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EUE-Net Meeting Amsterdam, October 20, 2008 Annemie Boonen, EuroPACE.

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1 EUE-Net Meeting Amsterdam, October 20, 2008 Annemie Boonen, EuroPACE

2 Guidelines for PPS in Europe Virtual Support Models for Transnational PPS Annemie Boonen, EuroPACE

3 Transnational Practical Placement of Students  Will become more common  Corresponds to further internationalisation Require international experience For Student-Enterprise-University  Slightly different modalities Ex. Not always sure that the student is a possible future employee  Adapt framework accordingly

4 Virtual Support  Definition - concepts/objectives/...  Different aspects & phases  Variety of technologies

5 Technologies  Variety of technologies Videoconference (ISDN/IP), Computer conferencing Social software tools, collaborative workspaces,...  Check availability and restrictions in E-U  Define code of conduct  Assure support and training for all involved  Chose in view of expected activities and outcomes

6 3 Phases for Virtual Support

7 Preparatory phase: Before PPS  Selection of students  Language training  Cultural integration (incl. enterprise culture)  First contact with enterprise. Meeting with colleagues/peers  Meeting E-U-S

8 Follow-up during PPS  Student can maintain contact with U Advice Continue study programme (courses, exams,...) Contacts with peers in U or E. Peer community, exchange experiences Electronic diary, weblog,...  Intermediate evaluation schedule Virtual meetings between E-U-S

9 Post PPS  Not as obvious as with some university programmes: ex. ‘Virtual Alumni’  Community of ‘trainees’/peers  Seminars, exchange of experiences, case studies, best practice  Student can maintain contact with E

10 A special case Virtual Student Placement

11  Definition: //Virtual mobility  Student remains in home country  Student ‘works’ from a distance using ICT  Only possible in certain specific cases Ex. E focused on distance work... Ex. E fully international working environment...  Requires openness to innovation  Define framework -> apply rules as for traditional PPS

12 Thanks!



15 EuroPACE ivzw  European non-profit assocation of universities, educational organisations and their networks  “Fostering collaboration in e-learning”

16 Interests & Activities  Innovation  New Educational Technologies  Virtual Mobility  Quality in e-learning expert advise, EC projects, networking, Training, publications, events

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