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The Two Great Gods of Earth: Demeter and Dionysus

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1 The Two Great Gods of Earth: Demeter and Dionysus
Owen A.Y. Malayna Camila Brittany

2 What do Greeks believe are the two basic gifts that Earth gives to man?

3 How are Dionysus and Demeter different from the Twelve Gods of Mythology
The other gods caused problems for the mortals; whereas Dionysus and Demeter helped with food, soil, and life for Earth

4 How does the myth of Demeter explain the seasons of spring and winter?
Demeter’s daughter goes down to the underworld for four months a year, where Demeter lets everything die until she returns. This represents the death and resurrection.

5 According to the myth, how is Dionysus born
According to the myth, how is Dionysus born? How is this related to Dionysus’ association with grapes and wine? Zeus was madly in love with Dionysus’ mother, but she wanted to see him as a god. When she did she died so Zeus took Dionysus. He was born of fire and nursed of rain.

6 What is he known as, and what does he teach humans?
He is known as the God of the Vine and his other name is Bacchus. He taught the culture of the vine and the mysteries of his worship.

7 What are the two contrasting ideas associated with the worship of Dionysus?
That he would give them good wine and partying, but also that he was an irresponsible minor god who was very ill-tempered.

8 Why is Dionysus considered so important to Greek Gods?
He gave humans grapes, which made wine. He also gave the humans partying.

9 How does Dionysus become a symbol of resurrection?
He became the symbol of resurrection because crops die in winter and return in spring, Dionysus was seen as a symbol of death and resurrection.

10 What is the connection between Dionysus and the Greek theater?
Dionysus was the god of wine, and a little bit of wine brings a lot of sadness and violence. So, Greek theater is the same way; comedy and tragedy. And, Dionysus introduced theater to Greeks.

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