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#ENDviolence #ItStartsWithMe. Violence against Children Violence against children occurs every day, everywhere. – Slaps of an upset parent to control.

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1 #ENDviolence #ItStartsWithMe

2 Violence against Children Violence against children occurs every day, everywhere. – Slaps of an upset parent to control an ‘unruly’ child – Sexual victimization by a family member or a known person – Bullying of one child by another in the school yard – Emotional degradation of a child bride by her spouse

3 1 in 5 adolescent girls in India have experienced physical violence since age 15. 4.5% of girls (15-19) suffered some form of sexual violence. 1 in 3 adolescent girls (15- 19) married or in union have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence by their husband or partner. Violence against Children

4 Starting on 22 September and ending on 20 October. – Facebook posts: Infogrpahics, ABCs on violence, etc. – Twitter activity – Vine videos – PSAs – Song: Baap Waali Baat – App – Microsite The Campaign

5 No violence against children is justifiable. Whether accepted as tradition or disguised as discipline, it is unacceptable and has to end.

6 Across the world, around 6 in 10 children aged 2-14 are subjected to physical punishment by their caregivers every year. About 1 in 10 girls have suffered some form of sexual violence. #ENDviolence Source: "Hidden in Plain Sight: A Statistical Analysis of Violence Against Children," UNICEF 2014.

7 Words can scar deeper than wounds. You don’t have to physically hit a child to hurt.

8 According to the National Crime Reports Bureau (NCRB), 12,363 cases of child rape were reported in the country in 2013. Many more cases go unreported.

9 Physical abuse is no way to discipline a child, at home, at the school or institutional care. It infringes the child's self-worth and dignity.

10 The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 makes it illegal for girls to marry under 18 years and for boys under 21 years. Help spread the word! -- Child marriage is a punishable offence with a fine up to INR100,000, or up to two years of imprisonment, or both. It is a non-cognizable and non-bailable offence. -- Child marriage can be made void by the child but within two years of becoming an adult. #ENDviolence

11 #ItStartsWithMe

12 App

13 #ItStartsWithMe Violence isn’t always visible. Report abuse if you see it. Speak up, speak out! #EndViolence, because #ItStartsWithMe! Child sexual abuse is mostly perpetrated by someone known to the child. #ENDViolence, because #ItStartsWithMe! Child abuse can happen anywhere, even at your home. #EndViolence. Spread the message because #ItStartsWithMe. A child is often too scared to report abuse. You mustn’t! End the silence, #EndViolence! Because #ItStartsWithMe. Words scar your child deeper than wounds. #EndViolence against children. #ItStartsWithMe! Every child deserves a life free from violence and fear. #EndViolence, because #ItStartsWithMe! RT to support the campaign!

14 Violence against children is unacceptable. I support UNICEF’s #EndViolence campaign. Because #ItStartsWithMe! Every child deserves a happy childhood. I am against violence on children. #EndViolence, because #ItStartsWithMe! I wear the #ItStartsWithMe badge to support ending all forms of violence against children. Go support UNICEF’s #EndViolence campaign! I am supporting the #EndViolence against children campaign. Wear the #ItStartsWithMe badge and let’s fight violence against children. #ItStartsWithMe – 22 September

15 #ItStartsWithMe 25 September: Celebrity Support Video Launch – This will mark the launch of the #ENDviolence campaign and the ‘Sport your Support’ badge app. Kareena Kapoor, Virendra Sehwag, Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar, among others, are coming on board for the cause.

16 #ItStartsWithMe 10 October: One day before the International Day of the Girl Child, the importance of girl child will be highlighted via a song launch. The song has been created to empower people to educate their daughters and end violence against children including child marriage.

17 Baap Waali Baat The song is one of hope, of a good father, a positive role model and talks about how if you don’t get your daughter married off before she is marriageable age and let her study, then ‘yeh hui na Baap Waali Baat!’ The objective is to challenge people’s thinking about issues like violence against girls, protection of girls’ rights, their dignity and safety in the community and to evoke a sense of pride amongst men who stand up for the dignity and equal rights of girls in their local area.

18 Some Conversation Points on 11 October Child brides aren’t just a rural problem. Look closer! It could be happening to someone you know. #EndViolence because #ItStartsWithMe. Child marriage is illegal and punishable under Indian law. Spread the message. #EndViolence because #ItStartsWithMe. Every girl deserves the right to education and a dignified life. Say No to child brides! #EndViolence because #ItStartsWithMe. 1 out of 2 girls is forced to marry before her 18 birthday! #EndViolence, because #ItStartsWithMe.

19 What can you do to help? Sport the #ItStartsWithMe badge: You sporting the badge will have a positive impact on your readers and followers urging them to do the same. Talk, write, tweet or post to mobilize support: Spread the message amongst your readers to support the cause. Urge them to engage with the app and sport the badge of support. To promote this, we’d like you to talk about violence against children on your blog and social accounts while mentioning the #ENDviolence campaign. Spread the key messages on crucial campaign dates: The campaign is slated to launch on 22 September 2014. It would be of immense help if you help us boost messaging on social media throughout the campaign.


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