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PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN 26.01.2011, Prototype architecture Tools, implementation & services Conclusions (& demo) Faustin.

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1 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN , Prototype architecture Tools, implementation & services Conclusions (& demo) Faustin Laurentiu Roman CERN / IFIC HISP: Data-driven portal for hadron therapy 1

2 Unified patient record over heterogeneous resources and distributed treatment centers (raw) data stays in each hospital (DB, XLS, PDF) Info is linked using database federation Data meaning described using a semantic framework Follow-up accessible by all actors (MD, patient) Secure access to intuitive forms Interoperable: use industry standards (openEHR?) See EGI User Forum contribution (oral presentation): sessionId=18&confId=207 sessionId=18&confId=207 2 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

3 Liferay: Free and Open source Enterprise portal, ( – out of the box: user registration, document management, lucene-based search, awikis, news feeds, social chat + third-party community-contributed add-ons Vine Toolkit: open source software framework used to create Grid-aware web applications. ( – Create web application based on Flex technologies. – Add Grid context to the web components with the relevant plugins. – Abstract different middlewares implementation details. TEIID: data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores Interfaces: Java, Adobe Flex Grid resources: VOMS, LFC, DPM Tools 3 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

4 Big picture… 4 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

5 Overview Present status Liferay Portal: data recording based on product portlet, form generation, user management, cgMDR connection VINE Toolkit: VOMS, LFC, SE Resource federation framework based on TEIID MySQL DB: draft EHR and portal Next steps TEIID integration with resources and portal Data annotation using tags and links to cgMDR DPM-DICOM storage Hadrontherapy Workshop, Sibiu, RO , 5

6 Database screenshots 6 Relational DB CSV File VIRTUAL DB view Sample Medical Record in MySQL DB PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

7 Login/Register to 7 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

8 Registration Hadrontherapy Workshop, Sibiu, RO , Terms of use 8

9 eReferral service Hadrontherapy Workshop, Sibiu, RO , Based on existing portlet 9

10 eReferral functions Browse AddHistory Search Referral Agreement Referral Stage 10 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

11 Patient record Patient Details Status of referral Images 11 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

12 Simple Forms 12 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

13 Administration 13 PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

14 Portal devel – Liferay 6 – Better VOMS integration – Resource integration Data federation – JAVA – J2EE web services Data model – Storage: openEHR / IHE – Exchange: ISO13606 – Interface: DICOM/HL7 Provenance – Logging & Audit Data meaning Use tags Semantic framework Security – SAML Needs Ideas 14  Parallel install (done in VM)  VINE team / CERN VOMS people?  Grid people, e.g. IFIC resources  CERN courses  Difference? Implementations?  Implementations?  CREATIS / DICOM-DPM  Built-in?  cgMDR  other?  VINE (OMII) PARTNER-Grid Teleconference, CERN ,

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