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Greek Mythology: The Olympians and Lesser gods Prometheus2 Prometheus on the Hopkin’s water tower.

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2 Greek Mythology: The Olympians and Lesser gods

3 Prometheus2 Prometheus on the Hopkin’s water tower

4 Zeus on his throne in Mt. Olympus

5 Demeter (Ceres) Goddess of crops, harvests, fertility, marriage

6 Demeter’s daughter Persephone Was kidnapped by Hades

7 Hades and Persephone Rape of Persephone

8 Demeter mourned so deeply The earth grew lifeless and unproductive. People were starving so Zeus sent

9 Hermes (Mercury) To fetch her daughter from Hades. (Note the cool footwear and hat) The caduceus is the sign of healing and medicine.

10 But Persephone had already eaten the seed of a pomegranate and had to spend half the year in the underworld with her lovely husband Hades, and the other half with her loving mother Demeter. Thus explaining winter and summer.

11 Demeter finding Persephone Hermes is guiding Persephone up from the underworld

12 Demeter is the Greek goddess of grain, and her daughter Persephone is Spring personified. Persephone's husband is Hades, god of the underworld, and she is compelled to spend part of each year with him. The time she spends with him is winter.

13 Dionysus is the only god whose parents were not both devine

14 Dionysus --- Bacchus

15 Dionysus The god of wine, and of theatre. His followers are the Satyrs and Maenads. The Satyrs are half men half goat, and the maenads are mad women(too much wine.)

16 Satyr: Mr. Tumnas

17 Dionysus’ parents were Zeus and the Mortal Semele

18 Zeus snatched Dionysus from Semele’s side before she died.Hermes carried Dionysus to be raised by the nymphs of Nysa. The God of the vine was born of fire and nursed by rain. Everywhere he taught men the culture of the vine He was mans’ benefactor and man’s destroyer He could bring either pleasure or pain. P.63 He died and rose again. Represents resurrection.

19 Teiresias Blind prophet

20 King Pentheus of Thesbes Torn apart by the maenads

21 Like the vines that are cut down every winter and grow anew in the spring, Dionysus represents joyful resurrection, similar to Persephone

22 Demeter and Dionysus Gods who know suffering as well as pain Dioynusus later became associated with inspiration. He no longer freed man through drink, but through insiration. Associated with theater

23 What is the metaphor? Wine can bring joy and sorrow (61 read) Mans’ benefector and destroyer

24 Pan: God of nature and flocks

25 Son of Hermes Wild places were his home A wonderful pipe musician Unlucky in love God of Shepard's and flocks

26 Iris; Goddess of the Rainbow Messenger of the gods to humans

27 Iris, in Greek mythology, Goddess of the Rainbow, Iris left Olympus only to convey the divine commands to humankind, by whom she was regarded as an adviser and guide. Iris was represented as a beautiful maiden, with wings and robes of bright colors and a halo of light on her head, trailing across the sky with a rainbow in her wake.

28 Welcome to The Underworld

29 Charon Ferryman: escorted the dead to the underworld Gold coin placed beneath their tongues to pay for the crossing

30 Welcome to THE UNDERWORLD Guarded by Cerebus

31 v Oops… Wrong dog. Down Boy. Good Cerebus!

32 Asphodel Fields Neither good or bad went there Could drink from pool of Lethe and forget your previous life Or drink from Pool of Mnemosyne and remember your life

33 Punishment grounds The bad went there and were punished by the furies

34 Elysium Fields Sunshine and gummy bears

35 Charon Ferryman: takes people across the river Styx

36 Birth of Athena (oy..what a headache)

37 Hermes leading the Goddesses

38 Parthenon The Parthenon on the Acropolis. The chief temple of the goddess Athena built on the acropolis at Athens between 447 and 432 B.C. and considered a supreme example of Doric architecture. Acropolis - The Greek word meaning "high city." Ancient Greek builders chose to erect their towns around fortified hills upon which their main temples were placed. The most famous acropolis is in Athens.)

39 The Acropolis of Athens:

40 Map of ancient Greece Ancient Greece

41 Saturn eating one of his children (Kr

42 Delphi Famous Oracle

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