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Grapes. Family name : Vitaceae family Scientific name :. Vitis vinifera.

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1 grapes

2 Family name : Vitaceae family Scientific name :. Vitis vinifera

3  Grape (grape) derived from an Old French word "grape," meaning "bunch" or "cluster"

4  Woody vine  Perennials  Grapes are about 80 percent water  Grapes also add fiber to the diet  Top grape producing countries by years is china >united states >italy>france>spain>turkey

5  Grapes come in three basic colors: green  Red and blue (black)  Each variety has its own color, taste, texture

6  Perlette The first grape of the season, the Perlette is light in color the berries are almost round. Perlette means "little pearl" in French.

7  Sugraone offers a light, sweet flavor and crunch.

8  Thompson Seedless this grape's light green color and sweet

9  Calmeria This grape carries the nickname "lady fingers," so called for its elongated

10  Ruby Seedless


12  Grapes require full sunlight.  Adequate drainage and moisture  The best soils are loams or sandy loams with added organic matter.  Grapes grow best in soil with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5.  Rows should usually run north to south. This allows the plants gather the most sunlight and less wind damage will occur.

13 plowing to 25 cm and providing organic matter in soil,by turning under a cover crop or green manure. Grapes are set in either fall or spring. If in spring, plant early to give plants long growing season. Fall planting is unwise in northern regions

14 till the soil well to get rid of weeds and grasses..  Grapes need the summer heat to develop and will  produce the best grapes  Tempreture:  Plant damage occurs at - 18°C; frost kills young shoots. Daily mean temperature should be at least 18°

15 . The flowers are unisexual all species of Vitis are normally dioecious but under domestication, variants with perfect flowers appear to have been selected.. The flowers are hermaphroditic and most are self-pollinated but cross-pollination also accur


17 If the vine is left unpruned, the number of grape clusters would be excessive. The vine would be unable to ripen the large crop or give adequate vegetative growth. The purpose of pruning is to grow yields of high quality grapes and to allow better growth for the following season. has a direct relationship to larger yields and more uniform production.

18 Training

19  After 3 or 4 years each vine will produce 12-15 pounds of grapes  Wait until they separate easy from the seeds to pick.  Guides to proper stage of ripeness are: taste, color, aroma, changing of stem from green to brown


21 main diseases

22 Nutritional value per 100gm Energy288 kJ (69 kcal) Carbohydrates 18.1 g Sugars 15.48 g Dietary fiber 0.9 g Fat 0.16 g

23 Can eaten fresh dried Making juice or for industrial uses like jam wine jelly and other uses



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