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Edu 560 Session #4 May 15, 2013

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1 Edu 560 Session #4 May 15, 2013

2 Welcome Back! O Today’s Agenda: Check in PLN additional resources Mickey’s Tech in Ed Presentation Social Bookmarking Tech Tac Toe explained/explored Web 2.0 Cool Tool: Quizlet

3 Check In O Checking in: how are things? O Anything Nicole needs to know? O How are the educational philosophies coming?

4 PLN Additional Resources O Margaret Johnson’s PLN page: resources.html resources.html O

5 Tech in Ed Presentation O Mickey: Memes Questions? Comments? Feedback?

6 Memes in Culture: Grumpy Cat

7 Memes in Education

8 Tech in Ed Presentation Topic

9 Tech in Ed Presentation O Social Media need-to-know-about-for-2013 Up & Coming: small-bussinesses/

10 Social Bookmarking

11 Social Bookmarking

12 Al Rowell, February 2011

13 Social Bookmarking O Diigo Activity O Sign up for a free account O Join our class group O Add 2 (or more) links to your favorite websites. One can be educational, one can be personal

14 Additional Social Bookmarking /Curation Sites curation-tools-for-personal-professional-use-3922

15 Symbaloo (introduction video) Pages are called “webmixes” Save sites, videos, articles, etc. Make as the homepage in lab!

16 Break!

17 Tech Tac Toe Tools O Tech, Tac, Toe Tools – 9 points – due June 10 (presented in class same day) O The purpose of this assignment is for candidates to demonstrate their skills related to the use and integration of technology and their respective grade levels and areas of certification by creating three technology activities using Web 2.0 tools. These tools will be submitted through candidates’ websites. Each tool also requires a blog entry explaining your lesson, your opinion/recommendation of the tool and the example itself imbedded. O *Candidate Choice must be approved by Instructor prior to start

18 Tech Tac Toe Tools O Requirements: 1. Create a sample of the technology tool you have chosen. For example if you were showing “BibMe” you would create a sample bibliography. If you were showing “Prezi” you would create a sample Prezi. 2. Add a link to your sample (embed the sample) on your professional website. You may choose to have all three samples together on one page of the website or give each tool their own page 3. Create a separate blog post for each tech tool (a total of 3 blog posts). Give some background on what your sample is showing us. Reflect on the tool: was it easy to learn and use? Can you see it helping with student instruction? Would you use it in your classroom? Embed or place a link to your sample for us to see. Remember: the best blog posts should be written for total strangers! O Example: module-4-sceencast-o-matic.html module-4-sceencast-o-matic.html

19 QR Code Lesson To Introduce and kick off a unit of instruction : O O QR Code Treasure Hunt: O Lessons for students: O O Everything QR related: O

20 Blabberize Send a message from an animal: Write a report on a person: Leave a message for students:

21 Wordle Word clouds Visual representations Words that are written multiple times appear larger than others Student examples: 2012.html Ways to use:

22 Wordle

23 Voicethread Voicethread is a multimedia slideshow that allows users to comment on each slide Slides can contain images, documents, or videos Visitors can comment in 5 different ways: microphone, telephone, text, audio, and webcam. Visitors can also “doodle” as they comment Embed right into your blog, or several other locations Export (for a fee) to mp3 or dvd Can be private or public Anyone can sign up for a free account and make 5 Voicethreads. Educators can apply for an educator account and make up to 50 Voicethreads. Classroom accounts available for a fee

24 Voicethread O Nicole’s Example: O Ideas for using Voicethread

25 Glogster Glogster is an interactive poster site. There are regular and education accounts available Students can add music, videos, links to websites, and images to existing templates Glogs can be embedded into sites or published to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Tumblr Use with Students: All About Me Glog A unit summary glog tac-toe.html tac-toe.html!project- 3/c1owd!project- 3/c1owd

26 Screencasts O Screencasts are videos that give directions. In most instances they involve capturing (recording with audio) your computer screen. O For example, if you wanted to teach students how to post a blog comment to your blog you could create a screencast demonstrating how and post it for them to view on their own O Why Screencasts? Helps visual learners You can embed these in blogs and wikis so students can view at their leisure Acts as a “rewind” for students that need to see something multiple times to grasp the concept Provides step by step instructions Screencasts can be linked to or saved as videos

27 Screencasts Jing is a download. A small “sun” sits in the corner of your computer screen ready for use at anytime Used also for screenshots 5 minutes recording max. 15 minute recording time Free hosting, or export as movie Record from your webcam Examples: This is an example of a screencast explaining a website I made. I used it in my TIE portfolio: This example tells my students how to post to our school blog: http://screencast-o- http://screencast-o-

28 Yodio Use with Students: Add voice to a slide show by calling in your audio from your phone! Nicole’s example of how to use Yodio: Book reports All About Me Record audio while on a field trip Here’s an example of a social studies teacher explaining how to use the tool and then showing them a useful website: 5GvsmJg2yIaK 5GvsmJg2yIaK

29 ThingLink

30 Your Choice* *MUST be approved first! Fakebook Create a Meme!

31 Web 2.0 Cool Tool: Quizlet O O Online flash card service

32 Due by Sunday @ Midnight O Educational Philosophy due on website O How to be a Social Climber (wiki “readings”) O teachers-must-have/ teachers-must-have/ O tech-skills-every-student-should.html tech-skills-every-student-should.html

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