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1 Introducing Maryland VINE Protective Order Fall 2010 Tim Bingham Director of VINE Protective Order Services.

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1 1 Introducing Maryland VINE Protective Order Fall 2010 Tim Bingham Director of VINE Protective Order Services

2 2 Agenda Appriss and Maryland Partnership –Quick overview of projects already in place and explain how VINE Protective Orders fits in Where is VPO today –Who else has this Program How Does VPO work? Where does the Data come from? How will Victims/others be able to access MD VPO? A look at the public web tool What will MD VPO offer? What will this do for Victims? Quotes from Victims and Law Enforcement about VPO Implementation Activities –What's going on with the Project now? How does this effect me? Why are we here today? Challenges, processes, and pitfalls What’s next? – Questions

3 3 Appriss and Maryland Partnership Appriss is already providing the following services to Maryland: –VINE Offender Notification for CO jails and DOC –VINE Court Updates –VINE Sex Offender Compliance and Community registry –VINE Probation/Parole Status Notification

4 4 VPO Program Background Protective order notification created as a result of Domestic Violence Mortality Review Committee findings and recommendations (Louisville, KY)

5 5 Where is VINE Protective Order? Protective Order Notification County Projects Statewide Project

6 6 How it works…. METERS CPI Adapter Collects, Encrypts, Transmits Protective order Data Appriss Data Center Petitioners use the phone/internet to stay informed about their protective order Criminal Justice Professional staff reviews VPO reports, & controls notification process VINE Service Representative 24/7/356 Review Statistical &Direct Data Reporting Import

7 7 Where does the data come from? VINE Offender custody info Data from County booking systems & DOC databases VINE Protective Order Basic Protective Order data fields (Respondent, Petitioner, Case #, etc.) Data from METERS system

8 8 1. Data ~Protective order data entered into the system via import 2. Registration ~By Phone or Online at: or ~ Case number & PIN ~Anonymous & Confidential 3. Service ~VPO system updated via import or ~real time updates How are notifications triggered?

9 9 Public Registration via

10 10 Information Service Status Hearing Details Case Activity Effective Dates Notifications Service Notification Hearing Reminder Docket Changes Expiration Reminders Failure to Serve &

11 11 Notifications available for order and case events that pertain to that order Registration available via toll free number and public web- site. Timely and secure data exchange process from METERS to Appriss Comprehensive statistical reporting available via a secure web tool to managing State agency. Inbound toll free line and Outbound notifications will be available in both English and Spanish PIN first requirement on phone notification to assure that the Victim is the person receiving the information. Maryland Protective Order Project

12 12 Victims receive… Improved victim safety Awareness of active status & order violations Single resource for 24/7/365 information access Unlimited phone & email registrations & notifications Confidential & anonymous 24/7 live operator support Available via a toll free phone number or the internet

13 13 What we are hearing from victims Victim fled home when service notification call came in; Respondent served and violently returned to home with firearms Victim knew call from respondent was a violation; reported immediately Victim would have missed hearing due to changed court date “I am thankful to see that law enforcement takes orders of protection seriously. This website shows me that they are trying to do all they can to keep me safe.” Laurie

14 14 What sheriffs are saying… Victims aware of order violations & reporting more Responding officers able to verify orders if other system is unavailable or doesn’t exist Able to update service immediately “We have definitely seen a drastic reduction in calls & order inquiries into our dispatch” Sergeant Jenny Bostick, DuPage County Sheriff, IL

15 15 Implementation Activities Civil process evaluation and consultation –Community Partner Packets w/ business rules survey to County agencies VPO system configuration & interface development Notification scripting and voice recordings Brochure and material development –Materials will be made available for public awareness of program Media and public relations support User Testing Education & training for VPO system users –VPO Training Video –On line webinar training

16 16 How does this effect me? Data Timeliness of data entry is imperative for this system to function at maximum capacity Entry of Temporary/Emergency Orders is at a premium. These orders are often the catalyst for a violent reaction from Respondent. The success of this project overall will be reliant on the accuracy and speed at which information pertaining to an Order is made available. Law Enforcement is key to our success.

17 17 Challenges, process and pitfalls Data –Quality –Quantity Standards –Timely entry –Service updates System Access Defining Business Rules Speaking the Same Language

18 18 What’s Next ? What’s needed? Thoughts about rollout approach? What’s on your mind?

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