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Internet Service Providers Association Year In Review Sep 2005  Sep 2006.

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1 Internet Service Providers Association Year In Review Sep 2005  Sep 2006

2 Changes Procedural –To smooth the AGM and speed election process: w.e.f last AGM, membership elects Management Committee members; Mancom elect the Treasurer and Chair(s) from within Mancom. Structural –To promote efficiency in day-to-day activities: w.e.f. April 2006, structure of ISPA changed. Four formal committees converted into 11 focused working groups Management Masedi Molosiwa ceased involvement (Jan 2006) Tebogo Khaas resigned (Feb 2006)

3 Structural Changes Pre-April 2006 –Committees Management Membership Regulatory Social Development Technical April 2006 onwards –Committees Management –Working groups Code of Conduct Events Fair Competition Finance JINX Operations Membership Operator Liaison Partnerships Public Relations Regulatory Submissions Teachers Training

4 Code of Conduct Participants –Ant Brooks, Jenny King, Stewart McIntosh, Bretton Vine, William Stucke, Elaine Zinn –No chair at present Purpose –Maintain ISPA's Code of Conduct and the complaints process Activities –Undertake periodic reviews of the Code of Conduct and associated processes –Provide support to the Code of Conduct compliance officer –Assist ISPA's members in becoming compliant with the Code of Conduct –Provide feedback to ISPA members on the operation of the Code of Conduct Budgetary requirements –Remuneration of independent panellists

5 Code of Conduct - Stats Complaints – 46 –Against Members – 41 –Against Non-members - 5 Status –Resolved – 34 –Partially Resolved - 4 (Complaint closed but either party unhappy) –Procedurally Incorrect - 3 –Deferred (dropped) - 3 (Complainant not contactable, or moved out of country) –Open (new) - 2 Appeals - 3

6 Events Participants –Elaine Zinn (Chair), Alan Levin, Ant Brooks, Jacqui Deale, Johan Lubbe, Rob Hunter, Theo Kramer, Tinka Saunders, Peter Lockhart, Jacques Pietersen, William Stucke, Bretton Vine Purpose –to develop and execute ISPA events, including iWeek Activities –Planning and organising the annual iWeek conference –Planning and organising other ISPA events Budgetary requirements –Event costs Events held –Interception workshop (2 March 2006) –ECA workshop (15 August 2006) –Code of Conduct workshop (7 September 2006) –iWeek 2006 (4-7 September 2006)

7 Fair Competition Participants –Ant Brooks, Edwin Thompson, Lynne Orrock, Marc Furman (chair), Richard Heath, Rob Hunter, others? Purpose –Ensure that ISPA makes optimal use of all available channels to promote fair competition in the Internet access market Activities –Managing any existing or new complaints lodged with regulatory or competition authorities –Working with legal advisors to determine a sound pro-competition strategy Budgetary requirements –Legal fees –(possible requirement for assistance from ISPA's regulatory advisors in drafting other complaints) Issues –Telkom / BCX merger CC case –SAVA/ISPA CC case

8 Fair Competition - Report SAVA/ISPA Competition Commission Complaint –No change in status –Remains at High Court subject to jurisdictional and related disputes which Telkom raised against the CC Telkom/BCX merger CC complaint (main focus) –Lodged end of 2005 –Various follow-up meetings with CC since –CC has also taken various objections from parties other than ISPA –Commission currently investigating and considering the economic and competition implications of the proposed merger –ISPA continues to supplement the complaint with additional evidence of Telkom’s abuse of its dominance –ISPA believes it has a strong case for the imposition, at least, of several restrictions on a post-merger Telkom which would serve the benefit the industry –CC’s decision anticipated this year or early next after which matter passed to the Competition Tribunal

9 Finance Participants –Closed group selected by Management Committee Purpose –Develop budgets for ISPA activities

10 Membership Purpose –Maintain and grow ISPA's membership and keep members informed of ISPA's activities Activities –Not identified yet Budgetary requirements –Not calculated yet Statistics –Membership increased from 95 to 119 (25%) since iWeek 2005. –Almost all new members in the small category –Growth of 25% better than 2004  2005 (12%) but less than 2003  2004 (37%)

11 Operators Liaison Purpose –Engage with Telkom (and other operators) to ensure that members are provided with fair and reasonably priced services Activities –Identifying the responsible Telkom executive for ISP issues –Meeting regularly with the relevant Telkom executive to monitor issues raised by members –Assisting ISPA members in escalating Telkom-related problems to the relevant person at Telkom Budgetary requirements –None Current –Letter sent to the CEO of Telkom requesting the details of the responsible executive and the setting up of the initial meeting – no response yet. Future –Building relationship with the SNO –Building relationship with the Mobile Operators (e.g. Looking at common interests regarding interception legislation) –Looking at the relationship with the City of Johannesburg and other councils

12 Partnerships Purpose –Forge and maintain partnerships with other organisations. Activities –? Budgetary requirements –? Report –As the initial meeting for this working group has not yet been held, no activities have been identified nor have budgetary requirements been calculated.

13 Public Relations Participants –Ant Brooks, Edwin Thompson, Elaine Zinn, Greg Massel (chair), Ivan Booth (Reliable Sources), Marc Furman, Michael Silber, Richard Heath, Tanisha Ramshai (Reliable Sources), William Stucke Purpose –Manage ISPA's presence in the media Activities –Developing regular, relevant press releases on ISPA activities –Monitoring current industry developments and perceptions, and responding accordingly –Responding to queries from the media –Ensuring that an archive of ISPA press articles is maintained on the web site Budgetary requirements –Reliable Sources retainer –Occasional costs for photography for events

14 Public Relations – Press Releases 22.08.2006: Positive Aspects of ADSL Regulations overshadowed by fundamental flawsPositive Aspects of ADSL Regulations overshadowed by fundamental flaws 20.07.2006: DoC Secures iWeek SponsorshipDoC Secures iWeek Sponsorship 03.07.2006: ISPA Adds Voice To Interception ObjectionsISPA Adds Voice To Interception Objections 20.06.2006: iWeek Conference Boosts Exhibition SpaceiWeek Conference Boosts Exhibition Space 12.06.2006: Internet Solutions Chosen For JINX HostingInternet Solutions Chosen For JINX Hosting 06.06.2006: ISPA’s 10 Years Of Internet ActivismISPA’s 10 Years Of Internet Activism 06.06.2006: ISPA 10th Birthday 6 June 2006ISPA 10th Birthday 6 June 2006 24.05.2006: ISPA Wants Fairer Access To ADSL To Offer Consumers Greater ChoiceISPA Wants Fairer Access To ADSL To Offer Consumers Greater Choice 29.03.2006: TELKOM BID FOR BCX ANOTHER RAW DEAL FOR CONSUMERS 10.03.2006: FREE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE (FOSS) TO BOOST COMPUTER LITERACY AMONGST TEACHERS 02.02.2006: ISPA SCRAPS SOME EQUIVALENT LINE CHARGES, CALLS FOR JINX HOSTING PRPOPOSALS 13.12.2005: ISPA Lodges Complaint With Competition CommissionISPA Lodges Complaint With Competition Commission

15 Regulatory Submissions Participants –Ant Brooks, Marlon Cohen, Jenny De Klerk, Laurie Fialkov, Richard Heath (chair), Marc Furman, Lynne Orrock, Mike Silber Purpose –Ensure that ISPA provides relevant input into legislative and regulatory processes Activities –Identifying legislative processes that require ISPA input –Drafting written submissions –Soliciting input from ISPA's members on draft submissions –Submitting written submissions timeously –Providing oral submissions where necessary –Preparing member advisories on key issues –Providing report-backs on the impact of ISPA's submissions Budgetary requirements –Remuneration of regulatory advisors

16 Teachers Training Purpose –Provide computer and Internet training to teachers Report –2005 September vacation 90 teachers received training –2006 Easter vacation, 92 teachers received training –2006 June vacation 62 teachers received training –Since the inception of the initiative during December 2001 to date, 966 teachers have been successfully trained:- Beginners courses – 791 teachers Intermediate – 175 teachers –During the September 2006 vacation a further 60 teachers will be trained.

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