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Campus Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault (CEPSA)

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1 Campus Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault (CEPSA)

2 PUBLICIZING THE CEPSA CAMPAIGN Introducing the campaign for the first time, we will need to purchase as much material for publicity as possible. Items needed for publicity: Printed generic CEPSA poster flyers (on campus services) – $200 Pamphlet/Brochure Printing for year (on campus services) – $400 Campaign Buttons (2000 for year) – $400 Tee-shirts - $5/shirt x 500 shirts for the year – $2500 CESPA Custom Pens (500 pens) – $250 Red Ribbon – $100 TOTAL: $3,850

3 CEPSA Posters MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT SEXUAL VIOLENCE Most rapists are strangers. 77% of female sexual assault victims know their assailants. On college campuses, 9 out of 10 female victims know their attackers. Men cannot be raped. 1 out of 33 men will be a victim of rape or sexual assault in his lifetime.

4 PHOTO/VIDEO CONTEST Winner determined by number of “Likes” or “favorites” Grand Prize Winner: iPad, and $150 iTunes gift card Second Place: iPhone 5S and $100 iTunes gift card Third Place: iPod Touch and $50 iTunes gift card Winner announced at the end of the week

5 SOCIAL MEDIA BLAST Twitter, Vine, Instagram: #RedMountainCares, #CEPSA, #RedMntCEPSA Facebook Page: Red Mountain CEPSA Vine: Create short videos featuring facts and information for CEPSA List on calendar; send text messages and emails weekly/daily Send out campus emails of electronic fliers


7 DAY 2: AWARENESS FAIR Participating Organizations: Know Your XI SAFER Campus One in Four, Inc. Green Dot A Call to Men Snapshot Budget: Table Reservations – FREE Goodies or shirts for our own table (approx.) – $100-$300 TOTAL: $100-$300 We invite nearby organizations for sexual assault awareness to bring educational materials and educate students in the common area of the university. Organizations are encouraged to bring goodie bags or other materials to distribute to students.

8 DAY 3: COMMUNITY CONCERT We will host a concert that will include: A speech from a representative from an organization geared towards sexual assault prevention on campuses, Music from a local band, and Performances from student organizations on campus This concert is for the community to gain positive publicity for our campaign. Students attend free, and non-students would pay only $5 per ticket. Snapshot Budget: University Coliseum Rental - $8,000 Local Band Cost - $4,000 Guest Co-Host from Sexual Misconduct Awareness organization - $2,000 Publicity Materials - $70 3,000 non-student seats sold – ($15,000) TOTAL REVENUE GAINED: ($930)

9 DAY 4: SELF DEFENSE CLASS Invite five instructors from local entities Hold giant class in the quad Invite community to participate Create awareness on how to protect yourself if attacked or propositioned by an friend or stranger Hand out literature and other resources Prizes given out: Apple products, gift cards, gas cards, televisions, cell phones, and more

10 DAY 5: CANDLELIGHT VIGIL Held at lake at the western edge of the campus Hosted by the VP of Student Affairs and include a slide show and a couple of students sharing an experience dealing with sexual violence Over 700 flameless, battery-operated votive candles, 100 of which will float on the lake as luminaries

11 SEXUAL ASSUALT TRAINING Mandatory for all faculty and student affairs staff Part of new hire orientation process 4 module, self-paced, free online workshop Describe how to define sexual assault and what to do if someone discloses to you. Identify the three stages of a survivor's healing process. Explain the appropriate response to survivors using SEEK: Safety, Empowerment, Empathy, and Knowledge.

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