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A Journal of African Survival By Chloe Richardson and Kyle Peet.

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2 A Journal of African Survival By Chloe Richardson and Kyle Peet

3 I hear a lion roar a mighty roar. I hear it prowling in the tall beige grass. I hear a gazelle galloping towards the lion. I yelled, shouted, and screamed at it. I hear nigrecep ants walking along a whistling thorn, a Black Mamba slither along the grass of the savanna. I hope I don’t get attacked.

4 Listen by Chloe Richardson If you listen you can hear a mighty roar, And then occasionally an ostriches' snore, A grasshopper’s chirp, An earthworm’s burp, Listen and hear so much more.

5 Entry 1 day1 Chloe’s journal 1- Chloe’s Journal Sticks scraped my arms as I searched for jackal berries from the Jackal Berry Tree. Kyle had gone off nearly an hour ago and I was worried that he wasn’t coming back. I looked up into the jackal berry trees and found nothing but the crisp green leaves. My sigh of dismay was interrupted by a blood-curdling scream. I took off running in the direction of the noise, my mouth as dry as cotton. I knew that Kyle was in danger.

6 Entry 1- Day 1 Kyle’s Journal As I was looking for wood, I heard twigs snapping behind me. I whipped around to see a lion in in the tall beige grass. I got goose bumps as terror filled my entire body. I let out a shrill, horror- filled scream hoping someone would hear me. I slowly started to back away. I felt the hot breath of the lion. It roared as loud as the thunder booms during a storm. I heard branches snap behind me. I feared the lion had called it’s pride, but Chloe appeared from behind a Jarrah tree. She stopped dead in her tracks. The lion roared again, but not nearly as loud this time. Chloe had screamed, “RUN!!!” at the top of her lungs, spun around and tore through the forest. I followed her back to the shelter, shaking with fright.

7 Entry-1 Day-1 Chloe’s Journal The fire danced across the trees around me. We had ate the few jackal berries yesterday, so Kyle offered to go find more. I jumped at every sudden noise. Yellow moonlight shone down on a patch of Elephant Grass to my left. The grass shook and I froze. A black fluid-like creature came towards me. My heart pounded in my chest as I scrambled into the shelter. I panted hard and swallowed. The shape trailed outside before it disappeared (or so I thought). I stepped out cautiously and felt a deep pain rush through me. A black Mamba had its sharp teeth in my leg. I felt woozy as I groped for the Anti Venin. I knew I only had a few minutes before I died. The Anti Venin flowed into the wound and I felt my blood start circulating again. As I laid down against the shelter, the rough bark scratched the back of my neck. Kyle had been gone for hours, I think, I don’t know what time it is here.

8 Entry 2 Day 1 Kyle’s journal As I went looking for the jackal berry tree, I forgot where it was. I also forgot what a jackal berry looked like…I later found that I was lost! I screamed at the top of my lungs! I heard something right next to me. Terror washed over me. I slowly did a 90 degree turn to find a whistling thorn next to me. I jumped back so fast! A colony of Nigrecep Ants were on it. These ants are the least war-like stinging ants. I tasted my lunch again. I whipped another 90 degree turn and bolted straight ahead. Since I wasn’t looking where I was going, I ran straight into a tree. Until I came to, I didn't know I’d ran into a Manketti tree. I knew this because it had to be from 49 – 66 feet tall. I later found a stream and a huge red mark on my face.

9 My feet slammed against the hot, rough soil as I whipped through the forest. I listened for Kyle, but I heard only my rapid breathing. I heard what I thought to be a thunderous growl and turned around to see…nothing? Shrugging, I pushed on, wondering if an African wild dog was following me. The Savanna might be dangerous, but it is also beautiful. The reds from the kangaroo paws mixed with the greens from the Elephant grass made the small forest of Jarrah trees, elephant grass and kangaroo paws look like a rainbow. I sniffed the cool air and closed my eyes. Entry 3 Day 2 Chloe’s journal

10 Entry 3 Day 2 Kyle’s journal It must've been nearly 5 hours since my incident with the cluster of Jarrah trees. I knew they were Jarrah trees because it was about 40 meters tall. The diameter of the trunk, which was long and straight wish grayish bark and, was at least 3 meters. There was no way a Jackal Berry tree would be in here. I started to vaguely remember what a Jackal berry tree looks like. Still couldn’t decide if it was tall or short. “Oh darn It!” I had mumbled. I was about to give up the search when a glimmer of hope returned.

11 Entry 4 Day 2 Chloe’s Journal thought I heard a distant call for help. That reminded me that I was searching for Kyle. Clenching my fists tight, I ran hard, passing a Manketti tree that stood like a giant. It seemed like I ran for hours, when I bent over and retched. Wiping my mouth, I fell to my aching knees and onto my back into a cluster of kangaroo paws. The clouds started spinning and I heard a distant call for help before my eyes slid shut…

12 Entry 4 Day 2 Kyle’s Journal Today I am still lost. I have been lost for 2 days now. I have been surviving on the environment around me. I found a gum tree and snapped off a leaf to heal my oozing cut that was on my head when I scratched myself getting Jarrah tree parts for my shelter. I’ve also almost been attacked nearly eight times! I finally found a Jackal berry tree and ate quite a few berries to keep my strength up. I also discovered a river not far from my new home. I just have to walk past the patch of kangaroo paws and then make a right at the elephant grass. I venture there quite often.. I am on constant look out for wild dogs day and night. They are told to be fierce creatures that wonder at the banks of the foaming, blue river.

13 Entry 5 Day 3 Chloe’s Journal I dabbed at the wound on my cheek with the with a piece of my shirt. Shaking my hair away from the blood, I continued back to camp. “HELP!”. I was positive that it was Kyle. I scrambled into a large cluster of Jarrah trees. I noticed a dark figure limply propped up on a branch. Squinting, I realized that it was Kyle. I swiftly inched my way up the tree and grasped a branch. “Kyle!” I had tried to say over his shrieks. I dropped down and grabbed hold of a large mossy vine. “CATCH!!” I commanded, tossing the vine up. Kyle managed to grab the vine and tie it to a brown branch. Closing his eyes, Kyle clenched the vine and swung down. When he touched the ground, relief swept over me. “I’m the new Tarzan!” Kyle laughed before we took off for the shelter.

14 Entry 6 Final hour A helicopter!?” Kyle had shrieked as he ate yet another jackal berry. I leaped up from my seat on an old manketti tree stump and began jumping up and down. The wind from the helicopter blades nearly knocked me over. The, the doors slid open to reveal Mrs. Dudek’s smiling face. I scrambled into the helicopter, blessed to be alive. I would never forget this experience.

15 This is our hut. Made out of Acacia Tree leaves and River Bush willow branches it took us a few hours to build on our first day here…

16 Savanna Fun Facts!!! Did you know that…. *The savanna can heat up to about 86 degrees? *In the winter it gets as cold as 68 degrees? *In West Africa the rainy season starts in May?

17 COPYRIGHT IS ILLEGAL… Please do not reproduce or use any characters in this power point. It is against the law and a $275,000 fine will be issued. Thank you. Chloe and Kyle.

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