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Special Education Department Overview LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group September 2012.

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1 Special Education Department Overview LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group September 2012

2 Agenda  Introductions  Special Education Department Services  Special Education School Supports  Special Education Services Overview  Special Education Funding  Special Education Partnerships  Your feedback and input  Final Thoughts

3 SPED Department’s Administrative Team Special Education Administrators Rick Burden, Wynn Spaulding, Sue Anne Sullivan, and Paul Vine Health Services Sue Anne Sullivan and Nancy Johnson, Health Service’s Supervisor 504 Compliance Paul Vine, District Coordinator Rick Burden, Wynn Spaulding, and Sue Anne Sullivan

4 Special Education Services Special Education –  Birth to 2 (Kindering Center)  Pre School 3-5 (LWSD)  Kindergarten-12 (LWSD)  18-21 Transition Services (LWSD)

5 Health Services School Health Service Providers (Nurses)  All our Health Service Providers are Registered Nurses  School support  Student specific support (IEP or 504)  Participate on the following teams  Guidance team  Evaluation team  504 teams when appropriate  IEP member when appropriate  Resources for families on health related matters and can assist on wrap-around teams

6 Special Education School Supports

7 District’s Learning Community Configuration ELC EHS STEM Inglewood Renaissance Alcott Blackwell Carson McAuliffe Mead Smith JLC JHS/Futures ICS Finn Hill/EAS Kamiakin Bell Community Frost Juanita Keller Muir Sandburg/ Discovery Thoreau LWLC LWHS Emerson Rose Hill/ Stella Schola Kirkland MS Audubon Franklin Lakeview Peter Kirk Rose Hill EL Rush Twain RLC RHS Redmond MS Evergreen Dickinson/ Explorer Einstein Mann Redmond El Rockwell Rosa Parks Wilder

8 SPED School Support Model’s Purpose  Alignment of SPED department to the district’s Learning Community (LC) configuration  Dedicated team to support schools within an LC configuration  Continuity of support for school staff, families, and students as they matriculate through our P-12+ system  Improved communication and partnerships with school teams and our department  Continuous learning and professional growth of Special Services Teams to better meet the needs of all our students and stakeholders  To retain and recruit quality special education teachers, specialists, para educators, and school support team staff

9 Special Education Admin Team by LC ELC Paul Vine Director JLC Wynn Spaulding Associate Director LWLC Rick Burden Associate Director RLC Sue Anne Sullivan Associate Director

10 Special Education School Support Team ELC Paul Vine School Support Specialist Jeremy Erickson JLC Wynn Spaulding School Support Specialist Katie McAllister LWLC Rick Burden School Support Specialist Analisa Weaver RLC Sue Anne Sulliva n School Support Specialist Heidi Peltier District Professional Development Specialist (P-12+) : Vickie Fitzpatrick District Behavior & Mental Health Specialist (K-12+ ): Jim McDonagh Preschool SNAPS Specialist: Staci AllenPreschool SNAPS Specialist: Lisa Valdez Para Support Specialist: Julie Powell: Behaviors S.S. Para Support Specialist: Teri Ross: Medically Fragile S.S. Para Support Specialist: TBD Para Support Specialist: Patti Cromar: Autism Support Specialist (K-5) Para Support Specialist: Judy Wagness: Autism Support Specialist (6-12) District Preschool Specialist (B-5): Doreen Milburn

11 Special Education School Support Team SPED School Support Specialist Jeremy Erickson Vickie Fitzpatrick Katie McAllister Heidi Peltier Analisa Weaver Jim McDonagh Doreen Milburn (Preschool) SPED Para School Support Specialist Terri Ross Julie Powell Patty Cromar Judy Wagness Assistive Technology Danielle Bergman & Marcia Smith Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dr. Peggy Meyer & Chris Chouinard Vision and O&M Donna Needham Jennifer Linden Charlene Luttge Preschool SNAPS Coordinators Staci Allen & Lisa Valdez

12 Special Education Services Overview

13 Special Education Services Special Education is a Service Not a Place “All our students are general education students, that receive different levels of supports based on his/her individual needs”

14 Special Education Services The location of special education services is based on the student’s individual needs and the type of services required to ensure the student’s “Least Restrictive Environment” (LRE) Note: Some student’s services are of a greater need that cannot always be delivered at the student’s neighborhood school

15 Special Education District Program Services The location of special education services is based on the student’s individual needs and the type of services required to ensure the student’s Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) And Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Some student’s services are of a greater need that they cannot be delivered at their home school District Center Classrooms were developed to more effectively meet the needs of a small population of students with unique needs.

16 District Learning Center Sites Pre School Learning Centers Blackwell, Dickinson, and Juanita Elementary Elementary Learning Centers K-5 Dickinson (K-3 & 3-5) Frost (K-5) Lakeview (K-3 & 3-5) Keller (K-3 & 3-5) Mead (K-5)

17 District Transition Center Sites Middle School Transition Centers IMS, KaMS, KMS, RMS High Schools Transition Centers EHS, JHS, LWHS, and RHS Transition Academy 18-21 (Community Based Program located in a retail space on 87th Street)

18 District Intervention Center Sites Elementary Intervention Centers Rose Hill Full Day (K-3 & 3-5) Redmond Full Day (K-3 & 3-5) Middle School Intervention Centers Rose Hill & Evergreen High School Intervention Centers Eastlake & Juanita

19 Special Education Funding

20 Special Education Sources Funding State General Education* Federal Special Education* State Special Education* District Local Levy Funding Resources * Funds are based on student enrollment

21 State Funding Impacts  Significant State funding cuts to school districts over the last three years  Federal Stimulus has offset some of the impact of state funding reductions  Increases in student enrollment has also helped offset some of the impact  Legislative changes with Levy funds have also helped off set some of the state funding cuts  Good fiscal management of our district budget over many years, preparing for cuts  Continued community support Levy, Bonds, Foundation and volunteering in our schools.

22 State Funding Impacts (cont)  Federal Stimulus funds have sunset  We have cut significantly in all areas across our district,  central office administration  facilities supports  energy efficiencies  some services while trying not to impact the students teacher ratios  While not trying to impact the classroom, keeping  Student to teacher ratios as low as possible  High quality teachers working with our students

23 Special Education Funding  Special education funding has not been cut at the Federal and State Level  What has changed is the level of fiscal support the district can pull from the general fund to continue to support special education cost overages  We no longer can rely on having general funds to offset the cost to run special education services  We are faced as all school districts are  Doing more with less  Continuing to work hard and creatively to provide a quality educational experience for all our students

24 Special Education Partnerships

25  University of Washington ~ Research Study  Children’s Hospital~ Autism and Behavior support  Ryther ~ Social skills classes @ KaMS & LWHS  PTSA Special Needs Group (Monthly meetings)  Parent Advisory Committees  Legislative/Inclusion  Parent Education  Dyslexia Awareness

26 Parents’ Ladder of Support Ladder of Support Start with the special education and/or general education teacher and/or school special education specialist School principal Special Education School Support Associate Director Director of Special Education Director of School Support Associate Superintendent Superintendent Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Follow the “Ladder of Support” when you have questions or concerns regarding your child

27 Your feedback and input

28 Your Feedback Please complete the 3X5 Card  Side 1 With any questions you would like to see addressed in a Parent Resource FAQ?  Side 2 What topics or information you would like to have presented at future PTSA –SNG Meetings?

29 Thank You For all your support of our school district & Entrusting us with your children

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