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S&A Base Funding Request 2013. About Central Communication Agency Central Communication Agency is a strategic communication, student-run, full-service.

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1 S&A Base Funding Request 2013

2 About Central Communication Agency Central Communication Agency is a strategic communication, student-run, full-service agency that gives students an opportunity to showcase their ability to construct and implement a public relation and/or advertising campaign to maximize results for their clients. The agency will grow through strong results, referrals, and a vested interest in putting clients first. Team members provide a strong diversity within the agency, with specialties in public relations to marketing, advertising to electronic media, and social media to graphic design. At Central Communication Agency, we collaborate to implement both traditional and online communication tools. As a team, approximately 50 students each quarter work together to help our clients succeed in whichever ways they see fit and give them unique options to raise the level of awareness of their products and services. Agency is available to serve on and off-campus clients to promote awareness and improve marketing efforts so that the greater student body is more aware of all of the diverse opportunities, programs, and events.

3 Our Team One Agency Director, who oversees agency operations (student position) Eight Account Executives who manage client accounts (student positions) 40 Junior Account Executives who execute campaigns for clients (all students) Advisor, Professor Elizabeth Kerns, serves as a mentor for Agency Director and Account Executives Business Manager, Kristin Gaskill, manages financial transactions and student payroll

4 How We Serve CWU: We give all CWU students access to PR/Advertising/Marketing experience that is not easily accessible in Central Washington. We help promote university agencies, departments, and campus services. We provide a service to student programs and organizations to promote themselves. Community: We help promote small business and non-profits with limited funds for advertising. We provide a bridge between downtown and the university. We help organizations understand their target audiences

5 Testimonials “Working with Gifts of the Vine gave us (students) real world public relations experience by increasing our client’s community and campus presence through the development and use of non-traditional media sources. Gifts of the Vine features a membership available for Central Washington students, providing them with store updates and exclusive discounts on all merchandise.” -Chelsea Hite, Central Communication Agency Account Executive

6 Testimonials “The Central Communication Agency works at providing real life work experiences for CWU students. It allows them to solve real issues while working with genuine clients. They provide important community service and uphold the highest educational principles of civic engagement.” -Provost Marilyn Levine

7 Clients Current (Winter 2013) Bounce Central Gifts of the Vine Downtown Association Provost Provost Utopia/Sparrow Club Mercer Creek Church Ellensburg OBGYN Office of Assessment Agency Alcohol Drug Dependency Service (ADDS) Ellensburg Downtown Association Ongoing or Open Invitation Central Washington University Business Auxiliaries including Catering Conference Program Connection Card Office Copy Cat Shop Dining Services Enterprise Accounting University Housing ANY CWU Department, Agency or Club

8 Clients Former Community Ellensburg Food Co-Op Extra Credit (Non-Profit Association) Martha Rose Catering Children’s Activity Museum Ellensburg Christian School Former On Campus Central Washington University Business Auxiliaries CWU Communication Department CWU Testing Center CWU NSSE Survey

9 What We Are Asking A total of $15,186 each year $13,200 for student payroll o $11/hour for eight hours/week for 30 weeks for one Agency Director o $11/hour for four hours/week for 30 weeks for eight Account Executive positions $ 2,534 for business manager2.5 hours per week to manage payroll and business transactions. $500 for on-campus printing $500 for office supplies $500 for phone line (including long distance) $100 for off-campus printing

10 Why We Need S&A Funding To afford materials to create exceptional PR campaigns o Pro bono work limits the amount of work we are able to do for clients o Any additional materials needed for campaigns are paid out of pocket by students or advisor To maintain a professional appearance with clients To pay staff that exceeds than the amount of work hours expected for practicum

11 Goals After Receiving Funding To receive monthly client donations to become a partially self- sustaining entity. o $150 per month for nine months from at least three clients each month To have at least one student organization each quarter as a client To become nationally affiliated with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) to improve notoriety within one year o Schools with PRSSA-affiliated student-run agencies attract more high- profile clients that are able to earn more revenue.

12 Thank you

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