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Ghost child Joseph Nhlapo.

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1 Ghost child Joseph Nhlapo

2 Title Ghost Child We think this poem is about a child who dies of sickness or war. Maybe even murder.

3 Paraphrase This poem is about a person who’s going through a dramatic time in life. They’re obviously hurting because they can’t be the person they were before whether the pain is physical, emotional or both. In the end of the poem he’s asking God to take him away from all his pain. We translate that to him feeling rejected and unimportant.

4 connotation Simile: I shout, shout and scream for my blood to spring once again like rivers in the summer. We think that it means he wants his life to be like it was before. In the poem the poet yells “nkosi yami! Mdali wami ungishiyelani manje”, which means…God! God! Why forsake me am I still your child? It also says “Will you unwrap this red ribbon from me. Red ribbon symbolizes AIDS.

5 Attitude The speaker and the poet is the same person because the poem is told from the first person. We think that the speaker is sad and depressed about what they’re going through and what they are deprived of.

6 Shift There wasn’t a shift in this poem. We think this because the whole poem is talking about how sad and weak he is. He wasn’t happy through the whole poem.

7 Title (again!) We think that the title tells about the pain a person is feeling and they’re suffering so badly that they call themselves a child (meaning a child of god). They feel small and weak.

8 Theme We think the theme of the story is someone being hurt so bad and they can’t escape from it they even question GOD asking “why me”.

9 Holla!!!!!!!!!! The END!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwww snap!
This has been a da’vine mimi and kjersta production. Holla!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwww snap!

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