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3GPP - Service & System Aspects

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1 3GPP - Service & System Aspects
Shubhranshu (辛伯修) ITRI – ICL/K100

2 Content 3GPP Overview Service & System Aspects ICL-K100 & SA1, SA2
Going Forward Concluding Thoughts

3 3GPP Purpose of 3GPP is to prepare, approve and maintain globally applicable Technical specifications and Technical Reports for: a 3rd Generation mobile system based on evolved GSM core network and UTRA Further development of radio technologies such as LTE coupled with evolution of core networkelements such as Evolved packet Core (EPC) continuing evolution of 2nd generation GSM/EDGE radio access networks (GERAN)

4 3GPP PARTNERS Project Co-ordination Group
Organizational Partners Market Representation Organizational Partners’ Standardization Process Project Co-ordination Group Organizational Partners’ deliverables Technical Specifications INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Contributions Technical Specification Groups Support Functions

5 3GPP Organization Structure

6 Ongoing work on Machine to machine communication, LIPA, SIPTO
3GPP Roadmap (1/2…) Ongoing work on Machine to machine communication, LIPA, SIPTO Ongoing

7 3GPP Roadmap (..2/2) 3GPP developed Rel 10 specifications, also called LTE-Advanced selected as one of the 4G technologies by ITU-R currently working on Rel 11. However, several of the use cases, requirements and relevant details are ready to start work on Rel 12 soon

8 3GPP SA SA = System Aspects Technical Responsibilities
Requirements Establishment Architecture Definition System Devices (Security, Codecs, O&M) Organizational Responsibilities Project coordination Release scheduling and planning Working methods Working Groups SA1 – Services SA2 – Architecture SA3 – Security

9 3GPP SA 2 SA2 WG Officials Chairman: Erik Guttman (Samsung)
Vice Chairmen: Ivano Guardini (Telecom Italia), Irfan Ali (Nokia Siemens Networks) Secretary: Maurice Pope (MCC)

10 SA2 Rel 11 Work Items (1/2..) Work Item Code Work Item % done, by when
1) QoS_SSL QoS Control Based on Subscriber Spending Limits 100%, SA 53 2) SR VCC for eMPS SRVCC aspect of enhancements for Multimedia Priority 100%, SA 54 3) SAPP Service Awareness and Privacy Policies 4) vSR VCC Single Radio Video Call Continuity for 3G-CS 95%, SA 53 * 5) VCSG VPLMN Autonomous CSG Roaming 80%, SA 54 6) FULL-MOCN-GERAN SA2 part of Full Support of Multi-Operator Core Network by GERAN 80%, SA 53 *

11 SA2 Rel 11 Work Items (…2/2) Work Item Code Work Item % done, by when
7) NWK-PL2IMS Network Provided Location Information for IMS 75%, SA 55 8) BBAI Support BroadBand forum Accesses Interworking, TR phase 65%, SA 55 9) SIMTC System Improvements For Machine Type Communication 25%, SA 55 * Addressing, Identifier, MSISDN-Less, PS-Only Device Trigger, SMS Optimization 10) DIDA Data Identification in Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) 55%, SA 53 * 11) OPIIS Operator policies for IP Interface Selection 45%, SA 53 * 12) LOBSTER Location-Based Selection of gaTEways foR WLAN 50%, SA 54 13) LIMONET LIPA Mobility and SIPTO at the Local Network 45%, SA 54

12 SA 3 Chairman: Vice chairman: Secretary:
Bengt Sahlin (Ericsson) Vice chairman: Peter Howard (Vodafone) Marcus Wong (Huawei) Secretary: Dionisio Zumerle (MCC) * The term of the current WG leadership expires at the next SA3 meeting

13 SA3 Work Items IMS Security Network Domain Security
UTRAN Network Access Security GERAN Network Access Security GBA SAE/LTE Security Relay Node Security Home (e)ND Security Security aspects related to Machine to Machine

14 3GPP SA1 Officials Chairman: Enrico Scarrone (Telecom Italia)1
Vice-chairmen: Mona Mustapha (Vodafone)2 Joerg Swetina (NEC)3 Secretary: Alain Sultan (MCC) 1 Elected February 2008 (Feb 2007, including re-chartering) 2 Elected February 2010 3 Elected February 2008 - The Chairman and the Vice-Chairmen will resign one meeting in advance: Election already announced will take place at SA1#56 (November 2011)

15 3GPP SA 1 Work Items M2M (chaired by: Toon Norp KPN)
Support for 3GPP Voice Interworking with Enterprise IP-PBX (chaired by Mona Mustapha from Vodafone) Integration of Single Sign-On frameworks with 3GPP network (chaired by: Chris Wallace from Interdigital) Interworking between Mobile Operators using the Evolved Packet System and Data Application Providers (chaired by: Vojislav Vucetic from Cisco) Continuity of Data Sessions to Local Networks (chaired by: Joerg Swetina from NEC) Non-MTC Mobile Data Applications Impacts (chaired by: Amar Deol from Huawei) Usage monitoring control enhancement (chaired by Li Mian from ZTE) Non Voice Emergency Services (chaired by: David Williams, Qualcomm) LIPA_SIPTO (chaired by: Amar Deol from Huawei)

16 Rel-11 WI status summary WI % Status (stage 1)
USSD simulation service in IMS USSI 100% Completed SA1_50 SIPTO mobility/continuity SIPTO_SC Completed SA1_55 Broadband Access Interworking BBAI Requirements for Advanced IP Interconnection of Services IPXS QoS and gating based on spending limit QoS_SSL System Improvements for Machine-type Comm. SIMTC Optimized Service Charging and Allocation of Resources in IMS whilst Roaming OSCAR Network Provided Location Information for IMS – NWK-PL2IMS Non Voice Emergency Services NOVES Interworking between Mobile Operators using the EPS and Application Providers MOSAP Support for 3GPP Voice Interworking with Enterprise IP-PBX– VINE VINE IMS Network-Independent Public User Identities INIPUI

17 Rel-11/12 SI status summary
WI WI code % Status (stage 1) IMS based P2P Content Distribution Services FS_P2P 100% Completed SA1_50 Non Voice Emergency Services FS_NOVES Completed SA1_55 3GPP Voice for Iwg with Enterprise IP-PBX FS_VINE Completed SA1_53 IMS Network-Independent Public User Identities FS_INIPUI Completed SA1_54 UICC/USIM enhancements FS_U2e 55% Work in progress Integration of SSO frameworks with 3GPP network FS_SSO_int 90% Alternatives to E.164 for Machine-Type Communications FS_AMTC 70% Enhancements for MTC FS_MTCe 40% Continuity of Data Sessions to Local Networks FS_CSN Non-MTC Mobile Data Applications impacts FS_MODAI 85% Usage monitoring control enhancement FS_UMONC 35% Study on Multi Access PDN connectivity and IP flow Mobility FS_MAPIM Completed under R10 MAPIM Study on Policy solutions and enhancements FS_PP No SA1 Activity Study on Proximity-based Services FS_ProSe 0% New SID

18 Architecture for MTC or Machine to Machine
Work in Progress…

19 Non-MTC Mobile Data Application Impacts
Study on use cases & service scenarios on Mobile Data application Study on Network inefficiency from Mobile Data application

20 Proximity-based Services
Use cases and requirements for an operator network controlled discovery and communications between devices in proximity and under a 3GPP network coverage for, commercial/social use, Network offloading, Public Safety, Integration of current infrastructure services Use cases and service requirements will be studied including network operator control, authentication, authorization, accounting and regulatory aspects

21 ITRI-ICL/K100 - SA1 & SA2 Active participant and Contributor
Multiple contributions to SA1 and SA2 Mostly related to Machine to Machine (M2M or MTC) groups API Operator domain M2M Server M2M User M2M Device as Gateway M2MDevice as Gateway Non-3GPP Comm.

22 ITRI-ICL/K100 - SA1 & SA2 Going Forward…
Continue to participate and contribute to work items in SA1 and SA2 related to M2M and offloading Feedback and inputs are welcome Collaborate to bring vendor and operator use cases, requirements and solutions to 3GPP

23 Concluding Thoughts (1/2…)
3GPP standards meeting participation has significantly grown, especially during the recent past Vodafone, Ericsson, NSN, Qualcomm, China Mobile, ZTE, Samsung, LG, NTT Docomo, Panasonic, KPN, Intel, China Unicom, Interdigital, KDDI, KPN, Sierra Wireless, Verizon Wireless ..……

24 Concluding Thoughts (..2/2)
Significant benefits to be part of a large global standard and to get involved in requirements, use cases, design, solution, and other ongoing work very important for interoperable and differentiating product development deeper understanding of Technical specification design details & philosophy global perspective ideas contribution into specs, used by companies globally wider visibility helps better align internal R & D roadmap with global technology evolution

25 Thank You ! Contact ID: 楊人順

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