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Fume Extraction Systems by. Why Fume Extraction?  Health & safety of employees vital  Fume Extraction Systems are a viable & cost effective method for.

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1 Fume Extraction Systems by

2 Why Fume Extraction?  Health & safety of employees vital  Fume Extraction Systems are a viable & cost effective method for reducing exposure to harmful contaminants, particulates & gases

3 Work Environment Concerns Soldering Fluxes Cleaning Agents Conformal Coatings Cyanoacrylates (Superglue)

4 Soldering Fume & Lead Poisoning  Lead not the problem  Tin/Lead solder does not create respirable fume unless temp well over 1000 O F!  Lead poisoning caused mainly by ingestion: –Eating without washing hands after soldering –Smoking cigarettes after handling solder

5 The Culprit: Soldering Flux/Colophony  Soldering flux fume generates Colophony  Colophony health effects studied 30+ years, a demonstrated health hazard  Legislated in many countries

6 Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Study  1995 Landmark study (UK Government sponsored)  Extensive investigation of flux fume  HSE Conclusions: –Solder fume resin acids and formaldehyde are sensitizers –Sensitizer: substance that can trigger an allergic reaction at any level –Cause of Occupational Asthma

7 Sensitizing Agents: Other Research  AIHA Studies Dec ‘97, Dec ‘98 & Apr ‘99  Resin acid a major component in Colophony  Resin acid –Constituents clearly associated with dermal and pulmonary sensitization –Particles are respirable size (sub-micron)

8 Size Particle Categories of Risk  Inhalable Fraction –10 microns + –Pollens  Thoracic Fraction –3.5-10 microns –Coal dust  Respirable Fraction –Less than 3.5 microns –Bacteria, cigarette smoke, flux fume

9 USA Occupational Health Regulations  Respirable particles –Regulated at 3 mg/M 3 –Same size as cigarette smoke

10 Particulate Inhalation Ranges

11 What Occurs When Fume Enters Lungs?  Particulate penetrates alveolar regions of the lung  Resin acids attach and remain undissolved (resin acid has low water solubility)

12 What Occurs When Fume Enters Lungs?  Lung macrophages (tissue cells that protect from noxious substances) ingest the particles  Interaction between resin acids & macrophages play significant role in pulmonary sensitization and induction of asthma

13 Controlling Exposure  Administrative Controls –Job Rotation –Limiting time involved in certain activities –Reduce work time –These options not feasible  Engineering Controls more common

14 Source Controls Source Controls Intercept Path to Receiver Intercept Path to Receiver Personal Protection Personal Protection Engineering Controls  Change or eliminate source – not practical  Personal Protection –Respirators, gas mask, filter masks –Bulky, employee acceptance extremely low  Preferred Method: intercept path from source to receiver with local exhaust system

15 Benefits of Local Exhaust Systems  Minimal disruption to worker  Hazardous particulates pulled away before reaching worker’s breathing zone  Secondary contamination affecting nearby workers removed  Filtered air safely recirculated into work environment, not exhausted to outside  Compact, self-contained & portable  Lower cost

16 Idealized Central Filtration System Intake Duct Filter Condition Gauge Pre-Filter HEPA Filter Activated Carbon Filter Vacuum Pump

17 3- Stage Filtration  Pre-Filter  Removes large, coarse particles, prevents clogging  HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter  Removes the micro particles  Can filter 99.997% to 0.3 & 95% to 0.001 micron  Activated Carbon Filter - removes odors and gases

18 Arm-Evac 105 Central Filtration Unit  Best protection from harmful fumes, at an affordable cost 1 or 2 workstations  Portable and compact - can easily be placed on or under a workbench  Brushless motor  Housing made of heavy duty, 20 gauge steel

19 Arm-Evac 200 Central Filtration Unit  High volume air flow  Compact/self contained  Fits under any bench  1 or 2 workstations  Heavy duty brushless motor  Includes pre-filter & combo filter  Optional Silencer/Cart

20 Arm-Evac 250 Central Filtration Unit 3-Position Speed adjustment Multi-color LED Filter Condition Monitor w/ Audible Alarm Optional Benchtop Controller Intelligent Pump

21 Arm-Evac 500 Central Filtration Unit  Serves 2-6 workstations  Compact: Fits easily under workbenches  High airflow motor pump  Easy-to-read graphical LED filter condition monitor  Self calibrates  Audible alarm when a filter change-out is required.

22 Arm-Evac 50 Bench Top Extractor  Provides wide area fume extraction  Highly efficient source capture at 2 points using the optional arm attachment  Operator adjustable airflow  Quiet operation  Wide variety of filters

23 Fume Extraction Accessories

24 ESD-Safe Flex Arms  Flex Arms attach directly to Arm-Evac  Bench mounting kit comes with bracket and 8’ of 3” flex hose  Flex Arm Kit comes with Arm & Bench Mounting Kit

25 Metal Flex Arm  1.75” Diameter Arms  High quality stainless steel  Easily removed from flange & easily slips back in place  Air volume controlled by integral locking quadrant flow controller (optional for 1.75” Arm)

26 Metal Plenum  Provides Wide Area Fume Extraction  Provides Shelf so no bench space is lost  Comes with 8’ of 3” Flex Hose

27 FumeFlo Work Table  Acts as Downdraft Table or Plenum (using laminar-flow)  Attaches to any Arm- Evac 105, 200, 250 & 500  ESD-safe

28 Filter Options  General Purpose Filter Cartridge  For soldering applications  Standard – comes with 105, 200 & 250  Combines High Efficiency Particle Filtration with Gas Adsorption

29 Other Filter Options  Adhesive Filter for conformal coating, adhesive, gluing or board cleaning operations  Clean Room Filter for controlled environments  Economy Filter for grinding and sanding operations  High Capacity Filter for heavier volumes of fumes


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