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Main Grape Growing Regions

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1 Main Grape Growing Regions
1 - Kakheti 2 - Kartli 3 - Imereti 4 - Racha- Lechkhumi 5 - Subtropical Region More Than 500 Autochthon Grape Varieties

2 Georgian Wine Categories According Quality
Georgian Vine And Wine Sector Georgian Wine Categories According Quality Region Subregion Appellations/ red wine Appellations/ white wine Kakheti Shida Kakheti Mukuzani Tsinandali Napareuli Teliani Gurjaani Kindzmarauli Vazisubani Akhasheni Kardenakhi Kvareli Tibaani Kotekhi Gare Kakheti Manavi Kartli Kvemo Kartli Shida Kartli Atenuri   Meskheti Imereti Zemo Imereti Shua Imereti Sviri Qvemo Imereti Racha-Lechkhumi Qvemo Racha Khvanchkara Lechkhumi Tvishi Subtropical Black Sea region Guria Adjara Samegrelo Abkhazia 5 14 18 The Ministry of Agriculture, Georgia

3 Georgian Vine And Wine Sector

4 Georgian Vine And Wine Sector
Georgian Wine Export by Country (2005) Georgian Wine Export Share (2005) Country Bottles Russia Ukraine Belorussia 86 133 Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania 53 693 Germany Holland 5 706 France 48 347 USA Canada 19 493 Turkey 38 493 Japan 52 067 China 11 920 Azerbaijan 31 733 Israel 39 507 other Total

5 Georgian Vine And Wine Sector
Georgian Wine Export Share (2006) Georgian Wine Export by Country (2006) Russia Ukraine Belorussia Baltic States 835354 Kazakhstan Azerbaijan Germany 58 931 Poland Czech Republic 26 952 Belgium 36 792 UK 78 354 USA Canada 48 012 Japan 66 270 Cyprus 26 316 Israel China 72 955 other Total

6 Challenges for Georgian Wine Sector
Diversification of markets Ensuring market shares at traditional markets (e.g. Russia and Ukraine) Opening up new markets in Western Europe, America and Asia Ensuring high quality of Georgian Wines Protection of Georgian appellations of origin and fight against falsification of Georgian Wines at the international level Creation of the National Register of Vine and Wine - Cadastre of vine areas Records of vintage and wine processing reports from producers Records of stocks Register of wine producing entities Ensuring credible and internationally recognisable Certification procedures of quality Wines

7 Future and Ongoing Plans for the Development of the
Georgian Wine Sector: Vine And Wine Law, Oenological Practices Negotiations on the Bilateral Agreement between the European Community and Georgia on trade in wine Analyze and Exchange the list –Existing and Future Oenological Practices Protection of names of countries, specific terms, traditions / Geographical Recognition & Protection Locally and Abroad Labelling, wine policy and legal aspects Certification Issues Management of the Agreement Use this Example/Practice in Future Regarding the other Food Product Additional Activities (By the Ministry of Agriculture): Official Wine Tasting Commission Additional Control of Certified Wine Products ( By SAMTREST )

8 New Official Wine Tasting Commission
( Under the SAMTREST ) Besides The Chemical And Microbiological Analyses, Qualitative Wines (PSR) Will be Tasted Organoleptically too against its typical styles and structure for the local and export consumption Since 2003 year – 37 Wine Taster’s have been prepared with the support of GTZ (AFC/IAK Consortium) Additional Wine Tasting Training/ Courses is planned during this year in order to complete and increase the Tasting Commission up to 100 or more Certified Panellists

9 International Donors Involved in Georgian Wine Sector
German Technical Cooperation GTZ GmbH Consortium on behalf of GTZ : AFC Consultants International GmbH IAK AGRAR CONSULTING GmbH GTZ project „Private Sector Development in Georgia“ Assistance to MoA and SAMTREST Sector based capacity development Roundtables and Matchmaking Fair Participations / Marketing events Establishment of innovative SME-supporting Institutions, like CCVMT – Competence Centre for Vine, Wine Marketing & Wine Tourism Support of 1st International Fair WinExpo 2007 in Tbilisi (1st - 3rd June) Assistance to MoA and SAMTREST Support to Foundation for Wine Quality System Development in Georgia Modern Laboratory installed for certification of wine, issuing export documents, general chemical and micro-biological analysis Training the Wine Tasting Commission (sensory analysis) Supporting the Implementation of the Wine Controller‘s System in Georgia

10 International Donors Involved in Georgian Wine Sector
FAO : Activities: EBRD: Activities: Improvement of the Institutional Framework Support to legal cases Training in Negotiations (Ukraine, Russia, EU) Joining Madrid Agreement Manual on Local and International Legal Frameworks Updating Current Set of Laws Regarding the Wine Sector Updating of Technical Standards to International Level Financing the FAO’s Activities ( Mentioned Here) in Wine Sector

11 Georgian Vine And Wine Sector
International Wine Fairs And Exhibitions At ProWein Fair 2007, Duesseldorf International Wine Fair,WinExpo – 2007 Fancy Food Show – New York

12 Thank You for Your Attention!
Thank you very much for your kind attention! Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia

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