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Kudzu ( Pueraria lobata)

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1 Kudzu ( Pueraria lobata)
Kingdom Phylum Class Plantae Magnoliophyla Magnoliopsida

2 Kudzu -Distribution Kudzu came from Japan.
Kudzu was introduced in 1816 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. It was brought here to reduce soil erosion. Found in most of southeast of the United States.

3 Kudzu- Effects on people
The vine kills home some crops. People won’t have food to eat or sell.

4 Kudzu- Effects on ecosystem
Kudzu kills other plants by blocking the sun light. If the plants don’t grow small animals will die.

5 Kudzu- Food Web The food web has not changed. Ant Sun Carnivore: Hawk
Herbivore: Mouse Producer: Kudzu

6 Kudzu: Reasons for success
Kudzu are doing so well because they grow on to other plants. As long as it is attached to another plant it keeps growing. It grows up to one foot a day.

7 Kudzu: Issues for the future
There are attempts to control Kudzu but all failed. There are no options yet, no one knows how to control it.

8 Kudzu Thanks for Watching

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