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Geographical image of the city of Troyes. LOCATION.

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1 Geographical image of the city of Troyes



4 Absolute location 297469,4.074801&sspn=0.059727,0.208569&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Troyes,+Aube,+C hampagne-Ardenne&ll=48.69096,4.130859&spn=15.17991,53.393555&z=5 Absolute location

5 Troyes is in the region Champagne-Ardenne It is the capital of the département de l’Aube (n°10) The city center is shaped like a cork of Champagne! Zoomed in…

6 Troyes is located east of Paris, on the Seine. It is far away from the sea, but there is a lot of water in the surroundings: rivers, lakes… Paris is one our and a half away if you travel by train or car. In Troyes we have one trainstation. Quite a lot of people live here but take the train every day to work in Paris. The nearest airport is located in Vatry (56 km), but it is a small one. It is better to go to Paris where there are two big airports: Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Relative location

7 Physical environment

8 SoilAnd vegetation vegetationinChampagne-Ardenne

9 The geology of Troyes During the Upper Jurassic time, Troyes used to be under water. Champagne-Ardenne is nowadays an area of water in low relief, with hills in the Ardennes. It is located between the Paris Basin and eastern France, between Northern Europe and South. North _______________________South Clay Sand chalk

10 There are several soils in Champagne Ardenne: - Wet Champagne - Chalky Champagne It is a vast depression covered with alluvium. It is dotted with numerous lakes. At the eastern end of the cuesta, limestone dominates the plains of marl where are concentrated the the vineyards of Champagne. The chalk supports the Champagne vine. The chalky soil is ideal for Champagne vineyard The geology of Troyes

11 The Seine is the only river which passes in Troyes. To regulate the flow of this very known river which also crosses the city of Paris, three artificial lakes were created: Orient, Temple and Amance Water in Troyes and Champagne-Ardenne

12 Water is omnipresent in the region: with the Lakes: lake of Der-Chantecoq, Lake of the Temple, Lake of Orient Forest river valleys as the valleys of the Ornain, Marne, Aube and Seine the lakes are used for tourism and water sports, but also used as regulators of the Seine river flows. Finally, the Aisne valley is located between the Argonne and Champagne said chalky. The Langres plateau is also the dividing line between the drainage basins of the Channel and the Mediterranean ones. The Seine, Aube, Marne and Meuse have their source there. Water in Troyes and Champagne-Ardenne

13 Champagne vine yards

14 There are several areas with wineyards in Champagne-Ardenne: the most famous are located North (département de la Marne), but there is also Champagne in our département: l’Aube, as you can see it on the map. Champagne vine yards

15 agriculture Champagne sugar beet andouillette chaource agriculture

16 Weather and climate

17 Climate in France

18 As you can see on the map, the region's climate is mild oceanic. Temperature is average 2 ° C during January and 18 ° C in July with an average annual temperature of 10 ° C. Rainfall is moderate (between 550 and 700mm per year). Nevertheless, the Ardennes and the Haute-Marne are wetter (from 1000 to 1200 mm per year) and the winters are rigorous enough (average temperature of -1 ° C in January). spring and summer are the most pleasant seasons to visit the Champagne- Ardenne. MINIMUM TEMPERATURE AND MAXIMA in Champagne-Ardenne: February, from 0 ° C to 6 ° C April 3 ° C to 15 ° C June 10 ° C to 23 ° C August 12 ° C to 26 ° C October, 5 ° C to 18 ° C December 2 ° C to 7 ° C The climate of the Champagne-Ardenne is rather sweet. Only the Ardennes and plateaus of the Haute-Marne experiencing severe winters. Rainfall is moderate. Climate in Champagne-Ardenne

19 Designed landscape

20 Designed landcape TROYES is firstly recognisable by the contours of the old town wich are in the shape of a champagne cork!!!This original shape results:. Of the evolution, in the course of the centuries, of the plan of the Gallo-Roman city: AUGUSTOBONA capital of the Gaul's tribe: the TRICASSES.. Successive diversions of the course of the Seine.. Fortifications (ditches, tours,doors) built at the time of the Fairs of Champagne, and replaced, in the XIXth century by boulevards and gardens which encircle now the city.

21 Transport the station a regional train Cycling is more and more used in our city. Cars are mainly used in Troyes: there is a « rocade »: sort of a highway that turns all around the city. city bus

22 Around Troyes Nigloland You can also find in the surroundings of Troyes amusements that take your breath away and fairground rides for the little ones. The amusement park of Nigloland is a fantasy world located in a magnificent natural setting. Part of the region’s heritage and an architectural treasure unique in France are our nine timber- frame churches. They are dating from the 15th to 18th centurires.

23 The medieval city of Troyes There are nine churches in the city famous for their statuary and stained glass windows. The cathedral. The Creation: stained-glass window and jubé in the Madeleine Church. statue.

24 The medieval city of Troyes The majority of the houses in the city centre date from 1530, the construction period that followed the famous Great Fire of 1524, after which our beautiful revealed wood was systematically covered with a grey coating to protect it. A few remaining houses dating from the XV c and XVI c: la Maison du Dauphin (in tones of yellowr), or also the Goldsmiths Tower (now a restaurant). There is also the “ruelle des Chats”, a famous very narrow street, so- called because the houses are joined by their roofs, allowing the cats to go from one loft to another !

25 Modern streetview The modern city of Troyes Renewing old houses… and old factories

26 The modern city of Troyes The new library Technologic university of Troyes Le cube: a new building used for concerts, particularly during the Nuits de Champagne ( each november)

27 Population characteristics

28 There are beautiful museums in our city: a museum of archeology, a modern art museum, a museum about knitting and the history of Troyes, a museum of tools and working-classe’s thought. The modern art museum Museums

29 The population of Troyes is mostly mixed with people relative to Portugal and Algeria. We can explain those statistics thanks to XXth century’s history: immigration of Portugueses in the 50’s and of Algerians after the end of Algerian war (beginning of 70’s). etnicity

30 Nationality, sitrict and gender

31 Demographic Population of Troyes:

32 Troyes has the highest density of factory outlets in Europe! Around its downtown shaped champagne cork, the city of Troyes hosts 85 000 m2 of retail space in the shopping outlets! Economy

33 Troyes is a very touristic city. Most of them first come for the outlet factories, but also enjoy the city center. Other touristic attractions are the champagne area, the old city center, the lakes and the forest near Troyes. Tourism

34 49,6% comes from France: Paris, north of France… 11% comes from Belgium 18,7% comes from Great-Britain 4% comes from Italy Foreign visitors in Troyes

35 Foires de Champagne (fairs) in Troyes The “foires de Champagne” is the name given to the fairs to be held since the twelfth century on the estate of the Counts of Champagne. They took place in the cities of Lagny (1 time per year), Provins (2 times per year), Troyes (2 times per year) and Bar-sur-Aube (1 time per year).

36 Business in Troyes Troyes was well-known as the city of knitting. Nowadays there are only two famous factories left: Petit Bateau and La maille souple.


38 Politics in France The French President: Nicolas Sarkozy and his Prime minister: François Fillon palais de l’Elysée, Paris.

39 Major political parties Alkmaar UMP( Labour Party ) MoDem ( Democrat movement) LNC( new center ) PS(Socialist Party ) Verts( Green and Social ) PCF (communist party) FN (national front) Politics in France

40 Politics in Champagne-Ardenne Champagne Ardenne Regional Counceler is Jean-Paul Bachy since April 2, 2004. This president belongs to the political party PS Champagne Ardenne Regional Council administers the departments (08) (10) (51) (52) for the region Champagne Ardenne.

41 Politics Alkmaar Member of UMP, he is repeatedly deputy of the Aube and mayor of Troyes since 1995. He is Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and State Reform in the third Fillon government 14 November 2010 and became the spokesman for the government Mayor of Troyes: François Barouin (born in Paris in 1965)

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