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Anne Miller. Potash Maker Surgeon Bailiff Husbandman Flax and hemp dresser Vine grower Chandler Calico Printer Smith Wheelwright.

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1 Anne Miller

2 Potash Maker Surgeon Bailiff Husbandman Flax and hemp dresser Vine grower Chandler Calico Printer Smith Wheelwright

3 Anne Miller Savannah- The Original Settlers (con’t) 27.John Dearn - Unknown 28.John Wright - Vinter 29.John West - Smith 30.James Wilson - Sawyer 31.Thomas Pratt - Unknown 32.William Waterland - Bailiff 33.Timothy Bowling - Potash Maker 34.Thomas Milledge - Carpenter 35.William Little - Flax and Hemp Worker 36.Samuel Parker - Heelmaker 37.Daniel Thibaut - Vine grower 38.Henry Close - Cloth Worker 39.Noble Jones - Surveyor 40.William Calvert - Trader

4 Anne Miller Miller and Baker MILLER is a person who owned or operated a flour or grits mill. The mill is very important. The miller grinds grain for the farmers. Instead of the farmer paying the miller, the miller takes a percentage of the ground grain for a payment.

5 Anne Miller WHEELWRIGHT Wheelwright is a person who repaired and made wheels and wheeled vehicles.

6 Anne Miller WAINWRIGHT: WAINWRIGHT is a person who built or repaired wagons.

7 Anne Miller The Cooper The cooper is a woodcarver who makes and repairs barrels, tubs, casks, buckets, and other containers made of wood.

8 The Merchant A merchant’s store sold a wide variety of merchandise. They had to keep track of the general store and trades goods. They sold almost anything to the people of the town or colony.

9 Anne Miller The Tinsmith The tinsmith has two names, the whitesmith and the tinsmith. He will make lots of stuff to fulfill the colonist needs. Most of the stuff he makes has something to do with fire because tin is fire resistant. He makes tin candle lanterns, tin foot warmers and many more items that help the colonist in the everyday life. The tinsmith doesn’t usually make many new items because tin is very rare. The tinsmith is mostly kept very busy repairing tin items that he has already made.

10 Surveyor Surveyor determined the boundaries, area, or elevations of land or structures on the earth's surface. He uses survey instruments to help him measuring angles and distances.

11 The Glass Blowers Glassmakers began in colonial America in the 1700’s. Glass factories produced glassware, window panes, and bottles.

12 Anne Miller Apothecary- (uh-POTH-ih-kerry) A druggist Provided medical treatment Prescribed medicine Trained apprentices Performed surgery

13 Anne Miller Bailiff Bailiff is a governor; a legal officer to whom some degree of authority, care or jurisdiction is committed. He could be an official who assisted a British sheriff and who had the power to execute writs, processes, and arrests.

14 More Occupations CALENDER: a person who listed documents CALICO PRINTER The early calicoes were printed by hand using wood blocks, replaced in the 1750s by engraved copper plates. CIDER TRADER CLOTH WORKER FLAX AND HEMP DRESSER: one who prepared flax and hemp prior to spinning

15 Anne Miller GARDENER HEELMAKER: one who made shoe heels HUSBANDMAN A farmer, a tiller of the ground. In England and the U.S. historically, a tenant farmer who cultivates leased land. MERCER: a person who dealt in costly fabrics, especially silks POTASH MAKER Someone who makes potash. Potash has been used since antiquity in the manufacture of glass and soap and as a fertilizer.

16 SAWYER: one who cut timber into logs or boards SEAMAN SILK THROWSTER: a person who wound, twisted, spun, or threw silk fibers in preparation for weaving STOCKINGER: one who knitted, wove, or dealt in stockings SURGEON - doctor

17 Anne Miller TRADESMAN: a shopkeeper or skilled craftsman TURNER: a person who worked with a lathe UPHOLSTERER: one who finished furniture by putting on the padding and cloth VINE GROWER VINTAGER/ VINTER: grape farmer, wine maker Writer

18 Links about Colonial Occupations Definition for Colonial Occupations Colonial Occupations- definitions Colonial Williamsburg Weavers American Centuries Memorial Hall Museum OnlineAmerican Centuries Same site but Just for KidJust for Kid Colonial Williamsburg TradesColonial Williamsburg Trades Colonial Occupations – Thinkquest

19 Anne Miller

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