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Changes to the 2011 Landscape Projects Grand Haven.

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1 Changes to the 2011 Landscape Projects Grand Haven

2 Rock was ordered & the first load was delivered. Property is being prepared Irrigation modified Plant material ordered Irrigation parts for islands was delivered Phase 1 Islands were marked and reviewed Plan reviewed Phase 2 islands reviewed with Austin Mulch ordered

3 35 Circle Islands within the community Islands will have a common theme Remove existing bad landscaping Prep beds Install rock theme Replant new landscaping Replace, repair and adjust irrigation to specs for the new landscaping Mulch

4 The circle islands should take about 8 weeks from start to finish. Clean up 2 weeks Rock install 2 weeks Plant install 2 weeks Irrigation 2 weeks Total time 8 weeks. We are entering storm season I estimated a little high to allow for storms, but nature can be cruel and if we are hit by storms the time frame may be extended.

5 Lot usage will be used for storing rock Storing the plant material for the circle islands Will be irrigated to keep the plants healthy. Upon completion the lot will be restored to its original state with leveling to remove ruts and sod replacement Bahia sod will be used. No cost to Grand Haven The time frame for storage will be for the Circle Island project only and upon completion the usage will end.

6 Wild Oaks main entrance remove oleander replace with Jack Frost Ligustrum. Transplant four crape myrtle trees to south side of main entrance along bridge. Correct main entrance at Wild Oaks inside community by card reader install plants to improve the look and clean up area. Main entrance in Wild Oaks repair and replace the landscape after wash out was repaired.

7 Main Gate Wild Oaks Oleander removal Project $2895.00 Card reader area Wild Oaks = $1304.00 Repair the wash out area Wild Oaks = $751.50 Transplant Crape myrtles from Waterside Parkway to Wild Oaks $ 992.00 Entrance Wild Oaks inside main gate south side remove odd mismatched & dead grasses and fill with new grass that match = $1061.50 Total Wild Oaks = $7004.00

8 Remove the dead and damaged oleander trees at the south arbor. Replace with 7 - 15 gal Arizona Cypress total = $504.00 Transplant Ligustrum trees from Front Street south park to Montague lake bank. = $750.00 Puffin / Waterside line of sight = $2467.12 This project will give us additional plants to fill in areas on Waterside where blank holes are present in beds and will be transplanted while the Puffin project is being completed in this price as well.

9 The 2011 vine project was budgeted for $30,000. the projects listed above total $10,725. These projects would greatly enhance the landscape at Wild Oaks and other important areas in the community. I recommend we change the line item budgeted amount for the vine removal and use some of the funds to complete these projects. We will still have funds for vine removal and Austin has been removing a lot of the vine as part of their contractual agreement in areas that we should be charged for at no additional charge.

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