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Exquisite taste of Slovenia Satisfy your taste for adventure with wine tradition nearly 2600 years old.

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1 Exquisite taste of Slovenia Satisfy your taste for adventure with wine tradition nearly 2600 years old.

2 When did it all began? The presence of the vine in this small country on the sunny side of the Alps has been documented as far back as 2.600 years ago.

3 When did it all began? Archeological finds indicate that wine was known to the Celtic and Illyrian tribes of northeastern Slovenia before the Romans.

4 Slovenia also holds world Guiness record for the oldest grapevine in city Maribor (over 400 years old)

5 Events from the past

6 Slovenia lies in an ideal climate zone: between 45 ° 30'N and 47 °N, with the Adriatic Sea as a part of its western border.

7 Slovenia - The Old World in Miniature Its terroir, determined in part by the mix of climatic influences from the Mediterranean and the Alps.

8 At Slovenian wineries you can find gentle, fresh, aromatic whites, top predicate-quality whites, and full, hearty and recognisably sun-kissed reds. Slovenia is the Old World in miniature.

9 traditional cellars. Slovenes are world record holders for the sheer number of wineries, the cottages known here as zidanice and traditional cellars.


11 Slovenia - The Old World in Miniature Additionally the national anthem is Zdravljica, the Toast, an ode to Slovenia’s winemaking soul. It is over 150 years old, but according to former American president Bill Clinton, it is as fresh as if written by the poet yesterday.

12 Wine growing regions of Slovenia Slovenia is a country with huge potential for wine-making. Wine experts agree that the fruits of Slovenian winelands are amongst the finest in the world - an excellent wine country. Slovenia has three winegrowing regions: Podravje, Posavje and the Slovene Littorall

13 The winemaking paradise on the sunny side of Alps PODRAVJE 10.000 hectares SLOVENIA TOTAL 25.000 hectares POSAVJE 8.000 hectares PRIMORSKA 7.000 hectares

14 Podravje Wine Region Podravje has the largest area under vine, but is ranked second behind Primorska in terms of total production. This region typically produces white, high-quality wines, varietals in particular. It is famed for its wines of predicate quality, namely late harvest, auslese, beerenauslese, trockenbeerenauslese and icewine.

15 Posavje Wine Region There is a region that has its own style of vinegrowing, winemaking and aging. Set in the foothills of the Alps, the Alpine winds cool this region, raising the humidity as they mix with the currents from the north-east. It is home to varieties that yield wines of a particular character, light reds, rosés and whites with high acidity and a gentle loral aroma. The most important wines are cviček.

16 Primorska Wine Region The mild Mediterranean climate is felt most in this region. Here the vines find a generous, warm, sunny climate.

17 Grape varieties and wines in Slovenia

18 Pinot Blanc Synonyms: Pinot Bianco (Italy), Klevner (Austria) Origin: Burgundy, France Tradition: present in Slovenia in the 19th century Quality: quality and high-quality

19 Rheinriesling Synonyms: Riesling (Germany), Riesling Renano (Italy) Origin: Rhine Valley, Germany Tradition: first planned plantings in Slovenia made by Archduke Jan Habsburg, who bought an estate above Limbuš in 1822 Quality: quality and high-quality, with the ability to age for years in the bottle; the finest rieslings only begin to peak after three years

20 Muscat blanc Synonyms: Gelber Muskateller (Germany), Muscat ŕ Petits Grains (France) Origin: Asia Minor Tradition: it's presence in Slovenia is documented in the oldest records; in his report of 1780 Count Breckerfeld of Stari Grad pri Otočcu mentions it as one of the varieties found in Dolenjska Quality: quality and high-quality, but capable in good years of making predicate- quality wines that proclaim the variety

21 Sauvignon Synonyms: Sauvignon Blanc (France), Muškatni Silvanec (Slovenia) Origin: France Tradition: started to appear in Slovenia in Štajerska in the 19th century Quality: quality and high-quality, with superb predicate wines in good years

22 Pinot gris Synonyms: Rulander (Germany), Tokay (Alsace), Pinot Grigio (Italy) Origin: Burgundy, France Tradition: first planned plantings in Slovenia likely to have been made by Jan Habsburg Quality: quality and high-quality, with excellent predicate wines if it is not attacked early by grey rot and remains on the vine late into autumn

23 Traminer (Red and Aromatic) Synonyms: Gewürtztraminer (Germany), Traminer Aromatico (Italy) Origin: Tramin, South TyrolTradition: first planned plantings in Slovenia likely to have been made by Jan Habsburg in the 1830s Quality: traminec usually makes high-quality wines

24 Cabernet Sauvignon Synonyms: Cabernet (Austria), Bordeaux Vauchese (France) Origin: France, although this is disputed by the Spanish Tradition: arrived in Slovenia during its explosion across the wine world in the last three decades Quality: high-quality, sometimes depending on the growing conditions, the maturation techniques and the age

25 Blaufraenkisch Synonyms: Modra Frankinja (Slovenia), Limberger (Germany), Franconina Nera (Italy) Origin: the Danube BasinTradition: found its home in Slovenia during the first replanting after the outbreak of phylloxera Quality: quality and high-quality, the latter usually reached after two or three years of barrel-aging; very ripe grapes also respond well to new oak

26 Merlot Synonyms: Pulliat Vignole (France), Bigney Vitraile (England) Origin: FranceTradition: a variety relatively new to Slovenia Quality: high-quality

27 Rose We cool the grapes down to 8 degrees Celsius and gently squeeze them, so they keep their aroma and freshness. Long lasting grape maceration is avoided to avoid excessive colour elimination. After alcohol fermentation wine lies a few weeks on fine sendiments of leaveners, which gives an additional body. The Wine is of sparkling rose-colour, with an intense aroma. Fresh sourness is balanced with an elegant fruity and long-lasting aftertaste. It is appropiate for hot summer days and immediate consumption. It is best be consumed within a 2 years period.

28 Slovenian specialities What a boring world it would be if galloping globalisation saw every winemaker in the world producing only chardonnay, cabernet or perhaps one or two other French varieties. The richness of the world’s natural and cultural heritage is in its very diversity. And here 171 Slovenian wine has something to say for itself. Among all these varietal wines and blends there are two specialities that a worthy of a specific mention: cviček and teran. Special reports and rules were drawn up for them and they now receive protection under national legislation according to the traditional speciality guaranteed criteria. This was done before Slovenia joined the European Union.

29 If you want to taste better try Slovenian wines!

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