in-motion scale with coordinated access to the U.S. counterpart system Southbound truck staging area at the Pacific Highway border crossing $1,095,000 in Canadian federal funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada

7 British Columbia Highway 99 and 15 – Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Deployed for two main border crossings at Douglas (Peach Arch) Blaine and Pacific Highway Message signs to communicate southbound delays Status of, or lanes for, expedited border crossing operations such as the ITS truck lanes (FAST C-TPAT operations ) and NEXUS automobile operations Live cameras Western Economic Diversification Canada funding of $395,000.00 - bi-national project.

8 Regional ATIS ( Advanced Traveller Information Systems ) “one-stop” transportation portal Multi-modal, multi-jurisdiction, static and real-time traveler information for the Greater Vancouver to border region Current incident and congestion information Border cameras $155,000.00 in funding from Western Economic Diversification Canada

9 Expanded ATIS Expand north and southbound ATIS systems Passenger wait times for all four Cascade Gateway port-of-entry; Commercial vehicle wait times 2010 Vancouver Olympics traveler information Estimated Cost:$4,000,000 Possible Partners: BC MoT, WSDOT, FHWA, Transport Canada, P.A.C.E. SOME FUTURE PROJECTS

10 Cascade Gateway Network Border Circulation Analysis Cascade Gateway border circulation network transportation analysis Evaluation of both existing and potential routes on both sides of the international boundary Border processing time scenarios using micro simulation tools (Border Wizard, CanSim). Estimated Cost: $500,000 Possible Partners: Transport Canada, WCOG, TransLink, FHWA, BC MoT, P.A.C.E., City of Surrey, City of Abbotsford, Township of Langley

11 2006 IMTC Cross-Border Travel Study Six year follow-on to the 2000 IMTC Cross-Border Travel Study to collect passenger and commercial vehicle travel demand information. Estimated Cost: $450,000 Possible Partners: FHWA,WSDOT, MoT, WCOG, P.A.C.E.

12 ITS-CVO Phase IV Linking CVISN, WIM, FAST transponders, technology, and databases. Estimated Cost: $1,000,000 Possible Partners: WSDOT TRAC, FHWA, BC MoT, Transport Canada, P.A.C.E.

13 Regional Travel Document Information New secure document requirements - 2008 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative Estimated Costs:$200,000 Possible Partners:WCOG, FHWA, DHS, P.A.C.E.

14 NEXUS Marketing 2006 Based on previous marketing efforts, this project will continue to promote NEXUS enrollment. Estimated Cost: $200,000 Possible Partners: WSDOT, Amtrak, US CBP, P.A.C.E.

15 Pacific Central Station Advanced Passenger Information System A pilot advanced passenger information system that meets the requirements of U.S. and Canadian security agencies. Estimated Cost: $750,000 Possible Partners:WSDOT, Amtrak, US CBP, P.A.C.E.

16 SR 539 Lynden/Aldergrove Truck Congestion Relief & Expedited Border & Security Clearance Two dedicated commercial vehicle lanes into the port-of-entry (POE) through Lynden/Aldergrove Truck staging area Widening of 2.5 miles of State Route 539 Estimated Cost: $20,000,000 Possible Partners: WSDOT, FHWA, P.A.C.E.

17 LEGAL ISSUES Trade in Services: · Temporary Professional Workers · Impact of H-1B Cap · After Sales Service Personnel · Intra-company transfers Executive / Managerial / Specialized knowledge

18 NEXUS FAST: ( Free and Secure Trade) Appeal Process Remote Enrollment Centers for FAST, SENTRI, and NEXUS ·

19 US-VISIT United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program (US VISIT) Section 110 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (P.L. 104-208) (IIRAIRA) Data Management Improvement Act of 2000 (DMIA) (P.L. 106-215) PATRIOT Act (P.L. 107-56) Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act (P.L. 107-173) Application to Canadian Citizens? Environmental Assessment

20 WHTI : ( Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative ) Passport / Alternate Secure Documents PACE Response to Proposed Rule Making

21 Pre-Clearance Act Review by House of Commons by March 1, 2007 Land Pre-Clearance Halifax by this fall Joint Facilities 2 nd Amtrak Train Guns?

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