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Emerson Middle School Charter Proposal Becoming a Los Angeles Unified AFFILIATED Charter.

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1 Emerson Middle School Charter Proposal Becoming a Los Angeles Unified AFFILIATED Charter

2 Today’s Agenda  Welcome  Introduction to the charter process  Parent Perspectives – PACE  Academic program overview  Academy models and expectations  Building project update  Panel Discussion – Q&A  Please write your questions on index cards. Our panel will answer questions at the end of the presentation.

3 Charters in LAUSD  There are two types of charter schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) - Affiliated and Independent. Both must be approved by the school board.  Emerson has chosen the AFFILIATED model to:  Maintain Emerson as a neighborhood school  Strengthen the current feeder pattern (Saturn, Nora Sterry, Warner, Fairburn, Brockton, Roscomare, Westwood Charter)  Continue to serve the diverse population that is Emerson’s strength

4 Affiliated Charter  Funded and function similarly to traditional district schools. (e.g., Paul Revere, Westwood Charter)  Adhere to District policy  Define school’s philosophy, curriculum, personnel, assessment, and governance  Purchase services from the district  Teachers and staff continue to be members of the District’s collective bargaining units  More site-based freedom over budgeting and educational programming, professional development, and site specific policies  Receive free district facilities and the District continues to provide administrative support services

5 Independent Charter *Started as an affiliated charter in LAUSD.  Operates outside LAUSD but within California Educational Code  No organizational support from the District  Must provide their own administrative functions, including human resources, employee benefits, finance, payroll, accounting, and facilities (e.g., New L.A., New West, City Charter, *Palisades)

6 LAUSD Affiliated Charter Review Process  Six months minimum for approval  Lots of reviews leading to possible revisions

7 Why a Charter at Emerson?  Process for Emerson teachers and administration to do a self assessment and most effectively meet the academic and developmental needs of our students  Engage broader group of stakeholders (parents, staff, students, and community) in supporting their neighborhood school  Strengthen current feeder pattern of schools and give opportunities to other families through open enrollment  Highlight the “public” in public education

8 Parent Perspective Maureen Feldman, PACE

9 Who is PACE?  Partnership in Academics + Community at Emerson (PACE)  Emerson parent organization  Parents, teachers, students, administrators  Involved in school governance & enrichment  Fundraising  Examples of programs supported by PACE  Drama  Music  Speech & Debate  Off-campus field trips  Technology & supplies

10 PACE Involvement in Charter Process  Active participation in development meetings with teachers and administration  Positions on Charter governance council  Advisory councils from each feeder school  For more information go to  Updates on the Charter process will be given at upcoming PACE meetings  Next PACE meeting, May 21, 6:30 pm

11 Academic Model Terese McKinney, Assistant Principal

12 Academic Core  Academic core consists of (as defined by LAUSD):  Math  Science  Social Science  English  Elective  Physical Education  Curricular Focus  Writing across ALL content areas  Active Reading  Academic Conversation

13 Charter Focus  21 st Century Skills and Common Core Standards  Academies  Theme-based personal learning environments (PLE)  Communities of students that bond and share the same experiences  Teachers work together to nurture and mentor students while monitoring their academic and social-emotional growth  Students are exposed to unique experiences and challenged to think critically using the academy theme as a lens

14 Emerson Academies  Academy themes  Emerson Sports Academy (ESA) – established in 2009  Emerson Arts and Media Academy  Emerson Math and Science Academy  Students select academies  6 th graders will select after the first 10 weeks  Academy advisory periods  40-minute class period every day  Citizenship and social skills development  Study skills  Academy projects  Teacher mentorship

15 Emerson Sports Academy Promoting academic and athletic success for today’s student athlete Noriko Nakada, Teacher



18 ESA  Wooden’s Pyramid of Success  Use of Cornell notes  Accelerated Reader  2.5 GPA  Partnership with UCLA  Emotional and mental development  Nutrition education  Strength and conditioning activities  Student empowerment  Our students balance a rigorous academic and athletic program through:

19 ESA Activities  Jog-a-thon  UCLA adopt a classroom  UCLA field trips  Emerson Dodger game  Bruin for a day  Santa Barbara field trip  CAA Partnership  Team visits from high school and college athletes  ESA athletic tournaments  Intramural athletic tournaments  Visits from professional athletes  ESA achievement patches

20 ESA  ESA students maintain a portfolio, updated every five weeks that includes:  Goal setting  Analysis of physical and academic progress  High school and college inquiry  Community service

21 Parent Engagement  Parents are encouraged to participate to the fullest extent possible  Parents must attend one grade-level specific meeting during the school year  Parents must attend one ESA activity through volunteerism or donation during the school year  Parents are invited to attend workshops offered throughout the year

22 Arts and Media Academy Following your passion to an enriched future Kelly Graham, Teacher

23 Our Guiding Theme Cultivating an appreciation of artistic perspectives through a variety of experiences and media “Every artist was first an amateur.” ---Ralph Waldo Emerson

24 Our Vision and Mission  Nurture and develop talents  Increase experiences  Respect diversity of expression  Aesthetic valuing  Explore career opportunities “The world is but a canvass to our imagination.” ---Thoreau

25 Media Related Projects  Play production  Speech and debate  Photography  Video production  Graphic arts  Music/dance  Script writing  Emerson news show

26 Parent Engagement  Patrons of the arts  Guest speakers  Activity leaders  Classroom support and campus events  Professional experts  Public relations/publicity  Community partnerships  Mentoring

27 Science and Technology Academy “Nature and Space Explorers” Amber Popp, Teacher

28 What is Science Academy?  Extension and enhancement of the curriculum  A journey to discover the unknown  An adventure where the only equipment needed is your five senses  A place to wonder, ask questions and seek the answers “ All life is an experience. The more experiments you make the better” Ralph Waldo Emerson

29 Science and Technology Academy  What will kids do?  Experiment, explore, build, play, create, deconstruct, imagine, analyze, innovate and invent  Why are students doing this?  To promote imagination, curiosity, and play  Prepare students for the incredible trips to Yosemite National Park, the Channel Islands, and Physics trips to various Amusement Parks  Projects: Robotics, Rocket Building, Science Fair, Chemical Reactions, Build Models  Utilize Lessons from NASA Education Program

30 What Do We Need to Make It Happen?  Parent involvement and support  Fund Raising Events and donate supplies  Organize Field Trips  Guest Speakers/Presenters  Assist in Creating Community Contacts  Student Commitment  Be willing to execute and construct experiments  Passion for exploring the outdoors  Work cooperatively  UCLA Partnership

31 Science and Technology Academy

32 Campus Redevelopment Dimone Watson, Principal

33 LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Facilities Services Division C OMMUNITY M EETING – D ESIGN U PDATE for the Emerson Middle School Redevelopment Project Project Overview and Status Update April 30, 2013 Campus Redevelopment



36 Project Milestones Emerson Middle School Redevelopment Project Overview PROJECT SCOPE - Anticipated Construction Start Date Science Classroom Improvements – Complete Repurposed Art and Computer Classrooms – In Progress Reconfigured Staff Parking Lot – Summer, 2013 New Gymnasium – Winter, 2014 New Parent and Bus Drop-off – Summer, 2014 New Synthetic Field – Spring, 2015 PROJECT MILESTONES Design Complete:Fall, 2012 Agency Approval:Winter, 2013 Construction Start:Summer, 2013 Project Complete:Summer, 2015

37 Panel Discussion Q&A


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