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K-PREP Grades 3-8, 10 & 11 Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 1.

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1 K-PREP Grades 3-8, 10 & 11 Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 1

2 BEFORE TESTING Training Receiving Inventory Distribution KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 2

3 K-PREP Resources DAC/BAC Manuals Test Administrator Manuals/Scripts KDE Website Items/Times Chart Approved Resources List KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 3

4 Receiving Materials Regular and accommodated test materials will arrive in the district by March 30, April 13 or 27. Test materials arrive in the district packaged by school. The pre-printed student response booklets (SRBs) will be sorted by grade in ascending alphabetical order. Test materials will include an overage: – School will receive 5% – District will receive 3% KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 4

5 Accommodated Materials Braille Large- Print Audio CD Text Reader -online KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 5

6 Inventory Materials Inventory materials as soon as possible upon receipt. Keep original boxes. Original boxes will be used to return test materials. Request additional materials if needed. Check district and school overage before placing an additional order. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 6 Note: Do not exchange test materials between schools in or out of the district in lieu of ordering additional materials.

7 Test Book Security Barcode Each test booklet has a unique security barcode, located in the upper right corner of the back cover of the test booklet. Using this barcode, test booklets are assigned to specific districts/schools. This provides an accurate means of tracking secure test booklets that are shipped to and returned from the school. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 7

8 Requesting Additional Materials PearsonAccess Online orders must be submitted and approved prior to 1:30 p.m. ET to be included in that day’s shipment. Requests for additional test materials can be made through June 3. Only one order per school, per grade can be processed in a single day. Request additional return shipping materials for a school through June 10. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 8

9 PearsonAccess PearsonAccess is used to: View student enrollment counts for K-PREP Note: No edits can be made to the counts. If a discrepancy of 15-20% or more is found, contact KDE at Choose shipping options Order additional testing and shipping materials Order accommodated materials Update district/school profiles (shipping addresses, etc.) KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 9

10 DAC Materials Distribution Distribution of materials should allow time for BACs to inventory and prepare for teacher distribution. Test booklets housed in the BAC’s designated area can be single or double locked. Test booklets housed in classrooms must be double locked. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 10

11 BAC Materials Distribution Shrink-wrapped packs can be split between classrooms, but the order of the test booklets should not be changed. Test booklets should not be distributed to test administrators until the first day of testing. Ensure that each teacher receives adequate numbers of test booklets and the appropriate pre- printed SRBs. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 11

12 Reminders for Teachers Teachers should be strongly encouraged to follow TAM directions about entering the student’s name on test booklets. Teachers should verify that each student receives his/her own test booklet and SRB for each testing session. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 12

13 Test Book Replacement Assign a new test book. There is only one form for 2015. The original test book should not be returned if damaged with bodily fluids. Contact Pearson to give school name, grade and security barcode. Then destroy according to local OSHA requirements. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 13

14 Test Booklet Students may: underline lightly in pencil use blank color overlays use blank writing or graph paper, except for on- demand writing KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 14

15 Student Response Booklet Correct pre-printed SRB – Use SRB as is. Incorrect pre-printed SRB – Void the SRB. – Assign a new SRB following gridding instruction in the script portion of the TAM. – Enter correct information into IC. No pre-printed SRB – Follow gridding instruction in the script portion of the TAM. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 15

16 Pre-Printed Demographics Pre-Printed Demographic Information This is how the demographic information will look on the pre- printed Student Response Booklet. K-PREP Pre-Printed Demographics SSID Gender Date of Birth District/ School Code KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 16

17 Student Response Booklet Do not assign a pre-printed SRB to another student. Do not use mechanical or liquid pencils. (Only regular #2 pencils are to be used.) Do not use highlighters. Do not use ink pens. Do not use staples or glue. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 17

18 SRB Replacement Grid all information including name, room number, etc. Transcribe answers into new SRB. The new serial number from the front of the SRB may be annotated into SDRR, but it is not mandatory. Securely destroy original SRB. SRBs soiled by bodily fluids should not be returned. Destroy the SRBs according to OSHA requirements. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 18

19 Mark the appropriate accommodation type. Student Response Booklet KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 19

20 Room Number Bubble on the SRB indicating the room where each student takes the test. Zeros need to be entered for any blank space for a room number. If the room number is 9, the student will enter 0009. If a classroom does not have a number assigned the school will need to assign one. Letters can not be entered for a room number. 9= 0009 19= 0019 190= 0190 KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 20

21 Seating Charts Seating charts are required for both individual and group testing. The room location must be recorded on the SRB. A single chart can be used for multiple sessions; if seating arrangement and room location do not change, mark the date for each session. Templates are available in TAMs and on the KDE website. A customized form may be created to reflect the room arrangement. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 21

22 Do not remove from SRB. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 22

23 DURING TESTING Test Materials Scheduling KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 23

24 Collecting Secure Materials The test administrator is responsible for collecting and verifying that all secure materials are accounted for after the testing session ends. Test books and SRBs are to be counted or names matched for every student before anyone leaves the testing room to ensure that no materials are left unsecured. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 24

25 Reminders to Students Administration Code rules around use of electronic devices should be reviewed with students. Social media of all types: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. and e-mail are not secure and can lead to disciplinary issues. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 25

26 2015 Testing Times and Items Chart KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 26

27 Test Booklet Resources Extended Response and Short-Answer Scoring Guides (grades 3-8) On-Demand Writing Scoring Criteria (grades 5, 6, 8, 10 & 11) On-Demand Pre-Writing Area (grades 5, 6, 8, 10 & 11) KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 27 No scratch paper for ODW

28 Test Material Resources Remind teachers to distribute the additional resources for the appropriate test sessions according to directions in the TAMs. – Mathematics Reference Sheets – Writer’s Reference Sheets – Rulers – Calculators – Protractors or Angle Rulers (provided by the school) KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 28

29 Rulers Rulers are provided by Pearson and are included in the test materials shipment. These rulers must be used for testing. The rulers may not be modified. The rulers may be kept and used after testing is completed. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 29 Protractors or Angle Rulers are to be available for grades 4 and 7. These are NOT provided by Pearson.

30 Unapproved Resource Materials Cell phones, Smart phones Ink Pens Highlighters Electronic Devices Items with Internet accessibility Graphic Organizers KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 30

31 Calculator Use Policy for State Testing Follow the KDE calculator policy. The revised written policy available on KDE website and in manuals. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 31

32 Who Takes the K-PREP? Required to Test Students in grades 3-8 and 10-11, including those with disabilities Students who are retained Students who move within the state during testing Students with a minor medical emergency EL students in their first year are required to attempt mathematics (4 multiple choice) and science (4 multiple choice or 1 constructed response). EL students in their second year and later participate in all content areas. Not Required to Test Students in the Alternate K- PREP Student’s skipped grade Foreign Exchange students Students enrolled at Job Corp centers Students with medical or extraordinary circumstance non-participation requests Students expelled without services KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 32

33 K-PREP Scheduling Testing is to be 5 consecutive instructional days during the last 14 instructional days of the district calendar. The 5 days are to be done by school level (elementary, middle, high), not by separate grade levels. Any day a regular test session is scheduled is considered one of the 5 testing days even if only one session is done on that day. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 33

34 K-PREP Scheduling All students in a grade/school must take each part of the test at the same time. Each part is to be given as a separate session with a break in between. Allow for breaks when developing schedule. Breaks may be short (i.e., stand and stretch) or long (i.e. lunch) with appropriate monitoring. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 34

35 K-PREP Scheduling Extended time is allowed only for students with IEPs, 504s or PSPs specifying extended time. Make arrangements for the extended time in a manner that allows other students to go back to instructional activities. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 35 At the end of the school day, students with regular and extended time need to have finished the same parts of the test.

36 Make-up Schedule Make-up sessions can be done during the 5-day window or during the 4 days after the window ends while test materials are prepared for shipping. It is recommended to schedule a make-up session as soon as is reasonably possible after the missed test session. Seating charts are required for make-up sessions. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 36

37 AFTER TESTING Rosters Non-participation Return Shipping After Testing KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 37

38 K-PREP Rosters The Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application is used to collect K-PREP student rosters, non-participation requests and data review. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 38

39 Non-participation/Emergency Medical Non-participation— too fragile to test – Recent illness or accident – Undergoing chemotherapy Extraordinary Circumstance Non-participation – Recent traumatic experience – Protective custody Medical Emergency—can test with accommodations – Broken eye glasses – Recent surgery on writing hand KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 39

40 Medical Non-participation Cannot be filed based solely on handicapping condition – A chronic condition with acute changes relative to the testing window is appropriate for filing a request. – Homebound instruction is not a basis for filing a request. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 40

41 Medical Non-participation KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 41 Why can this student not be assessed, if receiving homebound services? Recent complications around the student’s diagnosis have required medication changes and multiple hospitalizations. Student will be hospitalized during entire testing window. Ø Student diagnosed with severe kidney disease. Treatment course requires heavy medications. Student routinely receives homebound instruction. It is not in the student’s best interest to test at this time.

42 Extraordinary Circumstance Non-participation Used for situations that don’t fall under medical or emergency Examples: – Traveling out-of-state due to death of family member – Sole caregiver for parent KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 42

43 Non-participation/Emergency Filing Medical and Extraordinary Circumstance Non- participation forms are to be completed on paper and requested in SDRR. Medical Emergencies are to be completed on paper and kept on file in the district. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 43

44 Return Shipping The following items should not be returned to Pearson: – DAC/BAC Manual for K-PREP – School Test Materials Security Checklist (keep a copy on file at the school and send the original to the DAC to keep on file for 12 months) – Test Administrator’s Manuals/Scripts – Unused School ID Header Sheets – Extra Paper Bands – Reference Sheets KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 44 Unused SRBs (must be securely destroyed) Used Scratch Paper—lined or graph (must be securely destroyed)

45 Voided SRBs Possible reasons: – incorrect pre-id information – damaged or soiled – original to be replaced All voided SRBs should be destroyed by following the directions in the DAC/BAC Manual and TAMs. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 45

46 Return Shipping Header Sheet KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 46

47 Packing Scorable Materials KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 47

48 Packing Nonscorable Materials KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 48

49 Packing DAC Overage Note: You should not have any used district materials in this box. Any used district overage test materials must be returned by the school that used them in the school return shipment and accounted for on the school test materials packing list. Place all unused test booklets in the box. Once all boxes are returned to the district, mark boxes accordingly. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 49

50 District/School Scorable Box Label KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 50

51 District/School Nonscorable Box Label KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 51

52 UPS Scorable Return Label Things to note on Scorable Labels: Scorable labels have the word “Scorable” in the name. Address: Scorable materials have a Cedar Rapids address. Shipping Method: Scorable materials ship Next Day Air. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 52

53 UPS Nonscorable Label Things to note on Nonscorable Labels: Nonscorable labels have the word “Nonscorable” in the name. Address: Nonscorable materials have a Cedar Rapids address. Shipping Method: Nonscorable materials ship Ground. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 53

54 UPS Pick Up Dates UPS is the carrier Scorable 7 calendar days after the five day testing window closes Nonscorable 9 calendar days after the five day testing window closes Please note: Contact UPS to arrange pickup of test materials after the last district window. KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 54

55 Pearson Customer Service Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET Contact Number: 888-437-1430 E-mail Address: KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 55

56 Division of Support and Research Rhonda Sims, Director Joy Barr, Program Consultant Kathy Moore, Program Consultant Kevin O’Hair, Program Consultant Pam Powers, Systems Consultant IT Cindy Warren, Program Consultant Chris Williams, Program Consultant Teresa King, Support Staff Maranda Perkins, Support Staff KDE:OAA:DSR: 2/5/2015 56 (502) 564-4394

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